Mass Shooting in Orlando, FL

June 13, 2016 - Mychal Denzel Smith 06/13/2016 Views: 10,452

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump uses the worst mass shooting in American history as an opportunity to score political points by demonizing immigrants. (9:18)

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I am Larry Wilmore.

Uh, now of course...Thank you so much.

But of coursewe have to deal...

-MAN: Love you, Larry!-I love you, too.

Thank you very much.Love you, too.

But we have to dealwith the tragic events

that occurred over the weekendin Orlando.

We've been thinkingabout it all day here,

trying to figure out what to doand what to say

in responseto something so evil.

All I can say is this.

Our hearts are broken for you,Orlando,

and for the victimsand their families,

but we are with you, okay?

And tonight we're going to talkabout it

in the hopes that maybewe can provide some laughs

and maybe play some small partin the healing.

Now, when the news broke,

the peopleof this nation were unified

in a selfless outpouringof support

for the victimsand their families.

Well, it was selflessexcept for one person.


Cue the tweet

from future-impeachedPresident Trump, please.

WOMAN (reading):"Appreciate the congrats

"for being righton radical Islamic terrorism.

"I don't want congrats.I want toughness and vigilance.

We must be smart!"

Yes, Donald, you were reallyahead of the curve

on the whole"terrorism is bad" thing, right?


I mean, honestly,who brags about this?

It's like your doctor saying,"Yo, dude, I totally called it!

You do have cancer, man."

-(laughter)-"Called it.

I called that (bleep), man!"

Right? But he didn't just tweet.

He redirected the diarrheafrom his Twitter account

directly through his face-holeat a press conference.

The killer, whose nameI will not use or ever say,

was born an Afghan,of Afghan parents,

who immigratedto the United States.

-No. -(audience groaning)

He was born an American,

but his parents immigratedto the United States.

So you're saying thatwe shouldn't allow immigrants

into this country at all?

Well, that eliminatestwo-thirds of your wives.


(cheers and applause)

Um, hey, you bettergive me a better reason, man.

His father published supportfor the Afghan Taliban,

a regime which murders those whodon't share its radical views,

and they murdered plenty.

The father even said

he was runningfor president of Afghanistan.

Okay, all right,so you're telling me

that his fatherhas radical views,

says crazy (bleep),and is running for president?



(applause and cheering)

I think, uh...

Somebody's tryingto steal your thunder, man.


Oh, please, Donald!

Please just give me something.

Just give me one thingthat kind of makes sense.

We havean incompetent administration.

And if I'm elected president,that will not change.

I will tell you

that will not changeover the next four years.

-Okay. Okay. That, uh...-(cheers and applause)

That kind of makes sense.

(laughing):Oh, my God.

But Trump blaming the president

for the attacksdidn't stop there.

WOMAN (reading):"Is president Obama going

"to finally mention the wordsradical Islamic terrorism?

If he doesn't, he shouldimmediately resign in disgrace!"

Wait. Hold on a second.He wants Obama to resign?

Okay, well, you know,

it just so happens that I havea direct line to the president.


-He's my... Well, you know...-(laughter, applause)

-(phone ringing through)-No, no, don't. Oh.

Uh, White House. This is Barack.

Hey, Barry.

What's up my, uh, president?

Uh, Larry,it's good to hear from you.

Hey, so, listen,

Donald Trump sent a tweetsaying you should resign.

What's your response?

Oh, Donald, go (bleep) yourself.

-Oh, okay.-(laughter)

Thank you, Mr. President.

(cheers and applause)

Pretty simple.

Pretty good.


Boy, that president uses saltylanguage when he's on the phone!


Now, it's not just Trump.

Criticism over Obama'sresistance

to use the phrase"radical Islamic terrorism"

has been a conservativetalking point for years.

President Obama goes on TV.

He will not say"radical Islamic terrorism."

The White House refusesto say "radical Islam."

This administration has refusedto call it what it is.

It's radical Islam.

I'm about to bang my headon this table!

Why can't they say it?

Yes. Please bang your headon that table! Please!

Please! Please!

Look, in all honesty,

they really want Obamato say these words

so Fox Newscan cut them together

in a clip where Obama says,"I am a member of

(robotically):radical Islamic terrorism."

-(laughter)-Right? That's what they...

Don't fall for it, Barry.It's a trap!

But I have to say, in the wakeof the Orlando tragedy,

some on the right havetheir own word they're avoiding.

Watch how hard Florida governorRick Scott works

to not use the word "gay."

Are you taking any specialprecautions in Florida,

which is knownas being hospitable

to the gayand lesbian community,

to make sure thatthat community is protected?

SCOTT: Well, Jake, we don't wantanybody in our state

to ever be, uh, targeted.

We don't want anybodyto be discriminated against.

Yeah, but we're not talkingabout anybody.

This isn'thashtag all lives matter.

We're talking about gay people,so just say that.

There may be a largeand thriving LGBT community

that might be very,very afraid this morning.

Are you taking precautions?

SCOTT:Absolutely. Um, I mean, our...

We have really goodlaw enforcement in our state,

and when somethinglike this happens,

one of the first things you do,

on top of just dealingwith the issue you have at hand,

is say, "Okay, so,who else could this impact?"

Who else?

Dude, just saying the worddoesn't make you gay.

-It's not Beetlejuice!-(laughter)

Just say it!


So people have no problemsaying "gay"

when they're againstgay marriage,

but they have to erase that partof their identity

when they wantto sympathize with them?

Sorry. No.

Politicians will tell you

this was an attackon American freedom,

but let's be very clear.

It was firstand foremost an attack

on an American minority group.

The deadliest mass shootingin American history...


The deadliest mass shootingin American history

specifically targeteda gay nightclub,

not only during pride month,

but on the eveof the gay Super Bowl.


Right? Am I right?

I didn't make that up.

In fact, the presidenttook a moment yesterday

to make this exact point.

The placewhere they were attacked

is more than a nightclub.

It is a place of solidarityand empowerment

where people have come togetherto raise awareness,

to speak their minds and toadvocate for their civil rights.

Yes, a gay bar has historicallybeen the only space

where members of the LGBTcommunity can be safe

and out about who they are,

without feeling hatedor feeling like a novelty.

Because unlike otherminority groups in America,

LGBT people aren't borninto a home or family

that sharestheir minority experience.

So when you think about it,

gay bars are reallylike black churches.


I mean, look, sure...

Look, go with me on this, guys.

-Go with me, all right?-(applause)

No, no, no.

Yes, gay clubs may have morestrobe lights

and sugar-free well drinks,I get it.


But they offerjust as much love,

just as much safety,

and just as much beltingby powerful black songstresses.



(cheers and applause)

So all I'm saying...all I'm saying is,

if a shooting inside ablack church forces politicians

to take down Confederate flags,

then a massacre insidea gay club should force them

-to wave rainbow flags.-MAN: Yeah!

(cheers and applause)

And the increased rightsthe gay community has won

in recent years has gonehand-in-hand

with a tremendous amountof hate.

Within the past five years,20% of hate crimes in the U.S.

have targetedsexual orientation,

and a study by the FBI findsthat LGBT people

are more than twice as likelyto be targets

of violent crimethan Jews or black people.

And that said, black Jewsstill remain twice as likely

to have an accidentalconcert dick slip.

(laughter, applause)

Truth. That's the Jew.

When you combine...

I'm just saying, when youcombine the Jew-black thing...


Lenny Kravitz dick slip 2015.Never forget, you guys.


Look, so whether or not

a jihadi extremist wasat the heart of this attack,

this was an attackon gay safe spaces.

But for those members of theLGBT community who feel scared,

don't stop singing,dancing or living.

We need to bringthe vibrant love and joy

of a gay clubinto the outside world,

not bring the outside world'sviolent hatred inside gay clubs.

We'll be right back.

(cheers and applause)