Hillary Clinton: The Rocky Balboa of Presidential Candidates

July 29, 2016 - Cory Booker 07/29/2016 Views: 1,600

On The Daily Show's final night at the DNC in Philadelphia, The Best F#@king News Team debates which "Rocky" movie best characterizes Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. (3:12)

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Now, now, there have beena lot of narratives...

there have been a lotof narratives coming out

of this week's DNC.And, uh, for help figuring out

the real story, we're joined now

by Senior PoliticalCorrespondents Jordan Klepper,

Hasan Minhaj, and Adam Lowitt,everybody!

(cheering and applause)

Thank you so much, gentlemen,for being here.

Uh, Jordan,you've been watching all week.

What's the best way to sum upthe Clinton campaign?

Trevor, let me put this in a way

Philadelphianscan identify with.

Hillary Clinton proved this week

that she isjust like Rocky Balboa.

Do you have, uh, Rocky in Africa?

Of course we have Rocky in Africa, Jordan.

We've had itfor, like, three years.


So, think about it.

Hillary and Rocky are both leftyscrappers who get no respect.

They both have an old guywho used to criticize them

but is now rightin their corner.

And now Hillary is goingto train hard, earn our support,

and prove she's the onewho can go the distance.

-(humming Rocky theme)-Jor-Jordan. Jordan.

Jordan. Jordan. Jordan.

Jordan! Jordan.


You realize Rocky loses.

Does he?

I never get pastthe training montage.

I just get so jazzed, I jump up,

do, like, 20 jumping jacks,and pass out.

All right. You know what,that was very unhelpful.

Uh, let's go to Hasan Minhajright now, everybody.

Uh, Hasan,what is your take on Hillary?

Trevor,I got to disagree with Jordan.

Hillary Clinton is not Rocky.

She's Rocky II. She got beatby the black guy last time,

and now she is ready forher second shot at the title.

Yeah. Yeah.

Despite setbacks and the smearcampaign being run against her,

this time,she will beat the odds and win.

(humming Rocky theme)

Guys, guys, guys,guys, guys, stop!

Guys, stop! Stop!

Stop, please!

Come on.Have some control.

Let's go to Adam Lowitt now.

Uh, Adam,thank you for joining us.

Hopefully, you can add somesubstance to this conversation.

Yeah, with pleasure.

Look, I'm sorry,this pandering is ridiculous.

All right?

Come on, crowbarring Hillary

into some dumb,old boxing movie narrative

just 'causewe're in Philadelphia?

You know what, Adam, I'm gladthat you see it this way.

So, how would you sum upHillary's campaign?


It's Rocky III.

Hillary is richand overconfident,

and she's gonna lose in an upsetto an angry bully

with weird hairwho everyone calls Mr. T.

Rocky IV!

I got it, it's Rocky IV.

Yeah, Rocky IV!

Donald Trump is a monsterbacked by Russia,

and he's embarrassing Americain front of the entire world!


-So, now... -Rocky IV!


-And now...-It's Rocky IV.

Perfect, and now Hillary Clintonis gonna pull America back

from the brink by trainingin those harsh conditions.

O-Okay, guys, you're not...

Yeah, yeah, pullingoff a huge victory

in front of the whole world!

(scat singing"Theme from Rocky")

(audience clapping rhythmically)

Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj,Adam Lowitt, everyone!

Thank you, Philadelphia!