No Guns for No-Fly Listers?

June 16, 2016 - Anika Noni Rose 06/16/2016 Views: 6,150

Democrats fight for tougher guns laws that would prohibit people on the federal no-fly list from buying guns, drawing support from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (8:11)

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Yeah. Nice, man. Nice.

But foist... foist,

while most conservativeand liberal pundits

are at each other's throatsconcerning guns,

Fox News host Gretchen Carlsonkind of went off script.

There's no doubtthat Omar Mateen

was able to kill so many peoplebecause he was firing an AR-15,

a weapon easier to buyin the state of Florida

than buying a handgun.

I'm also with the majority todaytaking a stand.

Can't we hold true the sanctityof the Second Amendment

while still having common sense?

By the way, Fox News employees,

swing byBuffalo Wild Wings tonight

for Gretchen Carlson'sfarewell party.

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I'm telling you, there'sno way Fox is keeping her

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Good for you, Gretchen.Good for you.

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Everyone should haveone of those, I think.

They really should.


Meanwhile, senate Democrats

are tiredof just talking about guns.

They want action.

NEWSMAN: Led by Connecticut senator, Chris Murphy,

Democrats commandeering the senate floor,

trying to force a vote to toughen up gun laws.

And so I'm gonna remainon this floor

until we get some signal,some sign...

that we can come together...

I tried that lineon Halle Berry.


Still waiting!

So the Democrats are fightingfor two amendments, right?

Expanding background checks

and preventingpeople on the no-fly list

from being able to buy guns.

Now, these are no-brainers,especially the no-fly list one.

In fact, it's such a no-brainer

that even someonewith barely a brain agrees.

NEWSMAN: Trump signaling an openness to new restrictions

that would ban people on the terrorist watch list

or the no-fly list from buying guns.

Yes, guys,Trump makes a good point.

But calm down--you can hit a piano with a bat

and still get a coupleof notes, all right?


Doesn't make you Rachmaninoff.

It does not, all right?

And, by the way,even the Benghazi Kid agrees.

If you are too dangerousto get on a plane,

you are too dangerousto buy a gun.

Well, I don't know,I don't know.

'Cause under that logic,then no mother (bleep) snakes

can buyany mother (bleep) guns...

(laughter, whooping)

...'cause they are not allowedon any mother (bleep) plane.

Is that your visionof America, Hillary?


All right,so both sides agree, right?

But, you know,here's the thing, guys,

here's the thing-- whenboth sides agree so quickly

after being so far aparton everything,

that's when I generallyget worried, okay?

So let's reallythink this through.

Because this country has a habitof making bad decisions

in the wakeof a national crisis.

(coughs):Iraq War.


(coughs):Patriot Act.

(clears throat)

(coughing):Japanese internment camps.

(coughing): Fuller House.

(laughter, applause)


Once the Olsen twins weren't in,Wilmore was out.


But look, here's the thing,though, it's easy to say,

"Well, this person is dangerous,

they shouldn't be allowedto buy guns,"

but it isn't that simple, okay?

Anyone can be underthe investigation of the FBI.

I mean, Martin Luther King wasunder investigation of the FBI.

John Lennon was underinvestigation of the FBI.

Hillary Clinton is currentlyunder investigation of the FBI.

Right? How embarrassingwould it be to have a president

who's on the no-fly list?


(as Hillary):Could we do the summit

at the White House instead? Oh.

Air Force One is in the shop.Yeah. All right.

And because it's the government,you know,

there's also the problemof bureaucratic error.

For instance-- this is true--do you know who else

has been denied entryto airplanes?

Air marshals who are supposedto protect us while flying,

but who also have names toosimilar to someone on the list.

Like, Dave ben Laden.


But B-E-N Laden. Mm-hmm.

He's not Laden now.

He's been Laden.

-(laughter)-Thank you very much.

See how I did that?With the "been."

-(applause)-He ain't Laden no mo'.

-(whooping, whistling)-Thank you! Thank you, lady!

That's what I'm talking about!

Whistle Lady, too.


All right?And Whistle Lady got it, too.

-Thank you, Whistle Lady.-(laughter)

Okay. Here's my other problemwith this list

of "potential" bad people.

Any of us could wind upon this thing--

and by "any of us," I meanmostly black and brown people.

Do you know what puttingblack people on a no-fly list

would meanto Southwest Airlines?


-Decimated, all right?-(laughter)

And by the way, neitherthe San Bernardino shooters

nor the Orlando shooterwere on the no-fly list.

I'll tell you what, howabout if we put all Americans

on a no-buying-assault-weaponslist?

-(whooping, applause) -That'swhat I think should be done.

How about that list?

All right. Okay.

So to learn moreabout the process

by which these lists are made,

please welcomethe acting deputy undersecretary

of the Homeland Security'sBureau of Regulation Management

and Lists, Dirk McDermond.

(cheering, applause)

Hi, Larry.

Okay, so, yo,

now, I have to say,I have very serious concerns

about these lists--so how exactly do they work?

(sighs): It's a verycomplicated system, Larry.

-Mm-hmm. -It involvescovert surveillance,

-Right. -complex equations,forensic analysis.


Man, I'm just messing with you,man. If somebody looks guilty,

we just put 'emon a list. Come on.

See? I knew it.But... Look, you-you...

If you can justslap someone on a list

and then take awaya Constitutional right,

you're depriving themof due process,

which means any Americanhas the potential

to be on that list, right?

No, no, no, no, no, no,of course not.

There is a long list of people

who will neverbe put on a list, okay?

We call it the "no list" list.

We got this.We got this covered.

But, look,even the ACLU is concerned

that a lot of these listsare just like profiling.

And you'll have a listthat's full of people

who look a certain way.

And by "certain way",I mean people of color.

-Completely understandyour concern. -Thank you.

Look, that's why we havea long list of safeguards

to prevent those thingsfrom happening. We got...

-That's just another list.-Yeah, all right.

How do you keepall the lists straight?

I'll give you a hint:it starts with an L

and it rhymes with "cyst".

-List.-Boom, you got it.

All right, I'm still concerned.Here's the other thing--

how can peopleeven get off this list?

-That's another problem.-Oh, you see, Larry,

that's very simple.You just have to get on

the "take me off the list" list.

-How do they do that? -Well,right now you can't do it,

'cause currently there'sa bit of a waiting list.

But still, you know, you can...

Is there anythingsomeone can do?

Can they at least call?

No, we're actually unlisted.

Of course you are, right. Okay.

So, you don't think there'sanything wrong with this?

I mean, you're not even worriedabout people's civil liberties.

As a black man,I'm sure... I'm sure

I'm already probably,like, on seven lists.

-(coughs) 13.-What?

No, no, I... No, look,listen, I got to run.

I'm sorry, I-I'm working, like,over at Buzzfeed at night.

You know? I'm, uh,working on some lists for them.

Yeah, like, right nowI got this one, you go,

-29 Reasons My Cat Can't Even.So cool. -Okay, all right.

Whatever.Dirk McDermond, everybody.

We'll be right back.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)