Guy Branum - Leading the Catholic Church

The One Without Neil deGrasse Tyson Season 3, Ep 5 10/25/2016 Views: 1,525

Guy Branum feels like he has a unique understanding of the Catholic Church even though he doesn't agree with many of its ideals. (1:11)

Who here was raised Catholic?

[scattered applause]

I myself am not Catholic;I was raised Jewish.

No one ever thinks thatI'm Jewish

because I do not lookphysically weak.

But, it is very hard for me totalk about the Catholic Church

because on the one hand,super homophobic,

super misogynistic,doesn't believe in gay marriage.

But on the other hand,

I must understandthat if I had been born

in the year 1400,

I would run that shit.

I want you guys to ask yourselfwhat a Renaissance Pope

needs to do on a day-to-daybasis.

A,Have sex with teenage boys.


B,Solve international conflicts.

I was a poli-sci major.

C,Approve of or disapprove of art.

We all know how much I have beenjudging

that girl's garnet-colored hairsince I got up here.

It's bold, but it works.

What does a Renaissance Pope

need to do on a day-to-daybasis?

D,Eat geese.

Again, got it taken care of.