President Obama's Worldwide Farewell Tour

November 17, 2016 - George Packer & Q-Tip 11/17/2016 Views: 68,084

President Obama makes his last official stop in Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has expressed hesitation about working with President-elect Trump. (2:07)

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this has beena crazy couple of weeks.

And I don't knowif you heard this, uh,

but you know that guy who hada cameo in Home Alone 2?

-(laughter) -Well,America gave him the military.


Yeah, I'm scared, too,I'm scared, too.

So, we're all coming...we're all still coming to grips

with the ideaof future President Trump.

But remember, Americaalso has a current president.

I feel like we'veforgotten so quickly.

His name is Barack Obama,people,

and he's still around.

-(cheering, applause)-We've still got him. Yeah.

And he's spending partof his final weeks in office

on a worldwide farewell tour,

which yesterday stoppedin Berlin.

This is my sixth visitto Germany.

It will not be my last.

I have...

somehow continuedto miss Oktoberfest,

-(laughter) -so, uh,that's probably something

that is better for me to do...

as a former presidentrather than as president.

(like Obama):Uh, what I'm trying to say is,

I'm gonna get, uh,(bleep) faced.

-(laughter) -Uh... I spentat least four years wasted,

uh, and I thinkyou all know why.


Oh, and by the way,of all the major global leaders,

Angela Merkel is the only one

who doesn't seem keenon rolling with Donald Trump.

Yeah, she's one who's,you know, spoken out--

very delicately, but she has--about not really enjoying

the idea of working with him.

Which is weird.

It's also weirdthat only the German leader

-(laughter)-has issues with Donald Tr...

I wonder if we sh...I don't know. Anyway...

It must be so hard, though,for Obama to know

that he's being followedinto office by Donald Trump.

And even leaving America doesn'thelp him forget about it.

Before Germany,he spent a day in Greece

just walking through the ruinsof what was once

-the world's greatest democracy.-(laughter)

Yep, that's what we haveto look forward to, people.

On the bright side...on the bright side,

in 2,500 years,America might be known

for having great yogurt.

-You never know. You never know.-(laughter)

There's always a silver lining.