"Muslims Get Out" Sign at Minnesota Restaurant

September 21, 2016 - Wendy Williams 09/21/2016 Views: 53,963

The owner of an ice cream shop in Minnesota draws protests after displaying a sign that reads "Muslims Get Out." (2:12)

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following a-a stabbing attack

at a Minnesota mall last weekby a Muslim man,

a local ice cream parlorhas decided enough is enough.

After the recent attacks,a sign at an ice cream shop

in Lonsdale is creatinga lot of controversy.

Demonstrators gathering outside Treats Family Restaurant

protesting the sign that reads, "Muslims get out."

That's right.

If you're Muslim,

you just got not served.

Now, now,I know the story seems awful.

But don't worry, my friends,

there's a perfectly reasonableexplanation.

I didn't want to put"terrorists" on the board,

so we were gonna put"Muslim extremists,"

but we didn't have roomon the board.


That guy is so cute!

And, also,I never thought of that.

Maybe people aren't racist.Yeah.

They're just running outof space.

That's all that's happened.

Maybe that's what happenson Twitter.

That's what happens everywhere.

"Yeah, what we meant to writewas, 'Muslims get out there

"and vote.'That's what we wanted to say.

"And if we'd really hada big sign, it would have read,

"'Muslims get out of my dreamsand into my car.'

But, hey, tiny signs.What are you gonna do?"

You know what's also strange is,this man genuinely thought

people who go aroundblowing people up

will be stopped by a sign?

You realize you're talkingto terrorists, not vampires.

They don't needto be invited in, right?

Or-or maybe,or maybe he's onto something,

because, if you think about it,we've never tried that.

We've never actually triedto repel terrorists with signs.

Yeah. Maybe that'sall the airports need,

is a sign that says"No terrorists," yes?

Yeah. And then guys are gonna bewalking, going,

"Oh, I was going to blow up theairport, but rules are rules.

"I... They said I can't come in.They said I can't.

They said I can't come in."

(cheering and applause)

That's how powerful ice creamis, people.

The appeal is universal.

"I scream, you scream,

"we all screamfor the death of infidels

"who pollute the sanctityof our land!

And also ice cream!"