The Daily Show Takes the #TrumpCake

January 26, 2017 - Laurence Fishburne 01/26/2017 Views: 166,311

The Daily Show receives the actual cake from President Trump's inauguration ball, and Trevor asks the audience what he should do with it. (4:43)

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You know... so much,so much has happened

in the first weekof Donald Trump's presidency,

you may have gotten whiplash.

I mean, luckily, you stillhave Obamacare for that.

-(laughter)-Uh... for now.

Now with so many heavy storiesfilling up the week,

I hope you left roomfor some dessert.

Want to go to a lookof some video here

from, we believe, the third inaugural ball--

let's take a look here-- where just a few moments ago here

in the past ten minutes, you see President Trump

cutting the cake with First Lady Melania.

Oh, that's not really Trumpcutting the cake.

'Cause, I mean, I lovethat Trump didn't even wait

until day two to have Mike Pencedo all the work for him.

-Look at him. You know?-(laughter)

Oh, oh, though, to be honest,though, look at...

they would makesuch a cute gay couple, right?

It looks likea cute gay wedding.

If you take out the wives,they look like

-a happy couple celebrating.-(laughter, applause)

Yeah. Look at them. Aw...

-(audience whooping)-Trump and Pence.

Yeah. They look likethey're rushing to tie the knot

before a new administrationtakes away their rights.


But let's-let's focuson that cake that Trump has.

I personally thought that wasa very nice-looking cake.

Kind of how I also thinkthe new Spider-Man remake

looks pretty good.

And I knowI'll probably like it,

'cause I loved the original.

NEWSWOMAN: President Trump's inauguration celebration

didn't come without a little bit of controversy.

The cake he and Vice President Pence cut

is an exact replica of the cake made

for President Obama during the 2013 inauguration.


I'm sorry, guys.

This guy... this guy just copieseverything about the Obamas.

They copied Obama's cake,

they copied the Obama speech.

Huh? The only thingTrump couldn't copy

was Obama's approval ratings.

-(laughter, cheering)-(imitating hip-hop air horn)

Worldstar!(imitates air horn)

Anyway... Oh, okay, so, anyway,anyway, this-this is just...

this is just mesharing with you, like,

how crazy a dayat a comedy show can be.

So we get people calling The Daily Show all the time

with the most random requestsand ideas and just... offers.

You know, uh, peoplealways tell us things.

They'll be like, "Hey, Daily Show, we have a lead on this."

And we're like, "We're notjournalists. This is a com..."

And they're like,"Still, you should investigate."

And people always offer usthings to help us

catch Trump out, you know?Like, someone phones,

"I've got the real tax returns.Meet me in Times Square."

I'm-I'm not meeting youanywhere. I'm not meeting you.

And someone else was like,"Oh, I've got the pee

from the Russians if you..."I was like,

"No, we don't wantthe Russian..."

And then someone calledafter the inauguration,

and they were like,"Hey, I can give you guys

Donald Trump's cake."And then...

W-We always just go, like,"Yeah, whatever, uh, you know,

give us the cake,whatever, we don't care."

And then we came to workyesterday

and Donald Trump's cake...

was here at the building.

Someone had brought it.

And I... I didn't believethat it was real.

I didn't...Bring-bring in the cake.

Bring in the cake.I didn't believe...

(cheering, applause)

I didn't believe...

This is what...this is what was delivered.

And so, at first I was like,"But this is not the real cake."

But we looked at the pictures

and it's the exact...

same cake. This is the cakefrom the inauguration.

Some bits fell off and we'relike, "We don't want to touch it

'cause we don't want youto think we tried anything."

It's the cake. Althoughyou should know, technically,

it's not a cake.It's all Styrofoam

except for the tiny piecethat Trump cut into.

Like, there's the piece herethat Donald Trump... Here.

That was the only real pieceof cake in the cake.

Which, for me, was like,

isn't this the perfect metaphor

for Donald Trump's presidency?

No, because think about it.Think about it.

He says there's a cake.

You see the cake.

The cake looks just as goodas Obama's cake.

I'm gonna replace Obama's cakewith something much better.

And then... an then, Trumpeven goes, "Look, the cake."

And then he has some cake.

And everyone else is like,"Do we get cake?" And he's like,

"No cake for you."And then you realize afterwards

there is no...This is not a cake. This thing--

it's all Styrofoam. just likeTrump's administration,

this cake is terriblefor the environment.

That's what this thing is.

I mean...

obviously we can't eat it.

And we can't nominate itfor secretary of education,

even though it's way morequalified than Betsy DeVos.

That's why we just thought,like, why don't you guys

tell us what we shoulddo with the cake? Right?

And before you suggest...Don't-don't be, like,

violent or anything.We're not going to smash it

and we're not gonna pee on itor hire Russians to pee on it.

Don't do that.So tweet us with your ideas

with the hashtag #TrumpCake,

and together we willmake America cake again.

(cheering, applause)