Who Is Mike Pence?

October 4, 2016 - Ezra Klein 10/04/2016 Views: 39,052

Jordan Klepper learns about Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, and his questionable record on public health, LGBT issues and reproductive rights as Indiana's governor. (4:36)

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The 2016 vice presidentialdebate just wrapped up.

It's a good night to get to knowabout the two candidates,

and here with more is senior

political correspondentJordan Klepper, everybody.

-(applause and cheering)-Thank you. Thank you, Trevor.

It's good to be here, and justto be clear, we are live, right?

Yeah, Jordan,we are completely live.

Like live, live? Likewhat I'm saying is being heard

-across the country right now?-Yeah.

-That's what live means.-Great.


Balls.Balls, balls, balls.

Mmm, balls. Ah.

-Are you done?-(laughter)

-Yeah, I'm done.-Okay, great.

-Balls. -All right, Jordan,back to the debate.

-Yes.-You are so childish.

Uh, going into tonight, youknow, the big debate was that,

like, many people were going,

"We don't know muchabout Tim Kaine and Mike Pence."

Well, that's whatI used to think, Trevor,

but then, I went outto interview actual Americans.

And it turns out,no one knows anything

about Mike Kaine and Tim Pence.

I think you switched namesthere.

Oh, balls. God. Sorry.

I know this thing's live.

KLEPPER: Prior to tonight's vice presidential debate,

more than half of voters didn't have an opinion,

or had never even heard of Matt Pence or Jim Kaine.

So I hit the flashy streets of New York City

to slap some fives and get the 411 on what's-their-names.

-Do you know who these guys are?-No clue.

They look likesomeone's grandpa or dad.

Who are these two guys?

Don't know, don't care.

A couple of white guys.Who knows the difference, huh?

VP. More like sleepy.

Nobody knows, and why should we care?

It's not like VP's do anything anyway.

What doesa vice president even do?

Nothing basically.

Do you know anythingabout Mike Pence's policies?

No, not a bit, not a bit.

-Do you think it's matters?-No.

-Give me one of those honks!-Honk. -Honk.

-(honk)-(Klepper whoops, laughs)

What are the big differencesbetween these two guys?

-Um... -One has white hair,one has dark hair.

Can you name thesevice presidential candidates?

Oh, my goodness.

KLEPPER: In this battle of the regional managers,

these too were practically identical.

They're virtually the same!

Who the heck are these guys?

Uh, that's Tim Kaine,and that's Mike Pence.

They're the vice presidentialcandidates.

Ooh, Mr. Smarts!

Okay, can you tell me one factabout these guys?

Other than one's got white hairand one's got brown hair?

Yeah, uh, I mean, Mike Penceis actually really dangerous.

He's dangerousbecause it's like,

"Oh, no, we got a grandpain the Oval Office.

Oh, no, there's butterscotcheseverywhere."

Uh, no, I think his record

towards, like, health issuesis what's dangerous.

KLEPPER: Looks like somebody didn't get

the these-guys-are-boring memo.

This is Tim Kaine.

He is a senator from Virginia.

And this is Mike Pence,

and he's that homophobicgovernor from Indiana.

(applause and cheering)

All right.

Mike Pence has spenthis entire career

trying to undoPlanned Parenthood

and unplug hundreds of thousandsof low-income persons

from basicreproductive healthcare.

He doesn't believe in condoms.

-Well, neither do I.-(laughter)

KLEPPER: Actually, she's right.

As governor, Mike Pence signed some of the most strict

anti-abortion legislation in the nation.

On HIV, he, like,almost singlehandedly

caused an epidemic in his state.

Yeah, but that was backin the '80s.

-That's a long time ago.-No, no, no. This was now.

This was in 2014.

KLEPPER: Also totally true.

As governor, Pence refused to enact the recommended

needle exchange program for two months.

He signed a bill

called "The Religious FreedomRestoration Act,"

and it allowed businessesto, uh, discriminate

or refuse serviceto the LGBT community.

Wait. That was that guy?That was Pence?

That was that guy.

-That guy's a dick.-Yes.

KLEPPER: Also checks out.

Dude's a total dick.

He championed RIFRA, and bonus--

he said cigarettes don't kill

while taking campaign money from Big Tobacco.

So how do these randos

in Times Square know so much about Indiana?

Because she's actually Betty Cockrum,

the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood

of Indiana and Kentucky.

And this is Kevin Warren,

a 30-year civil rights activist.

And this is Dr. Andrew Goldstein,

author and public health researcher.

That's right. We invited actual experts

and dressed them up as normal humans, because

nobody wants to hear from boring nerds.

We want to hear from people on the street

who say fun things like this.

Give me one factabout Tim Kaine.

Well, he plays the harmonica.

KLEPPER: Now that's

an easily-digestible fun fact.

Thank you very much.

Jordan Klepper, everybody.