Iceland's Historic Euro Cup Win

June 28, 2016 - Calvin Trillin 06/28/2016 Views: 9,930

Iceland defeats England in a historic Euro Cup win, much to the elation of one native game announcer. (2:03)

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let's talk about Brexit.

A few days ago, Great Britainvoted to withdraw from the EU,

and it turns out,

England is taking the Brexitvote really seriously.

SPORTSCASTER: Days after voting to leave the EU,

England is now out

of the European soccer tournament.

SPORTSCASTER: It is one of the biggest sensations

in the history of football.

Iceland, Iceland-- are in the quarter finals.

2-1 loss to Iceland last night

will go down as the worst momentin England's football history.

Wow. The worst momentin England's football history?

You realize they'vehad tragedies

where people have died,and this is the worst moment?

I will say,that is a smart move,

cl-crying into the ground,you know?

Yeah, so you know,the guy's just like,

"I-I may havelet my country down,

"but I'm not ending upas a bloody meme!

"I'm not ending upas a meme!

"Hide my face!"

I don't think you understandhow big of an upset this was.

This was the first timeIceland has ever qualified

for the European Cup.

No one expected themto get this far.

I mean, unlike England,whose manager's a professional,

who earns millions,and this is true,

Iceland is managed by a dude

who worksas a part-time dentist.

That is his job.

Yeah, so when Englandwent home crying,

he gave them allsugar-free lollipops.

He was like,"You were very brave.

You were all very brave."

-But my favorite partof the story... -(applause)

My favorite part of the story,

wasn't the part-timedentist manager,

it was the full-time crazyIcelandic announcer.

(man speaking frantically)

(high-pitched):What the hell?

What the hell? What the hell?!

That's the commentator.

It sounds like someoneis killing him

in the announcer booth,but he's so committed to his job

that he doesn't stopcommentating on the game.

(high-pitched):They're kicking the ball!

They're kicking the ball!

They just scored!

I'm dying now!