Consequences of the Congressional Override

October 3, 2016 - James Marsden 10/03/2016 Views: 21,835

After Congress votes to give American families the right to sue foreign nations for terrorism, Roy Wood Jr. announces his plan to settle up on slavery. (2:17)

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Now for more on the potentialconsequences of the 9/11 bill,

we turn to Roy Wood, Jr.,everybody.

-Roy wood, Jr.'s here.-(cheers and applause)

-Good to see you, Roy.-Yeah.

-Good to see you.-Good to see you, man.

-Good to see you? -How you been,Simba? You been good?

-I've been good, Roy.-Yeah, man. Well, look,

I don't know whyyou're so worried about it,

'cause if this bill opens upcountries to getting sued,

then all I got to say is,"Finally!"

Wait, wait, Roy,you're excited about this?

Hell, yeah! In fact,

I'd like to officially announcethat I'm gonna be suing Europe.

Wait. Suing Europe for what?

-For slavery.-(laughter)

England, I'm starting with you,

'cause that's wherewhite people come from, and...

-(laughter) -and you can'tBrexit your way out of this one.

Oh, and, Spain, oh, Spain,y'all better get

y'all nap now, bitch,'cause Roy's comin'.

Oh, oh, oh. And I hadn'tforgotten about the Dutch,

with your garbage-ass windmillsand your wooden shoes.

I'm about to put a clogin your whole legal system.

You Rembrandtmother (bleep), you.

Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy.

-Oh-ho-ho. Look, I'm not sayingthis is a bad idea.

-Oh, this is a good one.-(laughter)

But, then, you have to provethat slavery

-was a form of terrorism.-Oh, well, that's easy, man.

I'll show them a copy of Django. I got that (bleep) on Blu-ray.

(laughter, applause)

Oh. And by the way,I'm not stopping with Europe.

Bermuda, you're getting sued.

Bahamas, you're getting sued.

Anywhere that slave shipstopped,

you're getting sued.

♪ Aruba, Jamaica,ooh, I wanna take ya ♪

to court and sue your ass!

(laughter, cheering, applause)

-Roy...-It's on.

Roy... you can't just goaround the world -It's on.

suing everybody; it's gonnaget out of hand. -(laughing)

Tell it to the judge, Simba,'cause I'm suing Africa, too.


I'm sorry,wh-why would you sue Africa?

Because youdidn't come rescue us!

You knew it wasn't a vacation.

We didn't pack no luggage, bruh.

What you thought, you thoughtthose white people was gonna

take us snorkeling, that'swhere you thought we was going?

No, Roy,I think Africans were dealing

-with some other (bleep), man.-Oh, look, man,

y'all about to dealwith some serious (bleep) now.


You just got served, bitch.

Get out of here.Roy Wood Jr., everyone.