The Biggest Football Game of the Year

February 6, 2017 - Keith Ellison 02/06/2017 Views: 32,657

In 2017's historic big game, the New England Patriots make a stunning comeback in the final quarter, and Lady Gaga delivers an otherworldly halftime performance. (2:29)

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But first, what an amazing gamelast night, people.

-Did you guys watch it?-(cheering and applause)

It really was super.

Like, I don't think I'veever seen football that insane.

It is a comebackI will never forget.

And, on top of that, they wontheir fifth championship!

Wow! Congratulations, Cameroon,

-the world champions of Africa!-(cheering and applause)

-Well done! -REPORTER: Now let us go back to the scenes

of celebration, as Cameroon became

African football champions

for a fifth time.

The winner scored by Vincent Aboubakar.

COMMENTATOR: What a goal!

(mimicking vuvuzela)

So that-that really happenedlast night.

Uh, and (bleep) y'all. Uh...

But while we're talkingabout sports,

we may as well congratulatethe New England Patriots.

Congratulations.An amazing victory.

-(cheering, scattered booing)-It really was insane.

It was insane. No, I mean,hate them or love them,

it was an amazing victory.It was like David and Goliath,

if Goliath got back upand tore off David's head.

That's-that's what it was like.

And, you know, it's-it's niceto see things work out finally

for Tom Brady.I mean, he suffered for so long.

Almost two whole hours beforeturning around and winning.

Uh, it's a real riches to richesstory.

I... I think the only downsidefor-for Tom Brady was that,

after the game, Roger Goodellgave him a four-game suspension

for overinflatingAtlanta's hopes.

I, uh... I didn't expect that.

I also... I also genuinely lovedLady Gaga last night.

-She was phenomenal.Amazing performance. -(cheering)

Yeah. Apparently Trump'simmigration ban doesn't apply

to women from outer space,and I'm glad.

No, her performance was amazing.I loved it.

Like, from the timeshe Itsy Bitsy Gaga'd down

her way to the stage.Look at that, huh?

Yeah, it's-it's likeif Elton John

reimagined Mission: Impossible.

And then she dropped the micand then she dropped herself.

What is that?Like, what happened there?

I don't even know what that is.

It's like she jumped into oneof those pipes from Super Mario

and then came outin the underground world.

I don't even know what that was.

Oh, a-and in caseyou're wondering,

Beyoncé's now set a trend,right?

Halftime show starscan no longer wear pants.

This is a trend that she set.

So, uh, see you in 2018,Toby Keith.