Donald Trump Channels His Inner African Dictator

October 10, 2016 - Xavier Becerra 10/10/2016 Views: 95,170

In the second presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump exhibits classic African dictator behavior when proclaiming that Hillary Clinton should be in jail. (4:20)

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Where were we, where were we?Oh, yes, yes,

Mr. Surprise Gynecologist.Okay, so, last night

he debated Hillary Clintonfor the second time.

Now, this debate wasa town hall format

where undecided votersgot to ask questions.

And I'm not gonna front--it's weird that there's anyone

-still undecided.-(laughter)

But some undecideds areespecially shocking.

There are 3.3 million Muslims

in the United States,and I'm one of them.

How will you help people like medeal with the consequences

of being labeledas a threat to the country

after the election is over?


How can a Muslim be undecided

between Hillary and Trump?

That's like a stonerhaving trouble deciding

between ordering pizzaor calling the cops.


-(whooping, applause)-How are you undecided?

And, Jesus, people,the debate itself,

like, you knewit was gonna be an ugly night

when Hillary and Donaldfirst walked out

and they refused to shake handsat the beginning.

I mean, damn,even boxers tap gloves.

But in Hillary's defense,I guess she didn't want to touch

his hand after hearingwhat he does with it.

And that makes a lot of sense.

And that, that was the mostpleasant part of the evening.

Because as soonas the debate started,

Trump and Hillarywent straight to war.

The thing thatyou should be apologizing for

are the 33,000 e-mailsthat you deleted

(sniffs)and that you acid-washed.

And I hate to say it,(sniffs)

but if I win,I am going to instruct

my attorney general... (sniffs)to get a special prosecutor

to look into your situation.

Because there has never beenso many lies,

so much deception.

There has never beenanything like it.

And we're gonna havea special prosecutor.

You know, it is, uh...

it's just awfully goodthat someone

with the temperamentof Donald Trump

is not in chargeof the law in our country.

Yeah. Because you'd be in jail.

-Oh.-(audience exclaiming)


That was...(sniffs)


Guys, you realize Donald Trumpjust threatened

to put his opponent in jail.

I feel like a lot of peopleskipped over that.

Like, he threatened to puthis opponent in jail.

That is not funny.

They're trying to frame itas a joke,

but it's not somethingthat's funny.

I mean, unless he does itto Ted Cruz.

That (bleep) would be hilarious.

I'm not gonna try and...

It would be a little bit funny,you know?

Just like, "Yo, man,what are you in for?

"Well, I'll tell you you, asa constitutional conservative,

my rights and my freedomsand my beliefs..."

He's like, "Hey, man,I just kill people!

I don't deserve this (bleep),man!"


But the truth is,it's not funny.

Shouldn't happen to anyone.

In fact,watching Trump yesterday

reminded me of something.

Uh, you know, a year ago when Ifirst started hosting this show

and I still had that freshbanana smell on me,

which isn't racist, that's justhow I travel across the ocean.


Uh, I mentioned,I mentioned a year ago

that Trump reminded meof an African dictator.

And last night reminded meof why I said that.

Because jailing your opponent

is straight out of theAfrican dictator playbook.

TV REPORTER: In the southern African nation of Zimbabwe,

government security forces arrested and severely beat up

the leader of the main opposition movement,

54 year-old Morgan Tsvangirai.

Ayman Nour finished a distant second to President Mubarak,

but the regime felt threatened by his popularity,

so they threw him in jail for three years.


The more you look at it, folks,

it seems Donald Trump has stolenall the worst parts of Africa.

He thinks likean African dictator.

He scams moneylike a Nigerian prince.

He threatens his opponentslike an Egyptian leader.

And he constantly spews (bleep)out of his mouth

-like he has Ebola.-(laughter)

Now, now, look.I'm gonna be honest.

It's impossible to coverwhat happened

the last few daysin one show,

so tomorrow on the show,

we'll continue delvinginto the debate,

and digging intosome of the nuance.

That's what we're goingto get into.

Unless there's another tape.

Who knows, maybe this timeTrump says (bleep).

Come on, "n" word!