Donald Trump's Shady Supporters

May 2, 2016 - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 05/02/2016 Views: 9,594

Donald Trump faces intense criticism about the people he chooses to surround himself with, including Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight and Carl Paladino. (8:10)

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Let's get to the big news.

Right now,it looks more certain than ever

that Donald Trump is goingto be the Republican nominee,

and that scares a lot of people.

Well, sane people,because crazy people love Trump.

Let's be honest.

And it's not justthe average Joes, you know.

Trump has also been gettingsupport

from prominent citizens.

People like North Koreandiplomat Dennis Rodman.

-(laughter) -Uh, douche bagambassador Kid Rock.

Uh, hard liquor namesakeTila Tequila.

And, uh... and this very nicestrongman named Mike Tyson.

-Hi, Mike. I love your punching.-(laughter)

Uh, now Tyson's endorsementis hardly surprising

because he and Trump have beengood friends for decades now.

A friendship that even survivedTyson's rape conviction.

MAN: One of the leaders of the effort

to keep Tyson out of prison is Donald Trump,

the casino owner who could lose millions if Tyson is unable

to fight at his resorts.

I heard about a girl that,late in the evening,

knocked on his door,was taken in,

was raped, perhaps,perhaps not.

Number two-- she's dancingin a beauty contest

at 8:00 in the morning,and I saw the tapes.

And I see the big smileon her face,

and she's dancing happilyat 8:00 in the morning.

-Well...-(audience members groaning)

It looks like Encyclopedia TrumpRape Detective

-has cracked another case.-(laughter)

She was dancing at 8:00 a.m.

so it's conclusive proofthat nothing happened.

He solved another one, boys.

This guy's disgusting.Are you serious?

So Trump, basically,defended Mike Tyson,

even aftera jury convicted him of rape.

Now, any worthwhile opponentwould exploit that.

And also,Ted Cruz would exploit that.

You want a contrastof this entire race,

it is Donald and Mike Tyson,a convicted rapist.

versus me standing withCarly Fiorina and Mike Pence.

(audience murmuring, groaning)


What an insane time to be alive.


When Ted Cruz is saying

the choice is either himand Carly Fiorina

or Trump and a convicted rapist.


And still you're like, "Hmm.


-(applause and cheering)-"Uh..."

But Trump's not sweatingthe Tyson thing

because tomorrow isIndiana's primary,

and he has a hugeIndiana endorsement.

Look, I have Bobby Knight'sendorsement.

MAN: An endorsement from Indiana University

basketball legend Bobby Knight,

known for his hot-tempered courtside antics.

MAN:Looky here! Looky here!

-He chucked a chair?-(laughter)

That's how angryRepublicans are in 2016.

Just four years ago,a Republican and a chair

could have hada civilized conversation.

-(laughter)-And now that's all changed.

And that endorsementmakes perfect sense to me

because Bobby Knightis just like Donald Trump.

He's also obsessed with winning,

and he also spendsmost of his time

-screaming at young minorities.-(audience groaning)

But at least...

at least Bobby Knight doesn'thave a history with rape.

Well, except for the time

he said the stress of his jobwas like rape.

I think that, uh, uh...

if rape is inevitable,relax and enjoy it.

I mean, that's just an old termthat you're gonna use.

I'm not talkingabout the act of rape.

Don't...don't misinterpret me there.


Look at her face.


Hashtag that look you give

when he says"Just enjoy the rape."

-(laughter)-Like, just look at her.

Look at Connie Chung's face.

You managedto gross out Connie Chung,

a womanwho married Maury Povich.

-(laughter)-That is what you did.

But looks, folks.

It's not fair to attack Trump

based on the peoplewho endorse him, you know.

You wouldn't attacka foot-long sub

just because Jared endorsed it.

And so, you can't judge Trump

solely by the peoplewho choose him.

It's more important to judge himby the people he chooses.

And as we all know,he has very high standards.

I would get the best people.

I have the smartest peoplein this country lined up.

Yeah. Lined up at immigration,

hoping to get passportsto other countries.

-(laughter) -That's wherethe smart people are lined up.

"Which country?""Any country!

That one. That one."

Now all of this usedto seem like a joke, but now,

now Trump is only 241 delegatesaway from the nomination.

And it is time for us

to meet the smartest peoplein the country

in tonight's segment "Profilesin Smart Winning Greatness,

America's Best People 2016."

So let's startwith Carl Paladino,

Trump's New Yorkcampaign co-chair.

Now this is the manwho helped lead Trump

to a crushing victoryin New York.

A victory that cementedhis status as the frontrunner,

and the worst thing to come outof New York since puke rats,

which are basically ratsthat feed on puke.

Now Paladino himself ranfor New York governor in 2010,

and because of that,we know a lot about him.

He acknowledged sending a slewof inappropriate e-mails

in the pastafter they were published

on a local Web sitehere in new York.

Many of them considered racistand sexist.

I sent itto a select group of friends.

Those friends, okay,treated them...

treated them privatelyexcept for, obviously, one.

Yeah, obviously one,who had no morals.

Who was he?

How could an e-mail bethat offensive?

Look at that.

Like, what is the pointof even showing that to us?

What-what is that?Why don't you just show us

a picture of the night and belike, "Yeah, it's redacted."

What, like, what is that?Like, even in Africa,

they'd be like,"That's a lot of black, eh?

-What's going on there?"-(laughter)

That is insane.

What are the words?It's just racism and sexism.

So yes, Trump's man Paladinomay be a bigot,

but he's onlyon the New York team.

For a real reflectionof Donald's A team,

you have to go national, people,like his campaign manager,

Corey Lewandowski,

a guy whose haircutmakes him look like

a somehow less smartForrest Gump.


so the big question is:what attracted Trump to him?

NEWSMAN: Lewandowski has been around politics

controversy and even arrests his entire political life.

Trump aide Corey Lewandowskicharged in Florida

with a misdemeanor chargeof battery

against former Breitbart Newsreporter Michelle Fields.

NEWSMAN: Fields later tweeted this photo

of bruises she attributed to Lewandowski's action.

In any other campaign,a misdemeanor assault charge

might be seen as a negative.

But in a Trump campaign,that's a qualification.


Look, uh, anyonewho's ever run a campaign

knows you need more thanjust bigots and petty thugs

to win the nomination.

That's why Trumphas brought in the big guns.

NEWSMAN: Paul Manafort is a guy that's been brought on

by Donald Trump's campaign.

NEWSMAN: Paul Manafortis convention manager

for Donald Trump.

The quintessentialWashington insider, lobbyist,

has represented dictatorsall over the world...

NEWSMAN: ...Filipino dictator Marcos,

Angolan guerilla leader Jonas Savimbi,

ousted Ukrainian president and Putin ally,

Viktor Yanukovych...

NEWMAN: ...a roster of controversial

international clients that has been described as

"the torturers' lobby."



and lobbying.

That combines twoof the world's most evil things.

Like, Manafortmight as well have founded

racist sidewalk dog (bleep).

It's just, like, how extremeand evil can one person be?

So basically,do you understand what this is?

Donald Trump's campaignis currently being run

by the same guywho represented dictators

and genocidal maniacs

when they were trying to appearmore presidential.

And basically,his job was to take

these nontraditional politicians

and make them more palatableto Americans.

You know, he'd arrangefriendly introductions,

news coverage,tens of millions in foreign aid,

and, uh, generally,keeping them in power.

Including... includingthe madmen who ruled

and terrorized Nigeria, Zaire,

Angola, Kenya and Somalia.

So when Donald Trump needed helpremaking his image,

the decision was easy for him--he basically just said, uh,

"Let's hire the guywho does African dictators.

He gets me. Yeah."

I'm telling you, people,this (bleep) is real.