Kevin Hart - Comedy Killers of Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Season 1, Ep 6 11/06/2016 Views: 2,102

Lafayette Wright, Rob Maher and Jamel Johnson school Kevin Hart on the comedy scene in Washington, D.C., during a meal at Ben's Chili Bowl. (2:15)

Alright. I'm sitting here with 3comedians

at the legendary Ben's Chili Bowl.

Lafayette Wright, Rob Maher,Jemel Johnson.

What do you think aboutthe comedy circuit in D.C.?

- It's gotten a lot better.- Okay.

- When I started here, it waslike two or three open mics,

and now you can get on stage

pretty much every nightin the city.

- Really?- Yeah, 18 years.

- 18 years?- Yeah. I've been

at it a long time, so--- 18 years.

- So I'm ready. Let's do this.Let's get--let's get famous.

- Do you feel like D.C. breedsa certain type

of individualor certain type of jokes?

- D.C. breeds killers.- Okay.

- As far as comedy goes.Not--we're not, like,

murdering people.This how I always put it.

I put it like, "Other comedycities will be like

the karate school you go toto learn, like, character.

And you get your prettygold trophy and stuff.

D.C. is the martial arts schoolyou go to

to learn how to murder people."

But if you gonna do it,you got to have the skill,

you know what I'm saying.Jason Bourne, like, you got to,

"I know how to do that,and I can do that if I want to."

- No, you guys got a lotof heavy weights

that have come out of D.C., man.I mean--

- Absolutely. Tony Woods.- Ooh.

- Wanda Sykes.- Wanda, Dominique.

You got some womenfrom out here.

- Yeah, yeah,oh, Dominique, yeah.

- Dominique is a great one.

It's not that comedyis territorial,

but I feel like comediansshould be.

You know, I feel likeyou should--

you should want to always bea great

representationof where you're from.

- Especially, like,black comics.

There's a focus to be unique,you know what I mean,

in your dress, how you speak.

We don't want to soundlike New York.

We don't want to soundlike Atlanta.

- There you go.- You know what I mean.

Like, it's real specific

- I feel like--as a white comic,

if it's an all black audience,I have an advantage.

- Okay.- 'Cause I'm different.

- Okay.- The same token--

black comic, all white audience.- Mm-hmm.

- And I feel--the difference is,the black audience,

they think I'm gonna be afraid.- Okay.

- And when I show that I'm not,then they respect me.

- Right.- And what I also feel--

like, I'm the same comicin the white room.

I'm not tryingto be the white guy

that is down with black peopleand speaks different.

'Cause that's not--that's not who I am.

- The guy that comes out, "Hey!"

- Yeah, I'm not that guy.I'm just the same guy.

- "Hey! Aw!"

He come on stage and like,

"You never talk like that.Why's you--"

- We hate that guy.- "Aw!

What y'all talking 'bout?"- Yeah.

- You know what? I think tonightis gonna be amazing.

I'm sensing a lot of funnyfrom these conversations,

and I'm happy that we gotthese three, man.

There's a--there's a greatmixture of personality here,

so I'm hoping that you guysbring that to the stage tonight.

Man, this has been a good one.