LeBron James Takes a Hit to the Nuts

June 14, 2016 - Malcolm Gladwell 06/14/2016 Views: 1,023

NBA star Draymond Green gets suspended for politely pushing LeBron James's balls out of the way. (3:48)

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Yes. And this has neverbeen done before--

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Tonight. Little Malcolm Gladwellgeek humor there.

Which I am--I'm a Gladwell geek.

I'm proud of that.Uh, now, as you may know...

By the way,today is our second day back

after, like,a two-week hiatus, right?

And when we're... when we'reaway, guys, something,

believe it or not,news just still happens, right?

I don't know how that works out.

And there werea few stories, though, uh,

that occurred last weekthat I want to address tonight,

in a new segmentwe're calling, um...

No. No.

No, no, no.

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We can't call itLast Week Tonight.

And why'd you putJohn Oliver on there, too?

Um, I-I just wantto talk about some stuff

that happened last week, okay?

That's a horrible title.

Okay, mandatory graphics meetingtonight, all right?

Forget it. Forget it.

God, what's wrong with us?

Okay, here's the thing.

Okay, let's start with LeBrongetting whacked in the nuts.

All right...

I know it sounds weird,but this is what happened.

For those of youthat don't know, last week,

game four of the NBA Finals,LeBron James

knocks over Draymond Green,right? And while Draymond

was getting up, LeBron, he kindof straddle-walks him, right?

And-and Draymond--he, like, feels the presence

of, you know, LeBron's...

LeBron's cavaliers,shall I say, right?

Right? Right?They're just dangling, right?

And, you know, Draymond,I-I think, politely,

kind of pushes themout of the way, right?

It was politely, right?The league, however,

went and reviewed the playand then retroactively

punishes Draymond Green.

He was therefore suspendedfor last night's game.

Golden State lost,largely because of that.

'Cause you know I'm rootingfor the light-skinned brothers.


Oh, I said it...I said it again?

Sorry about that.Didn't mean to say that.

Okay, this really pisses me off,guys, this really pisses me off.

'Cause this is like whena traffic camera catches you

for running a red lightand not a cop.

(bleep) that ticket.

Right? No, no, no.

You didn't catch me, right?

No, really.(bleep) that ticket.


(cheering, applause)

City of Yonkers.

That's not even a word--Yonkers. Okay...

Uh, I mean, you could watch backthe entire game in slow motion

and see a lot of foulsthat were missed by the refs

and just startgiving out technicals, right?

It's called "instant replay,"not "eventual replay."

That's all I'm saying, okay?

And, now, I know,I know, I know--

I seem worked up, because for methis goes beyond basketball.

This is a question of morality.

Am I right, Charles Barkley?

(cheering, applause)


A moral obligation.

You are correct,Charles Barkley.

I'm pretty sureit was one of the beatitudes

on the Sermon of the Mount.I'm pretty sure.

Uh, you can Bing that.Um, sorry, I just

had to get thatout of my system. Okay.