Mike Yard's The Y Files - "Pokemon Go" Conspiracy

July 20, 2016 - DeRay Mckesson 07/20/2016 Views: 1,538

Conspiracy expert Mike Yard claims that "Pokemon Go" is a government trap rigged to ensnare African Americans and discredit the Black Lives Matter movement. (4:15)

Welcome back.

Thank you.

Now, Pokémon Go debuted onlya couple of weeks ago,

but it has more usersthan Tinder and Twitter.

But some-- true--but some say Pokémon Go

is a governmentsurveillance tool.

(audience laughing)

So for more on this,let's check in

with conspiracy expert,Mike Yard,

in the latest segmentof The Y Files.

Okay, so, Mike.

Honestly, Mike,do you think Pokémon Go

is some sinister toolfor spying on us?

-Is Pokémon Go sinister?-Right, no.

Larry, I hope you likeyour new ophthalmologist, me,

'cause I'm aboutto tear the scales

from your eyes, my brother.

But, Mike,

why would our government makea game to monitor people?

The NSA got in troublefor collecting phone call data.

(imitates buzzer)You lose.

Of course, Pokémon Go wascreated by the government, man,

but not for yourgarden-variety sheeple control.

Pokémon Go was created...

to discredit Black Lives Matter.

Read it and weep, my brother.

Read it and weep.

(audience chuckles)

-Mike, that's absurd.-(audience applause)

-That doesn't even make sense.-It's all here, my brother.

-No, no, no. No, no.-It's all here.

Pokémon Go islike a stupid time-waster.

It has absolutely nothing to dowith Black Lives Matter.

Oh, come on, Larry Shill-more.


You play by walking aroundlooking down at your phone.

Okay. All right.

What? What?

So we can't record what the copsare doing to us.


-Wait.-Gotta think.

Hold on a second.

So you're saying, like the gameis so powerful and engrossing,

you just ignore everythingaround you?

Hell, yeah.

It's that seductive, Larry.

I mean, they got Charizard,they got Pikachu.

They got Vulpix.

They got Eevees.

It's like crack to us, Larry.



♪ Gotta catch 'em all.

-I mean...-It's not like crack, Mike.

It's like crack, bro.

But we have...

But, Mike, it's that wayfor everybody that plays it,

-not just black people.-(scoffs)

You know what, your ancestorsmust have been Nubian,

'cause you love denial.

(laughter, applause)

Let me ask you...

-Let me ask you something,Larry. -Mike...

-What? -What's your favoritecharacter, huh? Chumpasaur?

Mike, that doesn't evenmake sense.

All right, look...Okay, look, prove it.

How is Pokémon GO a trap

specifically riggedto catch black people?

Buckle up, buttercup.


Poké--a raw fish dish from Hawaii.

Hawaii. Barack Obama.

Obama, hated by Republicans.

Republicans, Fox News.

Fox News, Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes, who allegedlyfired Gretchen Carlson

for not having sex with him.

Ailes is a TV set blackmailer.

Anagram it."TV set blackmailer."

Black Lives Matter. Boom!

-(applause and cheering)-Right there.

Got to peel the layers.Peel 'em all.


Yeah, but, no. No boom.

That's a giant pileof horse (bleep).

You don't have a single shredof proof

that the U.S. governmentis behind this game.

Oh. Oh. Okay, proof--that's what you're looking for?

-Proof?-Okay. Yes, please.

-Proof.-Okay, fine.

The company behindPokémon Go, Niantic Labs,

is run by John Hanke, who workedfor the U.S. foreign affairs.

Then started a companycalled "Keyhole,"

funded by the CIA's venturecapital arm, In-Q-Tel,

funded in turn by the NGA--

NationalGeospatial-Intelligence Agency.

(laughter, cheering)

Is that enough proof?

Oh, Mike. (bleep)

Is... is that all true?

-Yes, Larry.-Oh, (bleep).


-Now you're seeing.-I... man...

Oh, I'm sorry, man.

That's actually the mostplausible thing you ever said.

-I never... The NGA?!-Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

And what kind of inteldoes the NGA collect?


-Whaaat?! -(applause and cheering)

-Hey, Mike, no. See?

See, you had me, Mike,and now you lost me.

-Mike Yard, everybody.-(applause and cheering)

-You need to open your eyes...-We'll be right back.

Stay low.