Embed with Desi - Meet the Trumpettes

November 2, 2016 - Kal Penn 11/02/2016 Views: 135,579

Desi Lydic gets to know the founder of the Trumpettes, a grassroots group of wealthy women campaigning for Donald Trump. (6:16)

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You know, despite everything,millions of Americans

still support Donald Trumpfor many good reasons.

I can't name any right now,but I'm sure there are some.

What I do knowabout those people

is there are somethat know him best.

And the question iswhy do they think he's the one?

Well, Desi Lydic goes deep.

LYDIC: As the most trusted journalist

during this election, I've been thinking a lot of thoughts

about Donald Trump.

So many thoughts.

Here's me thinking more thoughts.

Trump has managed to offend

virtually every demographic in America.

Look at my African Americanover here.

They're rapists.

Muslims enteringthe United St...

Grab them by the pussy.

(distorted): I can do anything.

LYDIC: Yet his loyal supporters don't give a (bleep).

I believe in himand I know what he-he'll...

what he'll do is right.

LYDIC: How can his supporters still think

he's the man for the job?

What, specifically, was his appeal?

I had questions that only I could find answers for.

Are you shooting up at me?

Don't ever shoot up at me.

So unflattering. I don'tdeprive myself of chocolates

for your amateur shooting.

Come on, let's go.

I'm Desi Lydic,

and this is Embed with Desi

with Desi Lydic.

I traveled to the heartland of America--

Bel Air, California--

to meet with a Trump supporter with real insight.

Average American voter Toni Holt Kramer.

Trump is, in his own way,a blue-collar candidate.

-I mean, he appealsto the people. -Mm.

As founder of the Trumpettes, a grassroots organization

started by women who support Trump,

Toni is the one who can best explain his appeal.

He is Superman in a lot of ways.

You know, he's this blond,blue-eyed guy flying around

up in the air right now,looking down and going,

"I can't stand this countrythe way it is.

-I've got to fix it."-Yeah.

-If Trump is Superman,-Uh-huh.

what would be his kryptonite,his tax returns?

You know, I'm not an accountant.I don't know.

Not only was Toni not an accountant,

it was becoming apparent that she was not

the average American voter.

Holy (bleep). Is that a gold panther?

-He's pretty, isn't he? Yeah.-Beautiful.

What would you say to peoplewho say that Trump's tax plan

would only benefit the wealthy?

I'd say they're not intelligent.

I'd say they don't haveany knowledge

of what they're saying.I think Hillary's tax plan

will defeat the country.

What do you knowabout Hillary's tax plan?

I know nothingabout her tax plan.

Again, not an accountant.

But she is a personal friend of the Donald

and a member of the exclusive club Mar-a-Lago.

Yeah, that is Mar-a-Lago.

That's right, this Mar-a-Lago,

the 20-acre estate in Palm Beach, Florida,

where it costs a mere 100 grand just to become a member.

I think that if Mr. Trump

runs America the wayhe runs his club,

Mar-a-Lago, we have got it made.

-Yes. -We're gonna havethe American dream back again.

Yay, yay, yay.

If we can run Americalike a-an all-white,

all-rich, private country club,we are good to go.

We are notan all-white country club.

-Very diverse.-Very diverse.

How many African-Americanmembers are there?

I don't know. I never counted.I've seen them.

I know our head guy,who was our, uh, top maƮtre d',

was-was... Oh, he was divine,divine, divine, divine.

Okay, but aside from this guy Divine, who else?

Oh, we have our musician. Um...

-I don't know all the members.-Are you talking about members

-or-or staff?-Oh, no. Mem-Mem... I'm talking

-staff and members. Oh,staff and members. -Oh, okay.

-Absolutely. -With all the diversity at Mar-a-Lago,

Toni must be open-minded when it comes to immigration.

We should not have anyforeigners coming in right now,

because they're taking jobs away

-from our peoplein this country. -Mm-hmm.

Of course, this doesn't apply to Toni's housekeeper,

Maria, who's a Mexican immigrant, not a foreigner.

She is the most pro-Trump person

you will ever talk to.

She is mad about him.

Well, I mean,we all say crazy things

to our bossesthat we don't really mean.

Like, I once told Trevor I wasgonna stop drinking at work.

Did you?

Can I get a refill, Maria?

I was starting to see how, in Toni's world,

there were a lot of perks to a Trump presidency.

-And only the best for you. -But what about those people

who weren't members of Mar-a-Lago?

Trump will be greatfor the everyday man by...

Better life, better money,

better jobs, better people,

better food-- everything.

Wait, a Trump presidency can lead to better food?

-Go on. -He loves desserts.

At Mar-a-Lago, there's everykind of dessert imaginable--

cakes and pies and cookies

and-and a machine that makesice cream and whipped cream

-and caramel and...-Is that dark chocolate?

-...and all kinds of layer cakesand pies -Just have a couple.

and, uh, cookies. Every kind ofcookie you could ever think of.

There they have a red velvet...

Oh, Jesus, that's a lot of desserts.

But surely they don't have coconut....

-...coconut layer cake... -They have coconut cake?!

...blueberry pie, apple pie,apple crumb pie,

uh, chocolate layer cake,hot fudge sundaes-- everything.

I got to tell you,

if America is anythinglike Mar-a-Lago, sign me up.

-I want that. -America will belike Mar-a-Lago,

if Trump becomes president.For sure.

I could get used to this lifestyle.

People wait on you hand and foot

in your palatial estate filled with poodle-shaped soaps

-and bottomless champagne? -Well, I'm so excited

to welcome our newest Trumpette.

We're so proud to be Trumpettes.

-Mmm.-And we're thrilled,

-because we love Trumpso much. -Yes.

Anything that has anythingto do with my man,

-Mr. Trump. That makes me happy.-Hear, hear. Our POTUS. -Mmm.

Wait a second, is that game show host Wink Martindale?

-Is he gonna hand out door prizes? -(whooping)

Well, one thing is abundantly clear,

a Trump presidency pretty much only benefits

the people in this room.

In fact, the rest of America will be

a dystopian, post-apocalyptic hellscape

with giant immigrant walls and women being grabbed

by their pussies, but if that day comes...

It's going to be a landslide.That's what three psychics

-told me. -...you bet your ass I'm bunkering down

with these ladies.

To the Trumpettes!

That's what I thought.