Campaign Trail Hiccups

August 17, 2016 - LeBron James 08/17/2016 Views: 54,841

Gregarious Vice President Joe Biden stumps for Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump overhauls his campaign staff. (2:58)

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Hillary Clinton is seeingthe finish line, people.

Uh, she's up in all the polls,including all the swing states.

Uh, she's already picked up

the next groupof White House interns. Uh...

I don't think it's gonna work,but it's a good try.

Uh, but still,you know, Hillary's

not taking anything for granted.In fact, she's been campaigning

this week withVice President Joe Biden.

Which is great for Hillary,because he really

connects withblue collar voters.

Uh, unfortunately, the downsideis where Joe Biden goes,

so do his hugs.

Look how awkwardit becomes at the...

Oh, arms go... Oh, oh.

Oh. Oh.

Oh, that is...oh, that is so awkward.

Oh, look at... look at that.

It looks likehe's holding a cat. Oh.

Oh. Yeah, you thinkthat was awkward,

it was even more awkwardthat she had to do that

at the rally later on that day.

It just didn't get any better.It just...

Uh, but aside fromcreepy cat hugs,

right now, Hillary Clintonis having a great time.

You know, she's coasting.She doesn't talk to the press.

She limits her interviews.

She hasn't given a real pressconference-- we realized this--

she hasn't given a real pressconference in eight months.

That's 250 days.

The last timeshe gave a press conference,

Jeb Bush's familywas still proud of him.

That's how long it's been.

And things are going greatfor Hillary, you know,

because if campaigns were cars,

Hillary's campaignis a self-driving Tesla.

Uh, Trump's campaign isa truck with no steering wheel

on an oily roadand everyone's just like,

"We can't get itin the right direction!

"We can't get it...Build a wall, build a wall.


It's insane.

And it looks likeit's not getting any better.

REPORTER: Campaign shakeup. Donald Trump

upends his campaign yet again.

REPORTER 2: Promoting pollster Kellyanne Conway

to campaign manager.

And hiring Stephen Bannon,

chairman of Breitbart News, as campaign CEO.

REPORTER 3: Roger Ailes is advising Trump

in preparation for the upcoming presidential debates.

What does this mean for the next83 days until the election?


That's what it means-- "wow."

I don't know if you knowwho all of those people are,

but let's just sayif Trump is the Joker,

he just hired the Suicide Squad.

Because Kellyanne Conway--

she-she's a legendaryRepublican pollster, you know?

Roger Ailes, the sexualharassing architect of Fox News.

And-and Stephen Bannon--this is the boss of Breitbart,

an archconservativeWeb site that often

has headlines like this.

These peopleare no joke, you know?

A-and this is crazy,because the election...

the election is in three months.

What's with all the new people?

Trump's campaign is likethe last season of Lost.

They should bewrapping things up,

but instead they're addingmore and more characters

and everyone's like, "Hey,how you gonna make this work?"

Oh, I get it, they don't knowwhat the (bleep) they're doing.

That's what's happening.

It's just gonna keep going.It's just gonna keep going.