America Escalates Its Involvement in Yemen

October 17, 2016 - Russell Simmons 10/17/2016 Views: 29,583

The U.S. bombs Yemen just days after Saudi Arabia accidentally kills dozens of Yemen's civilians with American weapons. (2:51)

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Over the past few days,

the United States escalatedits involvement

in a war in the Middle East,and that...

No, no, not-not Iraq. Not Iraq.

No, no, not-not Syria.

No. I'm talking about Yemen.

Yeah. And I'm like you.

I didn't even know

America had anythingto do with a war in Yemen.

You know, personally,I kind of forgot

that Yemen was even a country.

I thought it was just somethinga Jamaican guy says

-when he's hungry, you know?-(laughter)

He's, like, "You want the restof my beef patty?"

-"Yeah, man." Now...-(laughter)

Now the situation in Yemenis actually really complicated,

but here's a simple explanation.

Yemen's dictator of 30 yearswas kicked out

during the Arab Spring,all right.

Not to be confusedwith Arab Autumn,

which is still an uprising,but it's pumpkin spiced.

-Slightly different.-(laughter)

And now, since then,

Saudi Arabia has been helpingthe government of Yemen

squash the rebellionin their country.

And the Saudishave been using weapons

bought from America to do it.

But then, this week,America decided,

why not just cut outthe middleman?

A U.S. destroyerlaunched a barrage

of Tomahawk cruise missiles,

hitting three radar stations

controlled by rebel forceson Yemen's Red Sea coast.

This is the first time

the U.S. has firedon those Houthi rebel forces.

Yeah. America launched missilesinto Yemen.

And you realize that in anyother country in the world,

the factthat you bombed another country

would be the top news story.

But not in America. Yeah.

America treats warlike it's a casual hookup.

You know, it's just like,

(in female voice): "Yeah,I mean, I guess you could say

that me and Yemenare starting a thing now."

-(laughter) -"Like, things arejust, like, a little bit crazy

"with Iraq right now,

so I don't want to committo anything, but we'll see."


And I getthat most Americans are tired

of hearing about warsin the Middle East,

especially when you haveyour own war at home

-against a Tic Tac-suckingpussy monster. -(laughter)

But this story is probably worthpaying attention to.

(applause and cheering)

It's really worthpaying attention to.

Because you realize,this is something

I feel like a lot of peopledon't understand.

The more warsAmerica's involved in,

the more mistakesyou're bound to make.

Like last week,

when Saudi Arabia,reportedly using weapons

America had provided,

accidentally killed140 civilians.

And that's not just tragicfor those people.

It's bad for America, becauseyou're creating enemies.

And what happens when people'sfamily members get killed is

they want revenge.

Look at Batman.

His parents were murderedby one dude,

and he went crazy.He was like, "That's it!

"I'm going afterevery criminal now!

"And I'm gonna dresslike a bat and live in a cave.

(in deep voice):And I'm gonna talk like this."

And Alfred was probably like,"What's that, sir?

I can hardly hear youwhen you talk like that."

And he was like,"My parents are dead, Alfred.

This is how I talk now."

It drives you crazy.