Neal Brennan - Bringing a Trio of Identities to "3 Mics"

March 1, 2016 - Neal Brennan 03/01/2016 Views: 4,562

Neal Brennan discusses presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and explains the different kinds of storytelling he presents in his live one-man show "3 Mics." (5:27)

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My guest tonight is a comedianwhose comedy show

at the Lynn Redgrave Theaterhere in New York

is called Neal Brennan: 3 Mics.

Please welcome Neal Brennan!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

(speaking indistinctly)

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

-Welcome to the show. Welcome.-Thank you for having me.

I feel bad, 'cause I-I feellike everyone should always say,

"Chappelle's Show co-creator Neal Brennan."

(cheering and applause)

Yeah, because you are...

You realizethat is comedy royalty.

-The Chappelle's Show is...-I'm never gonna beat it.

-Never gonna beat it.-You-you think so?

Uh, I might, but I doubt it.

Um... No, but it's ni...

Y-You could've said it.

Well, I mean, I-I sort of saidit now. I mean...

Oh, yeah. That's true.

-You just made it awkward.-I did.

Thank you for being here, buddy.

Your show is on, but what'smore important for us today

-is it's Super Tuesday.-I was gonna say, yeah.

Super Tuesday.So, uh... you're a Trump man?

-The fact that...-What are you, a Trump man?

It's like whena 16-year-old girl

is dating a 25-year-old,

and her family's going like,"He's not a good guy,"

and she's like, "Youdon't understand my Donnie!


"He's a good man.

He's gonna build us a wall."


(applause, whooping)

I love the idea...

I know it's an analogy,but I love the idea

that in that story Donnie'sbuilding a wall for this girl.

-Yeah. -(laughter)-Where is the wall?

-Yeah.-This is just a fun... (laughs)

Ah. Uh, Bernie, uh, Hillary...

Yeah, the Bernie, Hillary thing.

That-that wasn't... You knowwhat was insane about that is,

a lot of people were shocked

by how well Hillary didwith black voters.

'Cause everyone was saying,

"Oh, Hillary might not doas well because of her record

and things she said and...and her husband's past."

-But she crushed it.-People are surprised that

black people like Hillary.The way Hillary stood by Bill

during the Lewinsky scandal,

she is in the Ride or DieChick Hall of Fame.

(laughter, whooping, applause)


-So that's why black people...-Yeah.

That's...that's one of the reasons.

The main reasonblack people like Hillary

is because she dresseslike Steve Harvey.

And I brought a picture.

(applause, whooping)

I am so sorry.I am so sorry.

-Yeah.-(laughs) Ah, man,

let's talk about your showfor a little bit. 3 Mics.

A lot of the time comediansdon't really talk about, uh,

-I guess the dark sideof comedy, right? -Mm-hmm.

And, uh, in your show,what really connects with me

is you talk a lotabout depression.

-Yeah. -Like, you havethree mics for that reason.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it''s, like, stand-up,

one is one-liners,and one is for, like...

emotional monologues.

And the thingthat I didn't know,

-like, when I sent you the show,-Yeah.

you were like, "Oh, I didn'tknow you have depression, too."

And I was like,"You have depression?

But what about the dimples,Trevor?" Um...


Yeah, but people...

-(cheering, applause)-You know... You know what's...

You know what's know what's funny about it

is people go, "If you'redepressed, you can't smile.

If you're depressed,you can't tell jokes, if you..."

-Yeah. -But as comedians--that's, like, the one thing

most comedians share is this...just, like, that...

that monkey on the backof depression.

Where you just... You know?

-Yeah. -You have, like...Like, I always said to you,

the thing that was weird is I'man optimistic depressed person.

-(scattered laughing) -Mm-hmm.-No, this is true, this is true.

So, like, if I everthink of suicide,

or if I've ever thought ofsuicide, I go, "Yeah, suicide."

But then I go, uh...

"I could gostay on an island, though."

Well that...You say that's optimistic,

I say you're a richdepressed person.

-(cheering, applause)-But it's like a...

You don't know what islandI was talking about, though.

I was just like... We've justgot islands where I'm from.

We've just... Yeah, but it-butit's a.. How do you...

how do you talk aboutdepression in a comedy show

without making peopleget depressed in your show?

Um... I just...I'm honest about it.

I'm honest abouthow long I've had it,

which is forever. I've doneso many different treatments.

I've done ketamine,

I've done, probably fivedifferent, uh, medications.

I tried something called TMSthat worked great.

It's transcranialmagnetic stimulation.

People are now Googling that.

-What is that?-Uh, they shoot...

they put a wand up to your head

and then shoot magnetic beamsinto your head.

Like, it... And by the way--covered by insurance.

I'm not kidding.Um... yeah. Uh...

That sounded like Scientology.I'm not lying.

-You said theyshoot the things... -Yeah.

And... Is this, like, a real...this is a real thing

-That you do?-Yes. And I've done it...

I did it and it actually helped.Did more for my depression

-than anything I've ever done.-And then you come out

and you're happy or you're just,like, scared?

I swear to God-- people go,"Well, what did you do

while you, uh,did the treatment?"

They hooked the thing up andI sat there for a half an hour.

-Yeah.-You know what I did?

I watched The Daily Show.

-Aw.-(cheering, applause)

-Aw.-I swear to God I did.

-Really? Aw.-Yeah, I swear to God. Yeah.

-Neal Brennan.-'Cause it was the rerun.

-You're too kind.-Yeah.

-Thank youvery much, man. -Yeah.

-Thank you ver...-I would get... It would

kind of work against it--it was very depressing,

The Daily Show, but whatever.

Neal Brennan. 3 Mics will be playing

at the Lynn Redgrave Theaterhere in New York City

through April 9.Neal Brennan, everybody.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)