Austria Votes Against Nationalism

December 6, 2016 - John Legend 12/06/2016 Views: 27,607

Despite a global rise in populism, Austrian citizens reject far-right nationalist Norbert Hofer in the country's presidential election. (1:36)

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just in case youhaven't been paying attention

to Austria's election,I got some good news.

WOMAN: Austria will get a new left-leaning president

after rejecting a far-right candidate.

The far-right candidate,Norbert Hofer,

was trying to become president.

He would have been the firstfar-right head of state

in Europe since World War II.

This is a party found by,essentially former Nazis,

so it may have beenone step too far.

(with Austrian accent):Yes! One step too far.

-(laughter)-Thank you, Austria.

Thank you so much!

The voice of reasonin the world.

It feels like right-wingpopulism is sweeping the globe,

but Austrian voters were like,

(with Austrian accent):"Uh, right wing populism--

that's so 1930s, ja?"


But, uh,the Austrian politician who lost

wasn't just right wing.

He was the most badassright-winger ever.

WOMAN: Hofer walks with a cane,

the result of a serious hang-gliding accident.

And he carries a 9-millimeter Glock pistol

on the campaign trail.


And this guy's so crazy,he carries around that Glock

just in case he bumpsinto the hang-glider again.


(with Austrian accent): Thistime I'm ready for you, Glidey!


This dude sounds more likea Bond villain than a candidate.

Can you imaginea hang-gliding Nazi?

-(laughter)-No, the two don't mix.

Hang-gliders are super chill,Nazis-- not so much.

He's like...

(Austrian accent, shouting):This is peaceful, yeah!

I'm floating like a bat!

From up here, all the peoplelook like cockroaches to me!