Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest

September 13, 2016 - Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin 09/13/2016 Views: 105,876

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick comes under fire for kneeling during the national anthem as a way to protest police brutality against African Americans. (8:50)

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Now, uh, as you mayor may not know,

football season just started,

and, uh, that's all football,both American and real, right?

-(booing)-And so, uh... Oh, come on!

It's just... Oh...What are you guy... Whoa!

What are you guys doing?Why do you guys...

What is... You know what...What is... Who's...

So... You know,

that's how you knowyou're in a first world country.

You throw food to peoplethat you don't like.

Sorry, where was I? Ah, yes.

So, uh, uh, last night--yes, last night--

Monday Night Footballkicked off,

and, uh, it's always exciting,you know?

Because at the startof every football season,

there's always some controversy.

You know,it's about concussions.

-It's about teams moving cities.-(clattering)

Uh, someone murdered someonein the off-season,

so now they're suspendedfor a couple games.

But this season, this season,

the biggest story in the NFLhas come out of nowhere.

Along the sidelinesduring last night's NFL game,

Colin Kaepernick continueshis national anthem protest,

kneeling before his team'sseason opening game last night.

REPORTER: It happened right before the 49ers preseason game

against the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers quarterback

Colin Kaepernick sitting alone,

surrounded by teammates, as the national anthem was played.

Kaepernick explaining in an interview with NFL media...

REPORTER (reading):

Yeah. That's a bold stancefrom, uh, Kaepernick.

I will say this though.This is a great excuse

for anything he does poorly onthe football field from now on,

you know? 'Cause he sayshe's gonna kneel for the anthem,

but he could do anything.Like, if he gets sacked

or intercepted, people are like,"Kaepernick, you suck!"

And he could be like,"No, actually,

"this was also a protest.

"How can I move the ball forward

when my peopleare being held back?"

And, uh...and if by protesting the anthem

Kaepernick called the play,

well, then over the past month,

a lot of people are running it.

REPORTER: The NFL protest now having a trickle-down effect.

In South New Jersey, a group of high school players

on the Woodrow Wilson Tigers knelt during a rendition

of the national anthem this weekend, too.

REPORTER 2: U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe

joined Kaepernick kneeling,

saying she also wants to spark meaningful conversation.

REPORTER: Several members of the Miami Dolphins took a knee

while holding hands over their hearts.

REPORTER 3: For Seattle, all 53 players locking arms.

REPORTER 4: Marcus Peters had kind of a double moment.

He linked arms with his teammates during the anthem

to show unity with them but also raised his fist.

Now, look, I know that playerseems militant,

uh, but you must understand,the reason he had his fist up,

'cause there was no oneto his right.

Everyone's linking arms.And so if you don't have anyone

to link arms with, you raiseyour right arm. That's just...

that's just what you do.Is that...

Or is that just a black thing?No? That's...

I thought every... Sorry,I thought everyone did that.

I thought it was just... Like,we learn that from Superman.

Isn't that where we got it from?Yeah.

That's what...that's what he does.

That's what...No? Just me? Yeah?

I feel like if Supermanwas a black man,

he'd get shot at a lot more.It would just be...

Just, "Look in the sky!It's a (bleep)!"

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Bang! Bang!

"He was doing the salute."

"No, he was flying!"

Anyway, uh, now,lots of people already hated

when quarterbacks take a knee,but, with Kaepernick,

people were especially mad.

Mr. Kaepernick's behavior

regarding the policeis disgraceful.

And when Colin Kaepernicksits down

and does not respect the flag,

the same flag that drapedthe coffin of my father,

a World War II veteran,I do take umbrage with that.

You are an overpaid athlete.

The next timesome overpaid entertainer

or athlete or politician

stands up and says, "Boo-hoo,people are mean to me,"

because of X, Y and Z, laugh intheir face, including this guy.

(Noah giggles)

-(laughter)-(Noah continues giggling)

You're so tough in the studio.(laughs)

You want to laughin the face of this

six foot, four, 230-poundprofessional?

Laugh in his face.

And I love how he's tellingother people to it.

"Yeah, you guys must laughin his face when you see him.

Not me.I'm just telling you to do it."

But let's address thisreal quick.

Every time an athlete orcelebrity gets into a scandal,

there's an endless amountof people always saying,

"Hey, people look up to you!

"You're not just an athlete.

"You're a role model.

Use your fameto make a difference!"

But then, as soon

as one of those athletesstands up and says,

"Hey, I believe in something,"

all off a sudden, people go,"Hey, shut up!

"We don't pay you to think!

"Just play your silly game!Move on!

"What do you think you are,a role model?

Come on!"

And guys, some of the reactionshave been so extreme.

Some 49ers fansburned his jersey,

and they put thaton social media.

("The Star-Spangled Banner"playing)

-(laughing): You...-(laughter)

You're-you're burninghis jersey?

I do not get this.

'Cause you realizeyou have to buy the jersey

to burn the jersey.

Like, in other countries,

they just make an effigyof the thing that they hate.

This guy is buyingthe actual jersey.

That's like 100 bucksthat he's spending.

At night his kids are like,

"Mommy, why don't we haveany food tonight?"

"Because Daddy wantedto make a point, that's why.

That's why."

Seriously,look at all of these jokers

-burning these jerseys.-CHILD: Do it now.

Look at these people.This is my favorite.

Look at his hand getting burned.Look at him. He's, like...

-(laughter)-Yeah, I love that.

'Cause you know what I loveabout fire.

You think because you litthe fire, it's on your side,

-but it's not.-(laughter)

No, the fire is doingits own thing.

You're like,"This is my patriotic fire!"

It's like the fire is like,"Nah, man, I'm bipartisan.

-I'm not with you."-(laughter)

Oh, and by the way,here's another thing.

Kaepernick's red number seven

is now the top-selling jerseyin the NFL.

Yeah, the top-selling jerseyin the NFL.

That's a big thing.That is a big thing.

(applause and cheering)

And don't think... don't thinkthat the league hasn't noticed,

because they've actually startedselling-- this is insane--

they've started sellingthese jerseys now,

these special edition,flammable Kaepernick jerseys.

-(laughter)-Look at this. This is them.

"Furious funfor the whole family!"

This is what they say.

Yeah. I can't...

This is the scariest of all.

"Warning: please do not burnwhile wearing."

-That's a weird warning.-(laughter)

That's a weird warningto give the people.

Uh, so, anyway, so Kaepernickhas been very clear

about why he's protestingduring the National Anthem,

but shirt burners and others,

well, they took awaya different message.

Here's a guy that is showingcomplete disrespect

for the lives lostby our troops.

He should give a humble apologyto this country

and to the menand women who serve.

For the troops that are serving,

as well as those who havedied for, well, you know,

to protect this nation,I think it's disrespectful.

We're going to honor Americaand our veterans,

and I thinkthey should enforce that.

Yeah, that's right, Kaepernick.

You better apologizeto the troops.

But-but before you do,

maybe we should ask someof the troops how they feel.

MAN: Kaepernick is getting some support

from those in the military

under the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick.

I support Colin Kaepernick,uh, in his right.

That is a rightthat I fought for,

and many Americans did,

and it's what makesAmerica great.

You have military vetslike myself

who don't feel disrespected

because we understand exactlywhat Kaepernick is saying

and why he is protesting.

I'm sorry. What?!How dare you!

How dare the troops speakfor themselves!


Don't they know how hardthey are fighting

to protect their freedomto insult themselves?

Because freedomand the troops and the...

Well, I-I don't know, man.

I'm just angry.

And look, guys, I hear you.

It can be upsetting

when athletes startinvolving their politics

in a sport you enjoy,but the truth is,

sport and protestshave been intertwined

for a very long time.

Sometimes, while it's happening,

you are unableto appreciate its impact

because of the heatof the moment.

But don't forget.

Muhammad Ali--he was banned from boxing

because he resisted the draftto protest the Vietnam War.

And only later did Americarecognize his courage.

So Colin Kaepernickcould be the Muhammad Ali

of this generation, you know?

I mean,except for the achievements

-and the talent and stuff, buthe could still be. -(laughter)

And obviously,Muhammad Ali is different

because he was a boxer,

and boxing is one of the world'sgreatest sports,

and Colin Kaepernick playssome pretend football

which is not evenlike real football,

because real footballis the only game that...

-(audience boos loudly)-You guys!

You can't silence me!You can't!

Oh, really? Really? Really?

-(laughter)-Really? A jockstrap?

You need more than one jockstrapto spoil my day, America!