Nikki Attends a Trump Rally

Make America Horny Again Season 1, Ep 14 06/28/2016 Views: 6,111

Nikki interviews Donald Trump supporters to find out how far they'd go to get him elected and if they think Hillary Clinton is attractive. (3:01)

- You look like me if Iwas a Trump supporter.

Do you love America?

- Sure, look at my hat.

- I don't know what I was thinking.

(military marching music)

Who are you voting for?

- T-R-U-M-P, Trump.

- Great, thank you for spelling it.

- Go Trump.

His name's not Hillary.

- Neither is Bernie's.

- Yeah but he's a socialist.

- Okay, what does that mean?


- He's just not good.

Like, I don't like him at all.

- Okay.


- So we're talking about the role of sex in politics

and I wanna know,

do you think Trump is attractive?

- Yes.

- Good looking guy,

cleans up well.

- Do you think thatmatters in a candidate?

- No.

- Do you think Hillary is attractive?

- No.

- Do you think it matters for her?

- Maybe.

- You don't want a female president

unless she's kinda bangable, right?

What about Hillary?

- If she were a man,

perhaps a five.


We'll give her a three.

- If she was a man,

she'd be hotter?

Do you think Trump is an attractive man?

- You know what?

I have never even thought about it.

- Well, do you think Hillary is an attractive woman?

- I do not.

- You have considered that.

- I have considered that.

- What kind of sex do you think Trump has?

- Can you imagine somebody come and ask you

what kind of sex you like?

- I like--

- No, don't answer me!

- Anal, doggy.

- Don't answer me.

Don't answer me.

- Do you think he has sex or makes love?

- Probably number two.

- He probably does number two.

- Probably number two.

- He's doing number two all over Melania.

- She's so beautiful,

it could be number one as well.

- Okay, yeah you're right, you're right.

- Who will you bevoting for in November?

- Donald Trump.

I've already endorsed him.

- What are you?

- I'm running for the United States Senate, California.

- Would you perform a sex act on Trump?

If it meant he would for sure win?

- I wouldn't.

I wouldn't even answerthe question, I mean...

- Would you just kiss it?

- No, I don't think this is appropriate.

- Right, right.

- Would you kiss DonaldTrump on the penis

if it mean Isis would disappear?

- Easily, yeah.

- Oh, to get rid of Isis?

Of course.

- Would you go down on Hillary?

- Oh no.

- Oh God, no.

- I am not a Hillary supporter, so.

- Okay.

He's had four wives.

Three wives?

Four wives, I can't...

Four bankruptcies, threewives, sorry, okay.

But you're still into him

even though he's gonna build that wall

and he thinks Mexicans are rapists.

- He might change his mind.

- He does that a lot.

That's true.

- What do you think his dick is like?

- White.

- That's all that matters.

- That's all thatmatters, right, exactly.

- And what ethnicity are you?

- I am Mexican.


- But being white is most important.

- Exactly, yes.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

- So, do you want to make America horny again?

- Why not?

- Are you ready to makeAmerica horny again?

- I'm always horny.

- Make America horny again.

- Make America horny again.

- Make America horny again.

- Who wants to make America horny again?

(crowd cheers)


Make America horny again!

Trump would hate you.