Jazz Bender

Season 1 Ep 2

Dr. Drew helps Gorburger manage his bloodlust and joins him for a round in the Tasting Chair, and Gorburger attends a twerking class.

Gorburger's Jazz Lever


Dr. Drew learns that Gorburger has rigged a chainsaw to kill Kenny G unless he satisfies his desire for smooth jazz.

Twerking Class


Gorburger tests the patience of two fitness instructors when he joins a twerking class.

Mouth Sounds


Reggie Watts accepts Gorburger's challenge to imitate the sound of a Cessna 310R airplane.

Reggie Watts Performs with Thundercat


Reggie Watts tries to raise Gorburger's spirits after his vape-bro dies by performing an impromptu song with Thundercat.

RealDoll Factory Tour


RealDoll founder Matt McMullen gives Gorburger a tour of the factory and fields his many questions about human sexuality.

Vape Is Life

Season 1 Ep 1

Gorburger introduces Reggie Watts to his vape-bro TrevBone, discusses loneliness at a real sex-doll factory, and welcomes a performance from Reggie Watts and Thundercat.