China's Mid-Autumn Festival Fiasco

September 15, 2016 - Bill Clinton 09/15/2016 Views: 16,889

When a typhoon hits China during the Mid-Autumn Festival, revelers are forced to dodge a giant inflatable moon that broke loose. (1:04)

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But first, news out of China.

They're celebrating themid-autumn festival,

uh, so if you're Chinese,

congratulationson having autumn,

but don't forgetthat also means...

winter is coming.

At least you guys have a wall,yeah.

So, uh,to celebrate the festival,

the city of Fuzhou madea giant moon balloon, right?

But then, a typhoon came

and knockedthe moon balloon loose.

So instead of celebrating,

half of the city spent the dayfleeing in terror.


That is not a celebration.

You know,my favorite part of that video

is that woman therewith her bike.

The moon is rolling towards her,

and she's standing there tryingto figure out

what to do with the bike!

That's how you know humansaren't prepared

for an alien invasion.

We all act like we know whatwe'd do. We're like,

"I'll run and I'll jump overthere, and then I'll do..."

But then when it's actuallycoming, you're just like...