R.I.P. Vine

October 27, 2016 - Jeezy 10/27/2016 Views: 29,198

Twitter announces that it will discontinue Vine, which could shake up the lives of social media stars who rose to fame on the platform. (1:27)

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somebreaking news from the Internet.

Into market news,Twitter is discontinuing Vine.

Now, it was the app famous forvideos lasting just six seconds.

REPORTER: Well, it looks like the vine has withered and died.


Not Vine!

It was my favorite partof the Internet.

Now how am I ever going to...All right, that was six seconds.

I'm over it. Okay.So, uh, that's right,

on October 27, 2016, Vine died.

Uh, the cause of deathwas embarrassment

after your grandmother joined,and now it's in heaven

with Friendster, Google+,and, uh, Ask Jeeves.

Uh, well, not Jeeves.I mean, Jeeves is in hell.

It turns outhe was actually in the KKK.

A lot of peopledidn't know that.

Um, but losing Vine is a big...

You guys are shockedlike he's a real person.


But losing Vine is a big deal.

Because now if you wantto broadcast six seconds

of yourself on a loop,you will have to do this.

Now if you want to broadcastsix seconds of a loop,

you'll have to do this.Now if you want to broadcast

six seconds of yourself...You know what I'm saying.

-(applause)-You know,

you know who I really feel badfor though?

The people who I really feel badfor though are the Vine stars.

They were peoplewhose whole career

was making six-second videos.

And now they haveto get real jobs.

Think about it.How are they gonna adjust?

They'll show up for workat 9:00 a.m. on the dot.

And then at 9:00 a.m.and six seconds, they're like,

"Well, time to go home!"