How Donald Trump Tapped Into Middle America

November 10, 2016 - Deborah Lee James & Eric Fanning 11/10/2016 Views: 46,867

Trevor looks back at how Donald Trump was able to win over disenfranchised Americans in the 2016 election, and Ronny Chieng gets creative with new polling techniques. (6:13)

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We are still talking aboutthe election of Donald Trump,

because it stillreally happened.

Uh, I'm sorry thatI have to keep saying that.

But even if you'd like to forget

that Donald Trumpis president-elect,

we shouldn't forget the peoplewho voted for him.

Because feeling forgottenis what drew some of them

to Trump in the first place.

I'm representingmillions of people

that have... really feelangry and disenfranchised.

...people all across this nation

-MAN: Yeah!-that have been ignored,

neglected and abandoned.

I have visitedthe laid-off factory workers

and the communities crushedby our horrible

and unfair trade deals!

The forgotten men and womenof our country

will be forgotten no longer.


The forgotten men and womenwill be forgotten no longer.

So now you know why Scott Baioendorsed Trump.

-But that's not who...-(laughter)

Trump was talking about on thepath to his stunning election.

Donald Trumpwas swept into office

by peoplein the heartland of America

who have seen the industrializedbase of their towns gutted.

And yes, there were plenty ofracists and bigots among them.

But far from all of them.

Because the final results of theelection also showed that a lot

of Trump voters had previouslyvoted for President Obama.

Which doesn't seemlike something

a racist person would do.

Unless they're racist and cross-eyed.

You know? Go get 'em, Romney!


Remember, 40 years ago,the American heartland

was filledwith manufacturing jobs.

Every town or city hadtheir own industry.

Like Detroit made cars,Pittsburgh made steel,

and a lot of peopledon't know this,

but Cleveland madethe best dildos.

Back then, "Made in Ohio" wassynonymous with a quality dong.

But in the last few decades,much of that has changed.

NEWSWOMAN: When the steel mills closed in the 1970s,

Youngstown lost 40,000 good-paying jobs.

Today, almost 40% of residents

live below the federal poverty line.

NEWSMAN: As America ushered in a new gilded age,

in Milwaukee, working people found themselves left behind.

NEWSWOMAN: Kodak film was one of the nation's leading companies,

with 145,000 employees worldwide.

Today, Kodak is a much smaller company.

That's the thing.

Many people in Americalost their jobs

not just to foreign countries,but also to new technologies.

Whether you like it or not,there are many jobs

that Donald Trumpcan't bring back.

And I don't think someof these people understand that.

You know?Unless his plan to help Kodak

is to force Appleto put film cameras

on the back of their phones,you can't bring those jobs back.

Yeah, Kim will not be happyabout it.

And-and the problemsdidn't end there.

Along with the jobs leaving,Middle America now suffers

from suicide, crime,drug addiction

and zero art house theaters,you know?

They're never goingto be able to see

Klaus and His Unicycle.

The point is, when you lookat the election results,

the color red doesn'tnecessarily mean white power.

It can also mean there arepeople who wanted the world

to pay attention to them,the unseen.

Which is not easyto make happen,

when you live in a rural area.

Because what do you do?How do you get seen?

How do you riot effectively in aplace where almost no one lives?

What do you do?Do you tip over a bale of hay?

Do you plow the wrong field?


How do you create a protestwhere nobody lives?

No one even notices you.

"Jesse's in the street again,Sheriff!"


So, so I get, I get thatfor some of you,

Trump supporters seem crudeand disturbing,

and it's hard to accept thatthis is now their country, too.

But you've also gotto understand

that if this is Game of Thrones,

Donald Trumpis basically Jon Snow.

He realized that the Wildlingsare registered voters, too,

and now their support hasbrought him to power.

Donald Trump shouldn't bethe only person

listening to these people.

We all need to listento each other.

It's hard sometimesbut we should be.

And one of the reasons Trump'swin was such a surprise

was because some of the polls

weren't listeningto these people, either.

Luckily, here at The Daily Show,

we-we learnfrom other people's mistakes.

So we sent Ronny Chieng into thestreets to listen to the people

whether they like it or not.

The polls in this past election let us down.

And some people are saying the discrepancy stems

from the unpoll-ables, people who refuse to answer polls.

But what's the big deal?

All I got to do is find people who don't want to be polled

and poll them on it.

Do you mind if wetake a quick poll?

I-I just... I'm just trying togather some data to make...

No, that's perfect.

Do you approve or disapprove

of President-elect Trump'sperformance so far?

Where the (bleep)are they going?

Sir, if you keep walking...

I'll take that as approve.

One down, ten million to go.

Turns out, it wasn't as easy as it looked.

Mind taking a poll?We need everyone to get...

This is how we end upwith bad data.

Okay, maybe this will work:

Free Hamilton tickets,free Hamilton tickets.


Yes, what?

No, no. I'm lookingfor free Hamilton tickets.

-You...-Yeah, but wait, you mind

taking a-a quick 20 minute poll?

-No way, no.-No, it will be quick.

-No.-It will be real quick.

Excuse me, sir, so you mindtaking a quick poll?

-Do you mind taking a quickpoll? -(car horn honks)

Sir, sir, sir,just a quick poll.

Wait, what would Buddha do?

He'd take the poll.

How do you run so fast in robes?

Hello, you want to go onthe bus tour?

No, but do you wantto take a poll?

No, no. I just want to show youhow the bus works.

-How long does the bus tourtake? -Just two hours.

My poll will only take20 minutes.

-Yeah... no.-We'll do mine first,

-and then we'll go onthe bus tour. -No, no, no.

Let me finish mine,then I'll do yours.

Take my poll,I'll go on your bus tour.

No. Let me finish mine,then I'll do yours.

Fine, I'll take the bus.

But while I'm here...

Do you approve or disapprove

of President-elect Trump'sperformance so far?

Approve, approve, disapprove?

Do you mind takinga quick poll?

First name's Mario,what's the last name?


Hey, do you mind taking a quickpoll real quick?

-I just need to ask yousome questions. -No.

-No, no. It's-it says...-We're not interested.

I just, I'm just gatheringsome data.

-Thank you, thank you.-No, please.

I need some date.

Do you want to take a poll?

-Please.-I told you.

No. Sometimes in Americano means yes.

Excuse me, do you mindtaking a poll?

Hi. Excuse me, Miss,do you approve or disapprove

of President Trump electsperformance so far?

Sir, one second;I'm trying to gather data.

Hello, hello?

She hung up.

Also, there was likea baby crying.

You might want tocall them back.

It might be a situation.