#HashItOut with Franchesca Ramsey - Kanye West's "Famous" Video

June 29, 2016 - Vic Mensa 06/29/2016 Views: 10,175

Franchesca Ramsey reacts to Kanye West's music video for "Famous," which features the rapper lying in bed with wax figures of nude celebrities. (3:55)

All right. Welcome back,welcome back, welcome back.

Now, in many ways, social mediais a brutally honest reflection

of today's culture,for better or for worse.

Now, here to examine whatsocial media got right and wrong

this week is Nightly Show contributor Franchesca Ramsey

with her new segmentHash it Out Franches...

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Thanks, Larry.

So, this past weekend Kanye West

dropped the music videofor his song "Famous."

In it, Kanye West lays in bedwith creepily realistic

wax replicas of celebrities,including Taylor Swift,

Rihanna, Chris Brown,Amber Rose, Donald Trump,

Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby.


and they're all butt-ass naked.


Now, they'resupposed to be asleep,

but to me it justlooks like a crime scene.

But, as they say,Kanye's gonna Kanye.

But his delusional fans werequick to defend the video

with tweets like these.

"The 'Famous' videoby Kanye West

is (bleep) art."

"Why are peopleshaming this video?

It is art!"

"With your famous videois one of the most valuable

pieces of art in our time."

The most valuablepiece of art in our time?

I'm guessing you've neverseen an Andy Warhol,

Georgia O'Keeffeor Jackson Pollock?

If you think this video is art,I've got an old copy of Hustler

and an episode of Forensic Files

that willblow your (bleep) mind.

(cheering, applause)

And to add insult to injury,

this garbage videoisn't even original.

"This scene is inspiredby Vincent Desiderio.

Gotta appreciatethe risk and vision."

Risk and vision?

Sure, risky because Kanye's assis probably getting sued.

But vision? He just copiedsomeone else's work.

Hey, HBO, I've got a completelyoriginal idea for you.

It's called Throne of Games.

Trust me, totally mine.

Sure, technically, this videocould be considered art.

But just because it's artdoesn't mean it isn't awful.

Kind of like your nephew'smacaroni self-portrait.

I don't careif you're in preschool, kid,

working with rigatonimakes you a douche.

Not to mention,art can be criticized.

Oh, and criticize it I will.

This video is grosson so many levels.

It's so misogynistic.

It's not new or creativeto exploit women's bodies.

There are tons of wax titsin this video

but whereare the wax dicks, Kanye?

(cheering, applause)


technically,Trump is a wax dick,

-so you do have one.-(cheering, applause)

I'll give it to you.

Then you've got Rihannanext to Chris brown.

You know, that dudethat, uh, abused her?

And let's not forget the videohas multiple naked women in bed

with an alleged serial rapist.

That's right, (bleep),we haven't forgotten about you.

To top it off,this masterpiece was made

without anyof these people's consent,

which is so hypocritical.

Kanye, you know how valuableyour public image is.

Hell, you didn't like itwhen an Australian artist

did a mural of youmaking out with yourself.

And if I'm being totally honest,Kanye making out with Kanye

is way more plausiblethan this freaky slumber party.

Listen, Kanye, I really don'tunderstand your sick obsession

with Taylor Swift, Amber Roseor yourself, for that matter,

but this videoreally crossed the line.

I have always been a fanof your music,

but what you dowith your wax figures

in the privacy of your own homeis your business.

Just leave us out of your not sobeautiful dark twisted fantasy.

Franchesca Ramsey, everybody.

We'll be right back.(whoops)

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