Montrel's Moment of Truth - Uncensored

25th Hour Season 1, Ep 10 12/07/2016 Views: 993

As Grover is about to attempt the shot of his basketball career, Montrel comes to a realization about his shortcomings as a brother. (1:59)

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[cheers and applause]

- Number 54 will betaking the shot.

- Come on, motherfucker,get this shit over with.

"Hoarders" is about to come on,and it's a marathon.

- [exhales]

all: Grover, Grover, Grover,Grover, Grover,

Grover, Grover, Grover...

- Aye, Shea,you think I'm a dick?

- Aye, you not coming out to me,right?

- All I'm saying, Shea,is that I earned

my jersey retirement.

Why I got to share itwith him?

- I don't know, caa.

- I try to be a goodbig brother

to this little motherfucker,but what about my needs?

Can't 'Trel get some love?Is that so wrong?

- Aye, if you got to ask, caa,then it probably is.

Now, will you shutthe fuck up?

all: Grover, Grover, Grover,Grover, Grover,

Grover, Grover, Grover...

[dramatic music]

- Aye, your brotherdon't look right, caa.

- [exhales]



- God damn it,I'm not coming back tomorrow.

- Aye, Grover, Grover,wake up!

- Aye, man, what happened?

- Man, you can't stand up theretrembling like a bitch.

You got the opportunityto do something

that Duncanhas never done before.

All you got to dois step up there,

grab your dick,and do the damn thing.

'Cause real talk,I didn't get it done.

So it's up to you.

- What if I miss?

Then I'll go back to beingin your shadow.

- Aye, listen to me.

And this is coming straightfrom the heart sincerely.

You ain't as good as me.

You never will beas good as me.

You'll never be the ball playerthat I am.

But you can be the ball playerthat you was meant to be.

- Thanks, Montrel.

- Stop looking at melike that.

- Aye, you ready for a niggato put this fuse back in, caa?

- Montrel,you turned the lights off?

- Man, get your ass out there.

The team is waiting on you.

Kick rocks.

[dramatic music]

- [exhales]

[heart beating]

[triumphant music]

both: Legend!

- Yeah!

- That's my little brother,though.

- Aye, I know you ain't crying,motherfucker.