Ellen DeGeneres's Joke Controversy & Love From Jon Stewart

August 18, 2016 - Jon Stewart 08/18/2016 Views: 30,197

Critics accuse Ellen DeGeneres of making a racist joke about runner Usain Bolt, and Larry struggles to get feedback from his contributors until a special guest stops by. (9:36)

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much,thank you!

(audience members whistling)

Thank you very much.

Aw. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

-Please...-(audience chanting "Larry")

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Please have a seat.

Thank you.Welcome to The Nightly Show.

You're very kind,you're very kind.

-AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you!-I love you, too.


And-and I "ruv" you,as well, okay?

But I'm Larry Wilmore,your next host for the next, uh,

well, 29 minutesand 31 seconds, at this point.

Now let me just say,it's never easy

when your television showgets canceled.

But I have to tell you, for me,

there has been a silver lining,you guys.

All the free booze.

It's true. Really.

No, really.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Samantha Bee's show sent over

some, like, cases of wine,right?

And then, uh, and thenStephen Colbert sent over

an amazing assortmentof liquor, right?

Okay, all right, all right,so earlier today,

I could barely containmy excitement

when I received the wordthat a package had arrived

from our friendsat The Daily Show.

Then I opened it up.



Pastries, guys?

How am I going to get wasted

eating a stupidalmond croissant?

I passed out eating these,but...

Now, let me just say,John Oliver sent over this.

(cheers and applause)

That's how you do it, Daily Show.

I get it, Last Week Tonight has a whole week to figure out

what they're going to send,

so it's really not fairto compare.

I get it, I get it.

I understand.

Okay, now, we've taken on a lotof controversial topics

over the last 20 months.

So, you know, I thought we'd endon something

that every man, woman and childcan agree upon.

Ellen DeGeneresis a pure delight.

-Okay?-(cheers and applause)

I think, I think we canall agree on that.


not everyone seemsto think so right now.

TV REPORTER:Entertainment Weekly reports

on Ellen DeGeneres defending herself

against accusations of racism.

It stemmed from an edited photo she tweeted

showing her and Usain Bolt.

She wrote, "This is how I'm running errands from now on."

Some on social media accused DeGeneres

of comparing Bolt to a mule.

For more on theEllen-Usain controversy,

let's check in with The Nightly Show contributor Robin Thede.

Hey, Robin.

(cheers and applause)

-What's going on, Robin?-Where am I?

Wait, wait, Larry, Larry, Larry,I'm in Antigua.

Are we supposed to be working?

Um, uh, yeah, Robin.

-It's, uh...-Oh, oops.

Yeah, there is, there is no wayI'm going to make it back

in time for panel, so, uh, hey,man, just, uh,

call me when you getanother show, okay?




Wait, Rob...

Wh-What was that?

All right, okay, fine.

Well, then, please welcome Nightly Show contributor

Franchesca Ramsey.

Franchesca, yeah.


All right, what have you got,Franchesca?

Sorry, Larry, I'm in the middleof doing a Skype interview.


Franchesca,we're in the middle of a show.

I-I need your takeon the Ellen-Usain Bolt.

Uh... I can't believe this.

Um, all right.

Uh, it's racist, yeah, racist.

Can I go?


Yeah, I guess.

Thanks for your help.

Good Lord.

Well, you know what?I guess, let's check in

with Grace Parraand Jordan Carlos, there you go.

-Hey, guys.-(cheering, applause)

All right, so...

so what's your take,uh, what's your take on this...

what the hellare you guys doing?

-What is that?-Well, we just heard we were

supposed to have a take on this,like, three minutes ago.

Yeah, so we were gonna recreatethe Usain-Ellen photo,

but this isall they had left in wardrobe.

Yeah. Go ahead, (bleep) fire us.

-Yeah, do it, Wilmore. Do it!-(cheering, applause)

-Very nice. Very nice.-I dare you!

No, you know... you knowI can't fire you. You know...

All right, fine, you know what,all right, you know what,

Holly Walker, can youhelp a brother out here, please?

-Holly Walker.-(cheering, applause)

Oh, wh... Huh?

Holly, where are you?

Are-are you in bed?

Uh, I-I'm sorry, Larry,are-are we still working?

Yes, we...

Holly, we stillhave a show to do.

We're not done,this is our last show...

Holly, i-is there someone with you in there?

ALBANESE:No, nobody here, nobody here.

Oh, (bleep). Rory.

-Come on, Larry. Come on, man.-(cheering, applause)

This has been, like...

this whole thing has beena "will they, won't they," man.

-And guess what-- they will.They will. -Yeah. A lot!

-Oh, they will. Yeah. Bye!-A lot! Bye!

I cannot believe this.All right, okay, fine, fine.

Nobody wantsto work today, fine.

It's the last day. I guessit's up to me, then. Anyway...

Oh, okay-- so, did you guyssee what Trump's spokesman said

on CNN yesterday?

Oh... oh, my God,this was unbelievable.

I thought I had seen it allin their... in their, like,

non-answeringof-of questions, right?

-You know, um...-(cheering, applause)


Oh, my God.Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

-Hey! What are you doing?-Nothing.

-What are you doing? -I...

-You took...-I was gonna take some stuff.

-You're taking my (bleep)?-All right.

Jon... It's Jon Stewart.

How you doing, man?How you doing?

-(cheering, applause continuing)-Good to see you.

-Jon Stewart, everybody.-Hey, buddy.

-Have a seat.-What did I miss?

-You, uh, you misseda lot, man. -What did I miss?

-What's going on?-Uh...

-What are we doing next week?-It's, uh, you know,

-i-it's the last show. I'mtrying to do... -The last show?

-Yes, the last show. -Oh, myGod, what, did you piss off

Peter Thiel?What happened?

Is that... Did he... Is his...Does revenge no know bounds?

-No, it knows no bounds, Jon.-It knows no bounds.

-No bounds. -Uh, I-I just-I justdecided to stop by...

-Oh, cool.-and tell you I love you.

-Oh. -And I-I...-AUDIENCE: Aw.

And may I say something else?If-if I may?

-Sure. You... No, you may.-Do you have I moment?

-Take the moment.-Thank you. Uh...

Jon Stewart, everyone.

-(cheering, applause)-No, I just want to say...

-No, very quickly...-Mm-hmm? Yeah.

Uh, I have beenin situations in, uh,

what we call show business,television, where they have,

-uh, my name has beenon the show. -Yes.

And they've, uh,what-what do you call their...

-locked the door...-Yes.

and-and told me to, uh...

uh, this wasa Paramount executive:

"Get your (bleep) and get out."

-Right. -And, uh,a very wise man said to me...

-Mm-hmm. -uh,

do not confusecancellation with failure.

-And I took that to heart.-(cheering, applause)


So, I will say this:

what you, my friend,were tasked to do,

you have done,and done beautifully.

-You, uh...-(cheering, applause)

You gave voice... you gave voice

to-to underserved voices

in the media arena,

and you did it...It was a show that was raw

and poignant and funny and smart

-and all of those things. -Thankyou. -(cheering, applause)

And... you did it from scratch.

And what-what youand Rory and Robin

and yourtremendous collaborators

and Dre in the booth and...

You took somethingand got better

-every (bleep) day.-Oh, man.

-(cheering) -That's so nice.Thanks, Jon. -Every one.

Thank you.

And I think that, uh...

Uh, we talked abouta little thing called...

uh, I guess the words-some would use is "resonance."

Did you resonatewith-with an audience?

I would say not-not only that

but in an important way,but in a way

that you don't even realize yetand won't reveal itself

-for years to come,and it's this: -Mm-hmm.

you started a conversation

that was not on televisionwhen you began.

And you worked with a groupof people

who you invitedto that conversation

to collaborate with you,to sharpen that conversation.

And what you don't realize is,you walk out of this room

and that conversationdoesn't end.

And all the peoplethat you work with

are gonna takewhat they learned here

and what they learned from you

and the beautiful experiencethat they had,

and you're gonna startto see them doing things

in the business as well

and taking thatand taking other experiences

and you're gonna watch thatflourish.

And that's gonna have you on it.

-Well, thank you so much, Jon.That's very kind. -And your DNA.

And-and that'sa beautiful thing.

And so, in closing,

-Yes.-I want to say to you this:

you did it, my...

-Jon. No, no.-Wait. My...

-No, Jon. No, you can't say...-You did it, my...

-No, you can't... you can't saythe... -my-my mishpocha.

-What?-Yeah. That's nice.

That works. That works.

-I love you, man. -Jon Stewart!Thank you. I love you, too.

-You did a great job.-Thank you so much.

-Really great job.-Thank you.

-Thank you so much, Jon.-Great. Thank you.

-Oh, man. -Thank you.-(cheering and applause)

You're the man. Thank you, Jon!That was perfect!