Who Dis? - Iowa Rep. Steve King Opposes the Harriet Tubman $20 Bill

June 23, 2016 - Arsenio Hall 06/23/2016 Views: 4,051

An appalled Robin Thede acquaints herself with Rep. Steve King after the GOP congressman argues that adding Harriet Tubman to the $20 bill would be both racist and sexist. (5:06)

All right, welcome back.

Guys, just a few weeks ago,everybody celebrated

when we found out aboutthe new Tubmans. Yeah. Right?

It finally felt like the worldwas starting to acknowledge

that women and people of colorhave had a significant impact

on this country's history.

Well, everyone, that is,except this guy.

REPORTER: Congressman Steve King of Iowa tried to tack on

an amendment to a spending bill that would have prevented

the Treasury department from using funds

to redesign any U.S. currency.

Hold on. This can't be true.

What possible reason couldsomeone have to do this?

REPORTER: "It's not about Harriet Tubman.

It's about keeping the pictureon the $20.

He added that it was"racist and sexist

"to say a womanor a person of color

should be added to currency".

There are, of course, currentlyzero women or people of color

on U.S. paper currency.

That's the entire pointof adding Tubman.

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I love that he can't evenstop himself from laughing

at the ridiculousness of this.

How the hell is putting HarrietTubman on the $20 bill

racist and sexist?And who is Steve King, anyway?

Let me tell you, wheneversomebody shows up on our radar

and we need to knowmore about them,

Robin Thede helps us outin a segment

we like to call Who Dis?

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Thanks, Larry.

Now, like you, as soon as Iheard

Iowa congressman Steve King saythat Tubman on the $20

was racist and sexist, I had toask the age-old question

you have when you get a textfrom an unknown number

at 2:00 a.m.: who dis?

Turns out "dis" is anuber conservative Republican

who can barely mask his racismin his reasoning

for why Harrietshouldn't be on the bill.

Representative King claimsadding the abolitionist icon

to the $20 bill is nothing morethan liberal activism

-on the part of the president.-Interesting.

(laughs)You got that right.


But wait, who dis?

Clearly, he has no good reasonfor taking Harriet off the $20

other than him not wanting tosoil his hands by even touching

a picture of black skin.And he's trying to just

bait people by sayingit's racist or sexist.

Uh, news flash: the onlything that's racist and sexist

is proposing an amendmentto remove

the first woman of colorfrom the $20.

(cheering, applause)

So, then I decidedto do some digging

to really find out, who dis?

And, wouldn't you know it,dis fool

is racistagainst immigrants too.

Specifically Mexican children.

They aren't all valedictorians,they weren't all brought in

by their parents. Uh, forevery one who's a valedictorian,

there's another hundredout there that, um,

they weigh 130 poundsand they've got calves

the size of cantaloupesbecause they're hauling

75 pounds of marijuanaacross the desert.

Who thinks dis?!

But I'm sure you have no problempaying them six cents an hour

to pick those cantaloupes.

Look, Steve King has becomefamous

for his anti-immigrant rhetoric,even calling an activist

who sat next to Michelle Obamaat the State of the Union

a "deportable".


Unless you are talking aboutdeportable computer

you used to typethat terrible tweet,

the term is not okay.

And he's not justsome fringe nut case.

By 2016, Steve King had becomethe anti-immigration voice

for Republicansand he succeeded in blocking

every major immigration bill.Oh, and just for fun,

he's also a birtherand a huge Ted Cruz supporter.

He followed Cruz around duringhis bid for president and,

like a third graderin their first school play,

and mouthed every wordof his speeches.

On ethnic lines, on religiouslines, on gender lines,

on socioeconomic lines...



Who the (bleep) is dis?!

(cheering, applause)

In conclusion, who dis?

Well, dis is a dangerous,foul-mouthed racist and sexist

trash pile of a manwho I am disgusted to say

representsmy home state of Iowa.

But there is one happypiece of news to report

about King's effortsto get Harriet off the $20.

REPORTER: The House rules committee decided

not to consider it on the House floor.

-(laughs)-(cheering, applause)

I love it. Even membersof your own party

wouldn't consideryour asinine amendment.

That's what you get.

And now, next timeyou try to (bleep),

it's not gonna be so easy,because now we all know who dis.

Right. Robin Thede, everybody.We'll be right back.

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