Donald Trump Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

October 13, 2016 - Ana Navarro & Jidenna 10/13/2016 Views: 188,183

As multiple women come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, the presidential hopeful's campaign surrogates struggle to defend him. (5:43)

But let's turn nowto breaking news.

Some brand-new policy proposals

have just come outfrom Donald Trump,

where he spoke--I'm just kidding.

-(laughter) -It's,'s some more sex stuff.

NEWSMAN: Breaking news-- explosive new allegations

against Donald Trump...

NEWSWOMAN: ...overnight a flood of new allegations,

multiple women who say Donald Trump touched

or kissed them inappropriately.

NEWSWOMAN:The Palm Beach Post reports

a woman who lives there, Mindy McGillivray,

claims she was groped by Trump 13 years ago.

NEWSWOMAN: Rachel Crooks tells the Times

in 2005 she introduced herself to the businessman

at Trump Tower.

Instead of a handshake, he kissed her.

Yet another accuser is a formerMiss USA pageant contestant

who representedthe state of Utah in 1997.

NEWSWOMAN: And a People magazine writer

says Trump attacked her while she was on assignment

at Trump's estate in South Florida.

NEWSMAN: Jessica Leeds told The New York Times

Trump assaulted her on a plane after she was upgraded

to first class on a business trip.



If ever there wasa day of highs and lows.

Upgraded to first class!

Degraded by Donald Trump.

These are not the hot nutsI wanted!


Yes, people,in the last 24 hours,

six women have come forwardwith their personal stories

about allegedly being assaultedby Donald Trump.

And who would have thought...

the guy who sayshe forces himself on women

actually forces himselfon women?

I guess he really doestell it like it is.

So I guess that's it.

Guy confesses the assault.Victims confirm the assault.

Case opened and closed, right?

Yes? No? No? Maybe? Huh?

Unless your only jobis to say otherwise.

Well, look, this is a lotof "he said, she said."

Let me say one thing-- this is,uh, "he said, she said."

It's his wordagainst her word...

You got "he said, he said,he shed... she said" here.


Uh, let me help you: She sellsseashells by the seashore,

while Trump grabs her pussy.

-(laughter, gasping) -That'swhat you were trying to say.

You know, uh,I've got to admit, though,

I've got to admit, though, theseguys are not totally wrong.

I mean, this is a versionof "he said, she said,"

only in this case,it's "he said, she said,

"then she said, then she said,

"oh, and most importantly,

he said he did itin the first place!"

He said of he said!You can't say it's a new thing.

He said it himself!And although there's no video

of any of these incidents,it can be helpful to hear

some of the details.For example,

the Trump accuser who toldthe story about the airplane--

you know, rememberwhen she got upgraded

to "all up in your businessclass," remember that? Yes?

Well, well, she remembereda particular detail

about how Trump even liftedthe armrest to grope her.

And that was allTrump's spokesperson,

Katrina Pierson, neededfor the most ridiculous excuse

you will ever hear.

Do you believeJessica Leeds' account

that this happened 30 years agoon an airplane?

We're talking aboutthe early 1980s, Don. Seriously?

Back then you had planes,what, a DC-9, a DC-10,

an MD-80, 707,and maybe an L-1011?

But she said specificallythis was to New York.

And this is what's important--so we can X out

the L-1011 and the DC-10.

Guess what? First-class seatshave fixed armrests.

Ladies and gentlemen,you'll find bull (bleep) here

-and here...-(laughter)

right over here,right over here...

-(applause)-right over here.

You know how you knowyour argument is ridiculous?

When every single person

on the panel is trying notto laugh at what you're saying.

Including you!

Look at her-- she's like...(high-pitched giggling)

So Trump surrogatesare basically saying

we shouldn't believe this woman,

because they claim old-schoolarmrests don't flip up.

That's what they're saying,yeah.

Johnnie Cochranwould be so proud.

If the armrest don't flip,you must acquit!


But Trump isn't even counting onpeople believing

that he didn't grope women,

because his strategyin this campaign

is not to prove that he's nota bad person,

but rather to showthat he's in good company.

Bill Clinton wasthe worst abuser of women

ever to sit in the Oval Office.

And the Trump campaign saysit will reportedly go nuclear

on Bill Clinton in response to these allegations,

including trying to turn Bill Clinton into Bill Cosby.

Whoa. Turn Bill Clintoninto Bill Cosby?

What kind of sick person thinkswe need two Bill Cosbys?


And by the way, can we justpause for a second

and acknowledge

that with just 26 days leftuntil the election,

instead of talkingabout the issues,

we're going to spendmost of our time

focusing on who's the worstsexual predator.

Yeah. That's allwe're gonna be doing.

Who is the worstsexual predator?

Which, by the way, is also thename of my failed TBS game show.


I can't believe we madefour seasons of that.

Four seasons, yeah.Went really well.

And I'm-I'm disgusted

by what Trump allegedly didto these women,

but in a way,I'm even more disgusted

by the peopletrying to protect him.

Because, think about it,

Trump says he does the thing.

Women say, yeah,he did the thing.

And then all of a sudden,people are like,

"No, no, it's not real,it's not real, it's not real."

Yeah, and people want-- you wantto talk about Bill Cosby?

Think about it, with Cosby,it took 20 women

before people started believingand going,

"Oh, yeah, I guess it's real."

But the difference was,it was Bill Cosby.

Yeah, because before his victimscame forward,

Cosby hadn't spenthis entire career

bragging about what he had done.

Cosby wasn't running aroundin all the streets

and all these shows going,"And dude would take the lady,

"put the thing on the drink,

"and do and then the ladybring the... ah.

Take the thing,smack the lady..."

He wasn't doing that!

Trump was!