Tomi Lahren's Anger Lights Facebook on Fire

September 22, 2016 - Lisa Ling 09/22/2016 Views: 811,304

Trevor is awed by the raw fury of TheBlaze commentator Tomi Lahren, whose right-wing rants have made her an internet sensation. (6:46)

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Now, before the break, wewere talking about how Facebook

is both dominatingthe news industry

and maybe destroying it.

And we saw one of the mostpopular voices at the forefront,

Tomi Lahren.She's a conservative host

with her own showon TheBlaze network.

But what peoplereally know her for

are the short, punchy,daily attacks

that she posts to Facebook, uh,that are called Final Thoughts.

These videos routinely getmillions of views, all right?

Tomi's videos get shared

more than the Kardashians sharethe Game.

And, and here'sthe really interesting part,

despite her numbers, a lotof viewers, like you at home,

might never have even seen her,

because Facebook doesn't think you want to see her,

because you probably listedyour favorite things

as fair trade coffeeor Missy Elliott

and the birdfrom Bernie Sanders' podium,

uh, who, by the way,is now also with Hillary.


So, anyway, Tomi is basicallylike a super famous actor

in a foreign country, except theforeign country is your country.

And if you haven't watched oneof Tomi's videos yet,

you are missing out.

Do you guys... do you guysremember the-the speech

Jesse Williams gaveat the BET Awards, yeah?

You saw. It was all big.All... Yeah. All online, right?

He spoke out on policebrutality, racial inequality,

the co-opting of black culture,and a lot of people loved it.

But Tomi, ooh,Tomi had a different take.

I'm sorry, Jesse, but I won't beapologizing for my whiteness,

just as you don't needto apologize for your blackness.

It's not white people workingto divide America.

It's you! You and Beyoncé

and Jada Pinkett Smithand Al Sharpton.

Do you see yourself as a victim?

If so, I feel sorry for you.

For someone who wantsequal rights,

it sure sounds like you preferspecial treatment.

It sure soundslike you'd like a gold star

at the end of the dayjust for being born.

Get over yourself.


So much passion and energy!

I'm black,and I've never been that excited

about the BET Awards.

She was at homeand she was like, "Oh, hell no!

"Hell no!This speech is bull(bleep)!

"And 2 Chainz lost?!

Oh, hell no!"

Now, now,we could go into the fact

that Jesse Williams' speech

wasn't actually anti-whitepeople-- it was anti-oppression.

But that's notwhat this is about.

This is about a crazy, talentedperson named Tomi Lahren

and her amazing abilityto take almost any topic

and turn it into fire.

Make America Great Againmeans being able to say

"God bless America"loudly and proudly.

Call me old-fashioned,but I still believe

the thing in your pantsreally isn't up for negotiation.

You can't say "tranny,""transvestite,"

"illegal alien,""Indian," "redskin..."

We get it, you're gay.

Please tell me in what wayblack Americans are not equal.

I'm waiting.

I know the feministsare gonna go crazy over this.

Guess what, Beyoncé, whitepeople like your music, too.

He's also marriedto the biggest sack of lies

to ever squeezeinto a rectangular pantsuit.

Radical Islamic terroris the culprit.

All-out pansy fest.

God bless from Dallas.Good night and take care.


That is the least woke, mostawake person I have ever seen.

(cheering and applause)

And now, and nowI'm gonna blow your mind.

She's only 24 years old. Yeah.

And she's already angrierthan 50 Clint Eastwoods.

Tomi has this presencewith an unnerving intensity.

She may be young,but she'll surprise you.

She's like a,like a child soldier, you know?

I didn't even know you guyshad them in this country.

Because that BET video,that was good,

but-but she was just warming up,

because her video aboutColin Kaepernick's not standing

for the national anthem, that,my friends, is her smash hit.

Colin Kaepernick, I've got somefinal thoughts for you, bud.

So let me go ahead andeviscerate this mouth diarrhea

for you sentence by sentence.

Here we go. Colin,I support the First Amendment.

I support your right to freedomof speech and expression.

Go for it, bud.It's this country,

the country that you haveso much disdain for,

that allows you the rightto speak your mind.

It protects your rightto be a whiny, indulgent,

attention-seeking crybaby.

It also protects my rightto shred you for it.

And, Colin, if this countrydisgusts you so much, leave.

Wow, Tomi, that is...

that statement is so ignorant.

Kaepernick can't leave.

America's the only placethat plays football.

But, but I must say,I do love this logic.

"Shut up and be happy thatno one forces you to shut up,

"because that's what makesthis country great,

is that you can complain,so stop complaining."

Now, you might be wondering,"Trevor, hey, why do you care

what some random personon Facebook says?"

Because that's just it.She's not random.

You know how many viewsher Kaepernick video got?

-65 million. Yeah.-(audience gasps and groans)

Do you realizehow much that is?

That's way morethan all of cable news combined.

plus network news, plusthe country's top newspapers.

People,her video was more popular

than that video of the turtlehaving sex with a shoe.

-(laughter)-Way more popular than that.

-Look at that! Look at that!-(laughter)

Look at that!

Look at him go!Look at him go!

And again,the turtle finishes first. Uh...

(laughter, applause)

And-and I knowhow popular Tomi's videos are.

I know how popular all of it isbecause the truth is,

-I'm... I'm one of her fans.-(laughter)

Yeah, I know, look,I know I shouldn't be.

I know I shouldn't bebecause I don't agree

with so many of the thingsshe says,

but still,she's so good at what she does!

You know, sometimes...sometimes I wish

I could be a guest on her show.

I wish we could be theretogether, and...

I wonderwhat that would look like?

Maybe you shouldalso decline the paycheck

from the white ownerof your team,

or the white fansthat buy your merchandise

and fill the standsto watch you play.

There's a statement I don't seeyou making anytime soon.

And Colin, who's getting awaywith murderer?

I'd like to see some evidenceto back that up,

becausethat's a pretty strong claim.

And what about the oppressionof black people?

Yeah. You askfor that evidence, Tomi,

because, I mean,there really is a lot of it.

You know, like the copwho got put on desk duty

after killing Eric Garner,

and actually makes more moneynow than he did before.

Actually, you know what?Just turn on the news.

You'll probably seesome evidence.

Sorry. Sorry. I don't even...I got carried away.

It's your show.Get 'em, Tomi.

(harp playing)



-I'm sorry, Tomi.-(laughter)

We're from two different worlds.

It just wouldn't work.

I'm from Africa,you're from heaven.


But, hey,we'll always have Facebook,

as soon as you respondto my friend request.

I'm sure you just missed it.