Shiatsu Surprise

Mogomra vs. The Fart Monster Season 2, Ep 3 06/28/1999 Views: 5,996

A masseuse encourages her client to accept the way that his body releases pent-up emotion. (1:43)

It's an Asian deep-tissuetechnique.

Now, I should warn you thatsometimes

when we release tensionthrough massage,

we release the emotions that aretrapped in our muscles.

So if that happens,

I just want you togo with it, okay?



Oh, jeez, I'm sorry.

That's all right.It happens.

We store a lot of repressedemotion in our muscles,

and sometimes our bodies justneed a little release.

Okay.Anyway, excuse me.

(flatulence)I'm really sorry.

I don't knowwhat's wrong with me.

It's okay, really.

It's just your body getting ridof pent-up emotion.

(excessive flatulence)

You know, I don't thinkthat is emotion.

Maybe you shouldmove up my back a bit.

Richard, you're holding a lot ofstrangled feelings down here.

That's why thisis happening, okay?

Don't worry about it.Just take a deep breath in.

(prolonged flatulence)

What's going on with me?Just relax.

I'm gonna vomit, get off me.(explosive flatulence)

What's going on?(flatulence continues)

Why won't it stop?

Oh, this is wonderful,Richard.

You've been holding inall this emotion,

and you just opened upa channel.

(flatulence continuing)Here, maybe this will help.

What are you doing?

(flatulence continuing)


What have you done to me?