Best of Gorburger

Season 1 Ep 8

Gorburger and Paul F. Tompkins play a series of games as Andy Dick tries to sell "The Best of Gorburger."

Censor Time Nipple Game


Paul F. Tompkins tries to guess whether a selection of nipples belong to men or women


Season 1 Ep 7

Danny Brown is cursed after he locks eyes with a ghost in Gorburger's studio, and Gorburger tours several puppetry establishments around Los Angeles.

Gorburger's Secret

Season 1 Ep 6

Gorburger and Larry King discuss the lottery, Kazuki shows off his Third Arm Device, Gorburger visits a junkyard, and Danny Brown and HEALTH perform.

The Beforeburger Show


Chris Hardwick takes over the set for one of his signature pre-shows.

A Murder Most Mysterious

Season 1 Ep 5

When Rob Corddry joins Gorburger to play "Art or Fart" and build his perfect Dagwood sandwich, a string of brutal murders hits the studio. Featuring a special collaboration between Sylvan Esso and Big Freedia.

Inventor's Corner - Multi-Knife II


Kazuki the inventor shows off an exciting new gadget that can be used to cut food and even hair -- unless you're Rob Corddry.

Corn Hole


Zach Woods competes against Johnny Pemberton to see who can throw more corncobs into a man's butt.

Grizzlebub's Day

Season 1 Ep 4

Gorburger celebrates a holiday, plays Corn Hole with Zach Woods and Johnny Pemberton, and welcomes a special collaboration from Portugal. The Man and Electric Guest

Christian Bale or Christian Male?


Gorburger challenges guest Tig Notaro to differentiate quotes said by movie star Christian Bale from ones voiced by Christian males.


Season 1 Ep 3

Tokyo Fever help Gorburger eradicate an infestation in the studio, Gorburger visits an animal preservation camp, and Tig Notaro plays the game Get Down Gram Gram.

Jazz Bender

Season 1 Ep 2

Dr. Drew helps Gorburger manage his bloodlust and joins him for a round in the Tasting Chair, and Gorburger attends a twerking class.

Gorburger's Jazz Lever


Dr. Drew learns that Gorburger has rigged a chainsaw to kill Kenny G unless he satisfies his desire for smooth jazz.

Twerking Class


Gorburger tests the patience of two fitness instructors when he joins a twerking class.

Mouth Sounds


Reggie Watts accepts Gorburger's challenge to imitate the sound of a Cessna 310R airplane.

Reggie Watts Performs with Thundercat


Reggie Watts tries to raise Gorburger's spirits after his vape-bro dies by performing an impromptu song with Thundercat.

RealDoll Factory Tour


RealDoll founder Matt McMullen gives Gorburger a tour of the factory and fields his many questions about human sexuality.

Vape Is Life

Season 1 Ep 1

Gorburger introduces Reggie Watts to his vape-bro TrevBone, discusses loneliness at a real sex-doll factory, and welcomes a performance from Reggie Watts and Thundercat.