Team Trump's Proposed Muslim Registry

November 17, 2016 - George Packer & Q-Tip 11/17/2016 Views: 202,957

As President-elect Trump's transition team mulls plans for a Muslim registry, Trevor and Jordan Klepper discuss ways to protest this civil rights concern. (6:33)

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In Donald Trump's America,everyone is speculating

as to who should bethe most afraid.

Black people, Latinos,

the English language?

But there is one group whowe know consistently has been

the focus of Trump'slonging gaze.

Donald J. Trump is calling fora total and complete shutdown

of Muslims enteringthe United States.

I think Islam... hates us.

I want surveillanceof certain mosques.

And we have to checkother places.

There were cheering as theWorld Trade Center came down.

It wasn't people from Sweden

that blew upthe World Trade Center, Jake.

I watched the next-door neighborsaying, "Oh, well,

we didn't report them because wedidn't want to racially profile

or we didn't want to profile.

Give me a break.

Okay, I... I learnedtwo things from that.

One, Donald Trump is not a fanof Muslims;

and two, he would bea snitch-ass neighbor.


That dude would be lookingthrough his peephole

the entire time,spying on your apartment.

But now that Trump'sgonna be president,

he doesn't needa peephole anymore.

He has the full forceof the American government.

And unfortunately,he plans to use it.

House policies advisorsare drafting,

they're discussingdrafting a proposal

to reinstate a registry

for immigrants from Muslim countries.

A registry for immigrantsfrom Muslim countries.

Well, let's not freak outjust yet.

Maybe it's a gift registry.

-(laughter)-You know?

Yeah, you just movedto the country,

you need stuff to get started,

monogrammed towels,a new toaster, mm?

A pressure cooker-- actuallydon't get a pressure cooker.

Don't... that'll raisesome questions.

Maybe just a crockpot--but you know what I mean.

Now, now, look, America has hada similar database before.

Right after September 11,the Bush Administration

set up a databaseto track visitors

from 24 Muslim countries.

Well, actually, actually,this is interesting.

It was 24 Muslim countries and North Korea.


I love how they threwNorth Korea in there

to try and cover upwhat they were doing.

Yeah, 24 Muslim countries...and North Korea.

It reminds me of mewhen I was younger

and I wanted to buy condomsat the store,

and I'd order a bunch of stuffon top of it

just so it wouldn't look like Iwas just there for the condoms.

I'd be like, "Mm,can I get some soda, please,

and some detergentand, uh, some candy

(mumbling): and the condoms,condoms are...

And then the guy behindthe counter would be like,

"What kind of condoms?!Magnum?! Ultra thin?!

What condom do you wantfor your penis?!"

I'd be like, "Yeah, that's fine,I'm just gonna hit it raw.

"It's fine, man.This is... this is too awkward.

This is too awkward."

So anyway, this databasewas abandoned in 2011,

because it didn't helpstop terrorists at all.

And it was widely criticizedfor being discriminatory.

But now Trump's team is talkingabout bringing it back.

And when you remember whatTrump has said about Muslims

the past two years,giving him a Muslim registry

seems like a dangerous idea.

You know?You wouldn't give Jared

a list of all the playgrounds,you know what I mean?


For more reaction on this,we turn to senior religious

registry correspondent,Jordan Klepper, everybody.

(cheers and applause)

Jordan Klepper...

I-I got to say, a religiousregistry correspondent,

that's a weird title.

Yeah, I, uh, I made it up.

I used it to pad my resume

because I thought it would neverbe a real thing in America.

Plus it gave me an excuseto sleep in church pews

when I couldn'tgo home at night.

I don't understand, why couldn'tyou go home at night?

I tend to hurt the ones I love.

But, Trevor,there are bigger fish to fry.


It's been only nine dayssince Trump was elected,

and before he's even changedthe White House Wi-Fi password

to "Mike has a tiny pence,"

we're already talking abouta registry of Muslims

coming into America.

Yeah, but, Jordan, that soundslike a civil rights catastrophe.

How can they justify thislegally?

Oh, you are not gonna believehow they justify it.

We did it during World War IIwith Japanese,

-which, you know, call itwhat you will. -Come on.

-Maybe, maybe wrong...-You're not proposing

we go back to the days ofinternment camps, I hope.

No, no, no. I'm not proposingthat at all, Megyn.

I'm just saying there isprecedent for it,

and I'm not saying I agreewith it, but in this case,

-I absolutely believe...-You can't be citing

Japanese internment campsas precedent

for anything the president-electis gonna do.

Look, the president needsto protect America first.

I'm not sure internment camps

are helping your case.

That's like me getting intothe rap game going,

Hey, if Vanilla Ice can do it,you know?


Jordan, I'm sure you'll agree

and I'm sure the audiencewill also agree,

this is somethingthat's really frightening.

We should do somethingabout this.

I think you're absolutely right.

Yeah, we need to stand insolidarity with Muslim people

who are being targetedby Donald Trump.

-Yes. In solidarity. Yes.-Actually, actually...

-Actually... -Yes.-(cheering and applause)

Yeah, we need to.Actually...

You know what we should do?We should stand as one.

If they start registeringMuslims in America,

-we all register as Muslims.-Yeah.

(cheering and applause)

That is one idea.

Let's keep spitballin'.

No, no. I think that's it.

If you think about it,if all citizens,

if all the citizens said,with the immigrants, they said,

I am a Muslim,it would take the power away

that any registry would have.

I was thinking a button.

Like a really nice button.

Looks good on a peacoat.

You can put it on,you can take it off

if you're in mixed company,

and you don't wantto push your agenda.

Jordan. No, no, no, no.No, no, no, no, no.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. No, no.It's not enough.

This is an opportunityfor meaningful action.

Declare it here,loud and proud, Jordan.

Say it: I am a Muslim!

I am -- thinking about postingit on Facebook.

Who knows?

Dude, Facebook is not enough.

I agree, I'm on Instagram, too.

I've been hashtagging everything#notmypresident.


Delicious eggs benedict,



No, Jordan. I'm sorry.

First of all, your neckwas weird, and secondly,

I'm not gonna acceptthat from you.

I need you to committo action.

Well, you know what, Trevor?

I already did.

I hit the streets earlier todayto rally the people to action.

Uh, Chuck, roll my special tape.


If you're watching this,I'm already gone.

You were probably pressuring meinto doing something noble,

but I am a coward so I createdthis to cover my escape.

Now back to youlooking confused.


(cheering, applause)

Well played, Jordan.