Team Trump Lists "Underreported" Terror Attacks

February 7, 2017 - Marty Walsh 02/07/2017 Views: 132,506

The Trump administration releases a list of terrorist attacks they claim the media ignored, but incidents committed by white extremists were noticeably absent. (7:28)

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Uh, let's see how 45

is liking life on the inside.

REPORTER: President Trump is struggling to adjust

to White House life.

Anonymous sources claim the president spends more time

in a bathrobe watching TV or wandering the halls.

Oh, man, oh...oh, man, I'm sorry.

Oh, wandering the hallsin a bathrobe?

It sounds like he'shaunting his own White House.

Just, like,Trump walking around-- ooh!


Who can help me figure outwhat an executive order is?


But wow, guys.

Do you see what's happened?

Trump used to bethe carefree rich guy

and now he and Obamahave switched lives.

It's like-it's likethey got hit by lightning

while peeingin the same fountain. That's...

that... Or-or maybe,like, Trump made a wish

on a monkey's pawwhile he was being peed on.

All I knowis there was pee involved.

That's what I'm saying.

So, look, it's-it'sobvious that President Trump

is not having a good time.

In fact, he's spendingmost of his time complaining.

Uh, complaining mostly aboutpublic frenemy number one--

the media.

REPORTER: In his first speech to troops as commander in chief,

President Trump told soldiers at Fort MacDill

the media was ignoring the reality of terrorism.

It's gotten to a point whereit's not even being reported.

And, in many cases,the very, very dishonest press

doesn't want to report it.

REPORTER: The president offered no examples

to the bewildered soldiers.

Man, you've...

you've got to feel badfor the troops.

'Cause, I mean,they've seen a lot of (bleep),

but nothing in their trainingprepared them

for a Donald Trump speech.

Because what the hellis he saying--

the media doesn't report terrorism?

Really? That's what he's saying?

If anything, I think the media

reports about terrorismtoo much.

Think about it-- we know moreabout some dude in France

who was waving a knifethan we do about how Trump

is taking financial regulationback to before the crash.

Like, if mediacovered car crashes

the same waythey covered terrorism,

I'd never drive again.

It'd just be like, "Breakingnews! Terror on the highway!

Could you be next?"

And you'd be like,"I don't know! I don't know!"

They're always reporting on it.In fact,

Donald Trump should be thankingthe media,

because if they didn't freakpeople out

and hyper-reportabout terrorism,

there's a good chance he wouldstill be fake firing celebrities

on NBC.

Like, if-if Trump saysit happened,

what I've learned now is

then the White Househas to make it have happened.

So they released a listof all the terror attacks

that they saidthe media underreported,

and that is a story thatthe media definitely reported.

We covered the vast majorityof the list

that the White House provided.

Virtually all of whichwe covered.

REPORTER: All high profile cases covered

by just about every major news outlet.

REPORTER 2: NBC News covered about 75% of them.

57 attacks on that list.

CNN, many other news networksas well, were on the ground,

covering many of those attacks,

as you see right hereon your screen.

And that's exactlywhat Donald Trump wanted.

He wanted to get the mediawasting time

trying to prove somethingthat's not provable.

You can't prove if a terroristattack is underreported.

It's subjective.It's like if Trump asked you

to prove whothe hottest Jonas Brother is.

You can't.

Of course you can.It's you, Joe.

I just had to prove a point.

(laughter, applause)

Like, why is the media spendingso much time defending itself?

Because it's clear thatthe Trump administration spent

no time compiling this listof underreported attacks.

For instance, right, this isthe list that they sent out

of attacksthat nobody knew about

because they weren't reportedabout.

Did you guys knowabout the San Bernardino attack?

Yeah?You guys know about that one?

Oh, do-do you guys know about...

Oh, the-the Paris attack?

You guys heard of that?Yeah, what-what's the Paris?

Huh. You ever heard of the Pulsenightclub shooting in Orlando?

Oh, was that reported?Is Trump kidding?

This was underreported?

They were extensively covered!

Like, I know everythingabout the Orlando shooting

because of the reporting.

I knew about the guy'sGrindr profile!

I don't knowabout anybody's Grindr profile.

And I'm on Grindr!

-(cheering and applause)-What are you saying?

What are you saying?

This list of terror attackersis so bad

they even spelled "attacker"wrong 18 times!

How do you spell "attacker"wrong?!

That's (bleep) your phone doesfor free!

But, fine,if Trump wants to talk

about ignoring terror attacks,

let's start withthe terror attacks he's ignored.

Because what stands outabout this list

is that, likean Ashy Knees Anonymous Meeting,

there were no white peoplein it.

There's no Dylann Roof,

no Planned Parenthood shooter,

no Pennsylvania Police barrackattacker.

And it's-it's not like the Trumppeople didn't see these attacks.

They just don't like to talkabout them.

And the proofis in how they handled

last week'sQuebec terror attack,

when they initially thought

there wasa Moroccan Muslim shooter.

It's a terrible reminderof why we must remain vigilant

and why the presidentis taking steps to be proactive

rather than reactivewhen it comes

to our nation's safetyand security.

In other words, "this is whywe're banning Muslims."

So now let's seewhat Sean Spicer said

after it became clear

that the shooter wasactually white and not Muslim.

I don't think the president ownsa bathrobe.

Definitely doesn't wear one.

Oh, yeah.

That's right. Of course.

Spicer never brought upthe Quebec shooting again.

Yeah. Although he did find timeto delve into Robe-ghazi.

I'm glad he did that.I'm gl... So glad.

So here we are, people,once again learning

that when a Muslim personcommits terror

it's partof a deadly conspiracy.

But when white extremistscommit acts of terror

over and over again,well, that's merely

a continuing seriesof isolated events.

Yeah. It's like saying,"I'm not addicted to bath salts.

"That happened one time.

"On 100 consecutive days!

"That's all it is!I'm not addicted, baby!

I'm cool!"

(cheering and applause)

Here's the thing,

Trump ignoring white terroristsis no coincidence.

It's becoming government policy.

The Trump administration isrevamping a government program

designedto counter violent extremism.

Instead of going afterall violent extremism,

the program would focus solelyon Islamic extremism.

..excluding American terrorism,

white nationalist groups,et cetera,

from their designationof terrorism.

That is the most disgusting partof all of this.

During the campaign,Trump promised America first.

Now he's the one ignoring

all the hard-workingwhite American terrorists?


I guess the forgotten manhas been forgotten after all.

(imitating Trump):Sad-tire.