Donald Trump Tries to Woo Black Voters

September 6, 2016 - Jeff Ross 09/06/2016 Views: 102,402

After Donald Trump visits an African-American church in Detroit, Roy Wood Jr. breaks down the GOP presidential hopeful's attempt to bolster support among black voters. (8:17)

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I, uh, I just wantedto give you an update

on the nationwide heart attackthat occurred in America

this morning after a pollcame out showing Donald Trump

two points aheadof Hillary Clinton.

Yes, so, now everyoneis in stable condition, uh,

but (bleep) of the pantsstill continues.

A-and there is one area whereTrump hasn't been improving

at all, and that's beenwith black voters.

You know, only two month ago,he got zero percent support

from African-Americans in Ohioand Pennsylvania, zero percent.

Zero, yeah.

-(cheers and applause)-Zero percent.

Are you applauding?You guys are mean.


You guys are applaudingzero percent.

You realize there aremore black people excited

for the new Kevin James sitcom.

Zero percent is where Trump is.

So, basically, Donald Trump'speople told him he needed

to reach out to theblack community and that means

he's basically gotthree choices.

He either goes to barbershops,

uh, Tyler Perry moviesor black churches.

But he's not gonna goto Tyler Perry movies

because, I mean, Madea's a two.

Uh... he's not gonna goto a barbershop

because they'd hook him up.

-You know, and, uh...-(laughter)

His only remaining optionis church.

On Saturday,Trump visited

a black church in Detroit.

REPORTER: Donald Trump, swaying to the music this weekend

at an African-American church in Detroit,

reaching out for new support.

No, no!


You know what, I'm sorry,

I've got to call outthe media on this one.

Donald Trump was notswaying to the music.

He was swaying and therehappened to be music playing

-at the same time.-(cheers and applause)

The two happened completelyindependently of each other.

That... was not happeningwith the music.

(laughing):That was not with the music.

Now-now, the speech that Trumpdelivered at this church

was from the heart.

It was from his heart.

And... and you could feelthat it was from the heart

because Donald Trump told us.

Well, I just, uh,wrote this the other day,

knowing I'd be here, and, uh,I mean it from the heart.

And I'd like to just read it,and I think you'll understand it

maybe better than I doin certain ways.


Uh... okay, wait, I'm sorry,wait, what?

So, wait, you-you wrotea speech from your heart

that you don't understand?

But somehow black people will?

What?Did you write a rap song?

Is that what happened?

What-what does that even mean?

Like... and for someone who-whoclaims they wrote the speech,

he seems genuinely surprisedat the information

contained in his speech.

Becoming the nominee of theparty of Abraham Lincoln--

a lot of people don't realizethat Abraham Lincoln,

the great Abraham Lincoln,was a Republican--

has been the greatest honorof my life.

Why do I feel likewhen-when Trump says,

"A lot of people don't realize,"he means, "I don't realize."

"Abraham Lincoln, he freed the--a lot of people don't realize,

a lot of peopledon't realize this."

Then he tries to play it offlike the audience didn't know.

"Oh, and here's another...

"Wow, did you guys know

"you were slaves? Huh?

"Did you guys know...oh, and for how long?

Oh, boy, wow."

And Trump, actually,he got a warm reception

from this congregation.

You know, they even gave hima-a prayer cloth.

-They put on him there.-AUDIENCE: Aw.

Yeah, that's-that's nice.

You can see he's confused,though.

He's like, "Oh, you... you guys,

"you guys put iton the shoulders?

"My other friends put thewhite sheet over their head.

"But, I mean, to each their own,folks.

"We all do it differently,folks.

Different ways."


One reason Trump gave the speechin Detroit is, uh,

i-is that it's wherehis number one black fan is,

or his number oneblack hype man is, Ben Carson.


And, uh, Carson's response

to the speechwas truly priceless.

I think maybe there are thingsthat we can learn as a society,

because in order for our countryto be great again, uh,

every aspect has to be great,including our inner cities.

And-and we just sawMr. Trump here.

I asked him, "How did it go?"

And he said great and he saidhe learned a lot of things.

-Oh! -What do you thinkhe took away from today?

-My-my luggage.-(chuckles)

-Uh... Hold on.-Okay.

Looks like Dr. Carson is goingto try to find his luggage.



I love Ben Carson so much!

I love him so much!

And I also trust him lessand less as a surgeon every day.

I know he's good!I know he's good.

But I'm sorry, guys,"My luggage"?

In the middle ofa live interview?

"My luggage"?

Is that the number one thingon his mind?

And the way he's thrown by it.

Is this something that happensin Ben Carson's life?

You know?

Just like him at the hospital,"Uh, Mr. Shapiro,

"there's no easy way to saythis, but the operation--

My luggage!"

Who is this man?

For more onTrump's Detroit speech

we turn now to our seniorcampaign correspondent,

Roy Wood Jr., everybody,Roy Wood Jr.

(cheers and applause)

Thank you for being here, Roy.


-It's been an interesting time,Roy. -Yeah.

What do you think about Trump'svisit to the black church?

Trevor, I feel bad for everymember of that congregation.

Think about it.

You go to church every Sundaypraying to God to keep Trump

out of your life,only to show up one morning

and see him in the pulpit.

Trump is turning good churchfolk into atheists.

I can tell you, people were nothappy about this, man.

But Roy, but Roy, there werepeople at the church.

Stop acting like Trumppacked out the cathedral.

He was at a normal-sized churchand it was half empty.

Do you know how hard it isto not fill a black church?


Black people stop at churchon their way to church.

It's important to us.

Church is important.

That's why the the serviceis so long.

I went to church Sunday morning,and I just got out.

We have a lot to pray for,and, man, it takes time.

White church is an hour,

'cause all they got to dois give thanks.

Mostly, thank God I'm not black.

Oh, I know, that's hymn 52,I think.

-I've heard it, it's beautiful.-Oh, that's beautiful.

Beautiful song,beautiful song, yeah.

Look, man, black peoplehave a long list of grievances.

I go to church with a briefcase.

You think Flint, Michiganis going to be saved

with a couple Hail Marys?

No, no, no, no, no.

We need to put on a show.

We're not just at church,

we're not just therefor the new prayers.

Half our time in churchis checking in

on old prayersthat we're still waiting on.

I got a prayer from '97 I'mwaiting to still come through.

Man, I'm this close to gettingtickets to see Sisqó.

-I'll get them.-(applause)

You know about Dru Hill.

What do you knowabout Dru Hill?

Dru Hill.I know about Dru Hill.

How deep is your love for me.

Oh, yeah.

-Tell me what it's gonna be.-Oh, yeah.

Roy, um, okay.

Let's...let's be honest, though.

You should at least give creditto Trump

for trying to appealto black voters.

Hmm, no.

That's not why he's there.

Trump is just trying to convincewhite voters

that he's not racist so thatthey feel better

for voting for him.

(cheers and applause)

That's all he's doing.

Now these white people get to goto the polls,

"Oh, well, how can the man hateblack people?

He went to Steve Harvey'schurch." Check.

Trump's trying to winthat "white people

with black friends" voteso that they don't feel guilty

around the water cooler at work.

"Uh, uh, hey, JaMarcus, uh, didyou hear that new Drake album?"

"Bitch, you voted for Trump!"

Well, I... Look, I hear you.You know what, I hear you, Roy.

Donald Trump can't be president.

Exactly, Trevor. We got to doeverything we can to stop him.

Yeah. So I'm assumingyou'll be out there every day

till the election,knocking on doors in Ohio,

you know, getting out the vote,making those calls.

My luggage!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Oh, well.

Thank you, Roy.

Well, you know...

I think, in Donald Trump...

and this whole scenario, welearned something very impor...

my luggage!