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Jason Sudeikis chats about his portrayal of Mitt Romney on "Saturday Night Live" and voicing the protagonist in "The Angry Birds Movie." (6:38)

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Please welcome Jason Sudeikis.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

All right.All right.

That is a, uh, firm handshakeyou have there, man.

Yeah. That's-that's my...that's my, you know,

nominee handshake,that's what that is right there.

That's a very...You, like, pulled me in there.

-Is that, like, a thing?-Well, that's-that's what,

uh, when I worked at SNL, um,and my first year, I think,

-was at the heightof The Apprentice, -Yeah.

and then Donald Trump hosted,and that's how he shook hands.

Whenever he shakes hands,he, like, kind of pulls you...

-he pulls you into him.-Oh, I...

I watched...I watched him do it with...

I hate to give it away,I hate to give it away.

-Oh, now we're gonna startlooking for this. -Oh, yeah.

-He's, like, pulling people in.-Oh, yeah. It's, like, a v...

-It's, like, a power move.-I would assu...

I mean, is thereany other move that he has?

Or maybe he's tryingto get you, like...

That's all he hasis power moves.

-All he has is power moves.-He's the only guy

that's a power topand power bottom.

-That's...-You know? Doesn't matter.

He'll get you coming or going.

Oh. Do you-do you ever...do you ever think to yourself,

I mean, you-you didMitt Romney on SNL,

I mean, that was hugewhen you were doing it.

Do you ever look backand think to yourself...

you thought those guyswere crazy when you were...

-I know. -...doing thosesketches and now there's Trump.

-I know.-And now there's Trump?

I know. Well, I mean, we... wehad so easy in '08 with, like,

you know, Tina coming backto play Sarah Palin.

And you're just like,"Oh, all we have to do

"is just almost just type outwhatever she said in real life

-and just have Tina say it."-It sounds like a sketch. Yeah.

It sou... And it-it...But now we're in a place

where it's like, we can'teven... you can't trump him.

You're like... It's like,people would be like,

"Oh, that... you'retaking that too far."

It's like, no, no,but he really said that.

So, I don't-I don't...

I don't know, they-theyhave to deal with it, not me.

I just get to watchon Saturdays.

He is, uh, you have to admit,as-as somebody who is a legend

in the improv world,you have to applaud

-his improv skills, though.-Do you... you talking about me?

-Yeah, I'm talking about you.-I appreciate that.

Donald Trump-- 'cause I don'tknow if you've watched him

when he gives his speechesand stuff-- he's very good

at improvising off the cuff.He switches,

he moves, says somethingto the audience,

-plays off... Yeah. -Oh, it'svery clever. Yeah, no, he...

Would you have himin your troupe?


I mean, no.

You know, I don't careif he let us fly on the plane,

like, to get to gigs, I'd belike, "No, man, we're good."

-You know? No... no but.No but. -No but.

Uh, no, I-I prob... I probably

wouldn't improvise wellwith him. I-I have a...

I have a tough time with,you know, bullies and braggarts

and show-offs and hot dogs.That's just me. That's just me.

-That's just you.That's many people. -Yeah.

And many people. It's at leasthalf of the country.

You are in a lot of things rightnow, you are in a lot of films.

-Are you making TV shows.You are... -Sure, yeah.

You are in, uh, Mother's Day, uh, you're also in

a very serious moviethat's, uh, coming out...

I was in a beautiful posterfor Mother's Day.

I mean, they... I mean,my eyebrows have never looked

more full and lovely.

I-I almost wish I hadthe poster here because I could

-just break down that poster.-Is it that beautiful?

I meant, it... I-I feel likewhen I looked at myself

in that poster,it's like, "Oh, gosh,

I wish I looked like that."

I don't look like that dude.But that's what you have to do

when you're... It's me,and then, you know, Kate Hudson

and Julia Robertsand-and Jennifer Aniston,

so they had to,like, beauty me up

so I didn't look like...

so I didn't look like Shrek 5, you know?

But-but yeah, no,I look busy, busy.

But it-it's great, I mean, it'sone of the nice things to...

I mean, people keep hiring me,so I-I'm not...

-So you keep working.-Yeah, you know, it's like...

That's sort of how it works,I feel, is like...

-I guess.-People keep hiring me.

Some people are really good at,like, making things happen

for themselves.I-I just... I just keep...

I just get distracted easily.It's like, "Oh, you want me...

"Oh, yeah, I'll come over thereand do that, yeah.

Oh, y... oh, yeah, I'll do that,that's nice, yeah, yeah."

Yeah, and now you've taken ona really powerful indie project,

-Mm-hmm. -and that is,um, the Angry Birds.

-Yes, The Angry Birds Movie. -Um...

It's a really deep story.

-Yeah. -I mean,a lot of people before this

-didn't know the plightof the birds. -No.

-And how their eggs have beenstolen... -They accepted it.

-...by the pigs.-Exactly, yeah.

A real conflictthat has been tearing, uh...

-devices up for years.-Yeah.

What drew youto the role of Red?

Well, I guessit was that plight, empathizing

-with that plight, feelinglike I've had people try -Yeah.

to tear things away from mein the past, and...

I was kind of... You know,y-you look at movies like,

-you know, Braveheart or-or...-Yeah.

And you're kind of like, "Okay,this is a group of people..."

And-and I... and, I mean,how flattering is it

to be chargedas-as the lead character?

As the angriest, the red bird.

The angriest of all the birds.

You know, you're kind of...you're like, "Okay,

"okay. Uh, I don't knowwhat these guys see in me.

"I don't know whatthe producers, the-the directors

"see in me, but ifthere-there's some sort of, um,

"heroic qualitythat they want me to-to, like,

"deep down and-and,you know, scream out, uh--

"metaphorically, of course--um... -Yeah, of course.

"then-then I'm gonna...then I'm gonna, you know...

-I'm gonna try."-Wh-When you...

when you were playing inthat role, did you think of...

I-I wouldn't say "play."It's-it's not playing.

-It's, uh... existing.-Is it more...

-It's-it's being. Yeah, yeah,yeah. -Being. It's being.

-It's not play. Yeah.-I apologize.

-It's being.-No, you play the game.

-You play the game. Yeah.-Do you...

-(applause) -Yeah.-Did you take time to inhabit...

-I mean, I know you are one ofthose method actors. -Big-time.

Did you spend any time asor with birds?

Was this... Was it somethingthat you-you dug deep on?

Yeah. I-I mean,I-I went to different, uh...


Um, you know...

I feel like that brings backbad memories.

You paused there, like it bringsback such stressful...

It could be...it could be construed

that I was tryingto remember the word, but, no,

-it was... -No, no, no.That was pain. That was...

-No, it was pain. Yeah.-I saw that that was pain.

-Well, you're close enough tosee. - Yeah, I can see the pain.

I don't know if the cameras...I don't know if they were on

-a two-shot there. But, um... -Icould feel that. That was pain.

But, yeah, I mean,I would say...

You know, I-I slept in a nestfor-for six months.

-Wow. -I built a nest out of...out of branches and twigs

and, um... twine. I'm tryingto think what else I used.

-Just stuff. -I-I guess thebig... the bigger question is

if-if you're looking at a worldso divided right now,

-so partisan,-Boy, oh, boy, so true.

with Angry Birds, do you think you found a way

to bridge the gapbetween birds and pigs?

Gosh, I mean, that's not reallythe job of an actor, you know?

Our job is just to...is-is just, you know...

-is, again, just to be, just...And-and... -Yeah.

what the audience gets out,what, you know...

what... you know,what the-the target demo,

what the two-to 14-year-old kids,

you know, get out of it.

-'Cause they are the future.-Yes, they are.

And I think this movietreats them well in every way.

Um, but, you know,

we just have to be it.We can't judge it.

I'd-I'd like to thinkthat-that, you know,

the birds are on the right sideof history, but...

-you know, you don't know.-You don't know.

-You don't know. -But you playedit well, my friend.

-I appreciate it. -I appreciatethat. Thank you so much.

The Angry Birds Movie is in theaters Friday, May 20!

-Jason Sudeikis, everybody!-(cheering and applause)

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