White People: The Most Coveted Demographic of the 2016 Election

June 15, 2016 - Roland Emmerich 06/15/2016 Views: 45,903

Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic break down how Hillary Clinton can poll higher with white men and examine Donald Trump's homogenous voter base. (7:27)

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Welcome to The Daily Show.

-I'm Jordan Klepper.-And I'm Desi Lydic.

Our guest tonight-- the directorof Independence Day: Resurgence.

Roland Emmerich is here.

(cheering, applause)


Now, you may noticeneither of us are Trevor Noah.

That is because tonightwe'll be talking about something

near and dear to our hearts--white people.

For years, white peoplein this country

have been relegatedto places like Vermont.

Old episodes of Friends.

And the first 450 pages of yourAmerican history textbook.

But this year is different.

This entire electionis gonna be an election

of the whiteworking-class voter.

White working-class voters--they feel like

their economic statushas shifted in recent decades.

There are a lotof white voters who are just

-sick of hearing about racism.-MAN: Yes.

They oppose free trade,they are deeply hostile,

uh, to immigration and,in many case, to, the cultural

and demographic diversityof the country.

White voters are stillmaking up more than

three-quartersof the electorate.

Yes, three-quartersof voters this year

are still going to be white.

Making us 2016'scoveted demographic.


Finally, an electionwhere white people count.

Candidates huntingfor white votes,

caring about white needs.

It's been a long timecoming, Jordan.

Desi, you're so right,tell me about it, you know?

White people have been gettingthe short end of the stick

in this country tor decades.

Did you know thatas recently as the 1960s

we were forced to drinkat separate water fountains?

And they forced us to ride

in the front of the bus.

I mean, nobody coolsits up front.

-That is nerd central.-Yeah... Well, I don't...

I-I think there'ssome nuance there.

I have been to the mountaintop.

Specifically, my parents have aski chalet there, it's awesome.

Okay, Jordan, I think you'regetting a little off track here.

Yes, you're right, Desi.This election year,

white people are the keyto everything.

Everyone on both sideswants a piece of us.

Now, of course,for Hillary Clinton,

support from white votershas been like her e-mails--

hard to track down.

Hillary Clinton hasn't done wellwith white male voters.

MAN: If Hillary Clinton can't hold

those working white voters, she's gonna lose.

I think that she needsto do more to reach white males.

Man, it feels good to be needed.

And Clinton is listeningto what working white men want.

That's why her top VP choiceis apparently

a bottle of Bud duct-tapedto a pair of truck nuts.

LYDIC:That's right.

And if that's not enough,

Hillary's got anothersecret weapon.

Bill Clinton has actuallybeen used in a particular way

where he is... you know,he-he talks to white voters.

He can, uh, saycertain appeals to white voters,

especially white men.

That's how you appealto white men--

with the first black president.

Let me tell you,he appeals to white women too.

Still?I mean, he's, like, almost 70.

He could be in hospice,I don't give a (bleep).

You are a mother now.

Now, white votersmay be important to Hillary,

but for Trumpthey're the whole enchilada.

-Probably meatloaf.-Point taken.

-Yeah.-Because, let's face it--

everyone who's not white...everyone who's not white

hates Donald Trump.

His favorabilityamong Asian-Americans: 18%

Hispanics: 11%.

Black people: four percent.

-Wh... four percent, really?-Yeah.

Even Iggy Azalea is pollingbetter among black people.

-Black people don't likeIggy Azalea? -Mm-mmm.

-Her flows are so tight.-I know.

The point is...

Trump's election hopes restalmost entirely on white people,

a group he once belonged to

before he was bitten by thatradioactive buffalo wing.

Oh, that would explain it.

That was the answer, yeah.

So, Trump knowshis only path to victory

is on the great white way.

Trump is hoping to,uh, just turn up the number

of white voters in this country.

With Donald Trump,we may see a surge

in the white electoratecoming out.

He continues to playto the frustrated middle class,

primarily white,uh, American voter

who feels, uh, you know,disenchanted with Washington.

And no one understandsmiddle class whites better

than a billionaire who literally

once bought a yachtfrom the sultan of Brunei.

Yeah. You know,just a regular Joe Everybody.

But the big problem for Trumpis that demographically,

America's population is gettingless white every year,

so winning an electionwith only white voters

is getting harder and harder.

Mitt Romney won a higher shareof white voters

than Ronald Reagan did in 1980

and he lostby five million votes.

If Donald Trump doesn't lose anyground with minority voters

he's gonna have to dobetter with whites

even than Romney did.

You heard it. Trumpneeds to do better with whites

than Mitt Romney did.

Which will not be easy.

You can't get whiterthan Mitt Romney.

He's like if Zooey Deschanel

rubbed a magic lampat Crate & Barrel,

then wished for a milk cartonfull of mayonnaise

to become a person.

But Trump stillhas reason for hope.

A lot of Republicanspoint to the case

of the missing white voter.

They think thata lot of white conservatives

did not show up in 2012.

Trump is what it takes to getthose additional white voters

out to the polls.Those missing white voters

that may have just sat out 2012,

those are Trump voters.

Missing white people.

Are we talking about theelection or the Tony Awards?

(both laugh)

Love it.

With support among nonwhitesat historic lows,

Trump may need to unify whitesin a way we haven't seen

since we all pretendedto like quinoa.

-Love quinoa.-Favorite grain.

Desi, Trump has a plan.

You bet. Clearly he thinksthe only way to capture

that many white votersis to be super racist

against everyone else.

But even that isa delicate balance.

He's got the risk that the sameracially polarizing rhetoric

that drives away minority voters

also makes it tougher for himwith a lot

of college-educated whites,who simply view that

as kind of an unacceptable kindof discourse

from a potential presidentand who basically do accept

the idea that American...America is becoming

a more diverse, tolerant,and inclusive country.

See, it's trickyto keep all of us happy,

because white peopleare the most diverse group

of people on the planet.

Well, not most diverse

but there are lotsof different kinds of us.

But the good news is,whether it's Donald Trump

or Hillary Clinton, thiselection is coming down to us.

You're right, Jordan.

2016 is the yearwhite people have a voice.

And they'll enforce their will.They'll have a voice.

-Yeah.-So be proud of this moment,

white people. Be proud.

Be proud. White demographic,we have the power.

BOTH: White demographic,we have the power.

-White demographic... -White...It feels... it feels long.

-So just, like... Wh-White...You get to "pow..." -White...

-White power. White power.-Dem... Power. White power.

BOTH (chanting):White power.

Yo, hey, hey, hey!

-(chanting stops) -What the hellare you guys doing?

What the hellare you guys doing?!

Trevor, sorry.Sorry, we were just, uh...

we were talkingabout white people voting.

Yeah, we thought we'd justtake care of it ourselves,

-you know, as white people.-(stammers)

You realize I'm half-white.

-Oh. -Not the half of youthat shows up on time.

(groaning, laughter)

-(shouting, yelping)-Oh, yeah, guys. That's great.