What the Actual Fact? - Donald Trump Lies His Way Through the Second Debate

October 11, 2016 - Charlamagne Tha God - Uncensored 10/11/2016 Views: 30,749

Instead of fact-checking the 2016 town hall-style presidential debate, Desi Lydic presents a montage of Donald Trump lying throughout the night. (1:59)

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But let's turn back quicklyto the debate

for a look at what thecandidates got right and wrong.

Here's Desi Lydicwith What the Actual Fact?

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

Thanks, Trevor. Sunday's debatewas another day at the beach,

in that, when it was over,I had to spend 45 minutes

in the showerjust to feel clean again.

Plus, I'm pretty sureit gave me skin cancer.

You know what, I'm done.Chuck, pull the plug.

Wh... Uh, wait, Desi, Desi.

Desi, no, this is your segment.

You're supposedto fact-check the debate.

Trevor, fact-checkingis a noble craft.

It takes depth of knowledge,research,

a skillful, analytic mind,

and I am done wasting thaton Donald Trump.

It's not eventhat the man lies--

it's more like he rejectsthe very idea

that the point of languageis to describe reality.

So I'm out!

Actually, you know what,(bleep) it.

Here's Trump lyingat the debate.

Our taxes are so high, justabout the highest in the world.

-(buzzer sounds) -Jobsare essentially nonexistent.

-(buzzer sounds) -Slowest growth-Another... M-Mr. Trump,

-since 1929. -we're movingto an audience question.

-(buzzer sounds)-She made $250 million.

-(buzzer sounds) -Laughingat the girl who was raped.

-(buzzer sounds)-600 requests for help.

-I was against the war in Iraq.-(buzzer sounds)

-Many people saw the bombs.-(buzzer sounds)

-Maybe there is no hacking.-(buzzer sounds)

-ICE just endorsed me.-(buzzer sounds)

-Raising everybody's taxes.-(buzzer sounds)

She wants to goto a single-payer plan.

-(buzzer sounds)-Leaving carried interest.

-(buzzer sounds)-Pretty much self-funding.

-(buzzer sounds)-No, I didn't say that at all.

-(buzzer sounds)-No, there wasn't se...

-check out a sex tape.-(buzzer sounds)

(cheering and applause)


It's like someone scrapedthe resin

from the side of the debate--

just concentrated bull(bleep).

But like I said, I'm out!

He's your problem now, Trevor.

Oh, well, uh, thanks for trying.Desi Lydic, everyone.

-Thank you so much. Wow, uh,okay. -(cheering and applause)