South Africa Shows the U.S. Senate How to Duke It Out

February 9, 2017 - Laura Jane Grace 02/09/2017 Views: 43,852

Shortly after Elizabeth Warren and Mitch McConnell face off on the floor of the Senate, South Africa faces its own governmental disruption. (1:24)

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remember yesterday

we were talking aboutSenator Elizabeth Warren,

and she had been silenced byMajority Leader Mitch McConnell

for violating Senate Rule 19:impugning the character

of a fellow senator.

Americans lost their minds.

They were like, "Have youever seen anything so crazy

on the floor of the senate?!"

To which South Africa said,"Hold my beer."

(indistinct shouts)



That... that was todayin the South African parliament,

where our president had to givehis State of the Union address.

And it's safe to saythat the union is very strong.

Uh, so the guys in red--that's the opposition party--

they were basically pullinga Senator Warren

and trying to disruptthe proceedings Africa style.

The security guards came in,

those guys wearingthe white shirts,

they came in to stop them,a fight broke out.

And I was thinking,you guys should send

Senator Mitch McConnellto South Africa's parliament.

That's what you should do.Yeah, see how he copes

in that world,interrupting people.

(cheering, applause)

In the middle of his speechhe'd be like,

"Uh, another thing,with Rule 19..."

-it's just, like, bop!-(laughter)