Sexism Sells: Building a Brand with Misogynistic Political Humor

October 6, 2016 - Carmelo Anthony 10/06/2016 Views: 55,450

Desi Lydic finds out how a Hillary Clinton supporter's shop for political merchandise makes most of its profits on sexist humor. (5:29)

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Hillary Clinton,

as the first female major partycandidate for president,

Hillary serves as inspirationto all women,

but that inspirationcan take many forms,

as Desi Lydic reports.

It's a great time to be a woman.

Glass ceilings have been shattered left and right,

from our first presidential nominee

to our women's soccer team getting equal pay,

and now on basic cable we can even say...


That's right, pussy, pussy, pussy.

Point is, women everywhere are kicking ass.

And I wanted to shine a light on some of the unsung heroes.

Like Amy Spetner Doughty,

a successful entrepreneur who staked her claim

in the cut-throat world of political merchandise,

with her booming T-shirt business.

Uh, Amelia Earhart,Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

Amy Spetner Doughty.

What do you all have in common?

I don't know, what do we allhave in common?

(mimics rocket lifting off)

(mimics explosion)

Debris, debris.

-Do you know what that is?-What?

It's like shattered glassin my eyes.

My eyes are bleeding.

Can you help me?

-Shattering the glass ceiling.-Oh.


-Three women shattering theglass ceiling. -Right, right.

It was no surprise that this strong,

successful businesswoman was also a Hillary supporter.

-Love Hillary.-It's like a no-brainer.

This is really an exciting timefor us as women.

To show my daughterthat she can be anything

that she wants to be.

Yeah,that is why it's so amazing

that you have a platform,you have a voice.

I want to seesome of your merch.

"How to make America greatagain" with duct tape.

Yeah, shut up, Donald!

(laughs)Whoo! All right.

"Good luck, Hillary.

Don't blow it."


Do you get it?

Yeah, no...'s a blow job joke.

Yeah, Monica,do you remember her?

Yeah, no.I remember who Monica is.


And that's not all she sells.

"I may vote Republican.

A Democrat left a bad taste in my mouth."

And this.

"Life's a bitch, don't elect one."

Okay, hold on.

Who are you voting for again?

-Hillary. -Yeah, that'swhat I thought you said.

-I'm with her.-You are with her.

-I am with her.-Hmm.

Turns out, Amy actually is with her.

So with her that she and her family

are actively campaigning for Hillary,

and yet she's still selling to the other team.

AMY: My father taught me many years ago,

when it comes to moneyand business,

you be bipartisan.

You gonna put that on a T-shirtand sell it?

If somebody wants to buy it,I'll put it on a T-shirt.

This sweet looking soccer mom

was one cold-hearted capitalist.

But there had to be other scumbags behind this.

Scumbags like her eight- year-old, her seven-year-old,

her four-year-old, and her 93-year-old grandma?

Come on!

Yeah!I made it!

You made this?

I made all of these.

Yeah, he's a good worker.

Do these kids even have any idea what they're making?

AMY: My daughter actually asked me what a blow job was.

I told her.

Mommy just made two dollars.

That's all you're chargingfor blow jobs?

-Per button.-Is this the only thing you do?

-Blow job jokes all day?-No.

Oh, no.I have a few other jobs.

I'm a school nurse all dayduring the week

and then I'm a hospice nurseon the weekends.

Why'd you have to bring hospiceinto it?

Okay, look, she's clearly a good woman.

A hospice nurse, for God's sakes.

Why can't she just not make offensive (bleep)?

Um, did you think about thepossibility of creating T-shirts

that are positive for Hillary?Like...

I have some positive.

-They're for sale.-Yeah.

These just happen to bebetter sellers.

Like,how much of a better seller?

Probably five to one.

-Five to one.-Five to one.

The bottom line is,sexism sells.

Maybe Amy was right, sexism does sell.

And who am I to drag her down

from the glass ceiling she shattered?

We live in a world where women can be anything they want.

Presidents, astronauts,

even business owners who sell misogynistic...

Okay, no, no, no, no, no.

It's still bull(bleep).

I'm taking over. All right.

Chop, chop, people.Let's go, let's go, let's go.

I'm gonna make my own damn T-shirts,

and I'm not afraid to use child labor to do it.

Can I please go to the bathroom?

(whining):Can I please go to the bathroom?

Okay, let's move, people,let's move, this is for women.

Oh, well, I'm a woman.


Don't get mouthy with me.

Yeah, this is it.

That's right-- huge wall, tiny dick.

Maybe this makes me sexist,

but I like to think

I'm leveling the playing field.

Time to make Americagreat again.

Keep working, all of you.

Desi Lydic, everybody.Thank you so much.

-(cheering, applause)-Desi, I... I think...

I-I think... I think that wasa...

that was a... that wasa great piece, Desi,

but I-I can't helpfeeling that sexism is sexism

even if it'sagainst Donald trump.

-It's still sexism.-Uh, yeah, okay.

Bitch, don't kill my vibe.Who wants a free T-shirt?