President-Elect Trump's Dismal Approval Rating

January 18, 2017 - Samantha Power 01/18/2017 Views: 87,839

As Donald Trump's approval rating plummets ahead of his inauguration, Michelle Wolf weighs in on why she's not all that concerned about him taking office. (3:45)

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You know... you know,when you start a new job,

most people try and ingratiatethemselves to the folks

that they'll be working with.

Uh, but Donald Trumpis not most people.

Donald Trump will take officeas the least popular president

in recent history.

A historically lowapproval rating.

The new CNN/ORC pollfinds just 40% of Americans

approve of Trump'shandling of the transition.

That's lower than anyincoming president in decades.

REPORTER: That Trump 40% is also lower

than the post-Katrina approval rating

of President George W. Bush.


Trump is less popular

than post-KatrinaGeorge W. Bush.

That's so insane. In fact,those same Katrina families

have moved onto bashing Trump now.

That's what they're doing.

Now... now, most people beingtold that they're not popular

would make them try harder.

But like I said,Donald Trump is not most people.

REPORTER: Trump is taking issue with the findings,

saying on Twitter,

"The same people who did the phony election polls

"and were so wrong

"are now doing approval rating polls.

They are rigged just like before."

Okay, first of all,it's not the same polls.

And you can't just sayeverything is rigged

'cause you don't like it.You can't...

Trump is just, like,rigged for everything.

How much is that?$24.

Rigged, it's all rigged.It's all rigged.

It's phony, it's false.He just don't like it.

For more on thiswe're turning now

-to Michelle Wolf, everybody.-(cheering, applause)

Michelle... Michelle, I...

Just, beforewe get into everything, uh,

I mean, it's, you know,two days until President Trump.

How are you feeling?

I feel great.

How are you?

I mean, to be honest,I'm surprised

that you feel great.

We should all feel great.

I mean, if there's one thingthat is keeping me going,

it's that as much as we hatethe idea of Trump as president,

it's nothingcompared to how much

he's gonna hate being president.

He has no idea what's coming.

It's like I'm watching him walkinto a carwash without a car.

Hey, being presidentis hard work.

You never get a day off.

And the ironyis after all of this,

Trump's reward is a library.

A library--the guy who never reads.

What's he gonnado with a library?

That's like givingStephen Hawking a bicycle.

(audience laughs)

I know, it's a terrible gift.

I mean, honestly,I kind of feel bad for Trump.

I mean, everything that happensfrom now on is his fault.

Oh, Michelle,that's-that's not fair.

Not everything that happenswill be his fault.

No, everything.

If the market goes down--Trump's fault.

If oil prices go up--Trump's fault.

If Justin doesn't call me back

even though he saidwe had a real connection--

I gave him a handyin the back of an Uber...

Oh, whoa, whoa,that's Trump's fault?

-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,that's Trump's fault? -I...

That was Justin's fault,but he voted for Trump, so...

But-but, Michelle, Michelle,do you really think

Trump is gonna be upset? He won.

WOLF: Trump never wanted the jobof president.

He just wanted to be Mr. USA,

put on a sash, and tell peoplehow you change the world

without actually havingto change it.

But instead, Trump has gone frombeing a carefree billionaire

to a public servant.

Yeah, Donald J. Trump,

you just becameAmerica's butler.

Now, go fix our health care

and make me a sandwich,you sunburnt bitch.

Thank you, Michelle.Michelle Wolf, everyone!