Jessica Williams Says Goodbye

June 30, 2016 - Chuck Klosterman 06/30/2016 Views: 66,450

In her final appearance as a Daily Show correspondent, Jessica Williams bids a teary farewell to Trevor and The Best F#@king News Team Ever. (3:30)

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what an excitingand yet sad moment... -Mm-hmm. the same time.-Yup.

-(laughs)-We-we tried.

We tried to put togetherall of your greatest moments,

but the truth is,no one show can do them justice.

You are the coolest,most awesome person.

This building is goingto suffer a severe lack of,

-uh, J. Willyness without you.-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

-I got a lot of Willy style.-(laughter)

And, um, and, so,to say good-bye to you,

we tried to put togetherjust a tiny bit

of what makes youas amazing as you are,

so please enjoy.

Hey, guys.It's TV's Jessica Williams.

♪ All the single ladies,all the single ladies ♪

♪ All the single ladies...


Okay, okay, okay.

See? That's racist.

Brace yourself. You might wantto sit down for this,

but Beyoncé is black.

(dramatic musical sting)

Why would we needa tractor dancer on this farm?

'Cause it's fun.Rock and lock it.

Try this.


Is that pioneer choking

that Native American dudeto death,

or do I have something crazyin my eye?


-Look at me!-I... I'm...

I'm an old exorcist.

I don't know technology!

What the (bleep) is going on?

I just want to live in a world

where I can ride a freaking real hover board.

You want to kick out a church

that is very homophobic

and put in young LGBT youth?

It'd be a perfect placefor our young people to live.



Jessica Williams, everybody!

(cheers and applause)

Aah! Wow. Um...

Jessica, I think I speakfor everyone on the show,

especiallyyour fellow correspondents,

-um, who...-WOOD: Oh! Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa! Whoa! Chill out, African!

Oh, wow. It's allthe correspondents, everybody!

-It's all the correspondents.-Oh, man.

-(cheers and applause)-Ooh.

Ooh. We can speak for ourselves!

Yeah, I'll, uh, go firstbecause I'm the white guy.


Jess, it has been an honorworking with you.

When I came in,I was so impressed

by how youngand talented you were,

it almost made me angry,and now, as you leave,

-I'm honored to say thatI am still pissed. -(laughter)

You've coveredso many important stories

about black women and gay rights

and pastors who think

that there's semenin Starbucks coffee.

-(laughter)-Right. But before you go, Jess,

there's one big reasonwe're all here today.

-Can I get your office?-(loud, overlapping chatter)

NOAH: No, no.Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.

-(overlapping chatter)-Guys, guys. Guys, please.

Guys, it was so beautiful,and then you spoiled it.

You should be ashamedof yourselves.

I'm getting Jessica's office.

Uh, where else am I gonnaput the tanning bed?

No. Jessica, we, uh... Wow.

We cannot say good-byeto you enough.

It is not good-bye.It is farewell.

You're gonna be close by,hopefully.

Your show is going to amazing.

And you are always welcome.

Jessica Williams, everybody.

(applause and cheering)