Congress's Standstill on Zika Funding

September 7, 2016 - Ava DuVernay 09/07/2016 Views: 12,067

As Congress faces budgetary gridlock in the fight against Zika, Trevor looks to South Africa's parliament to see how his home country battles epidemics. (7:25)

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let's move on to our main story,Zika.

It's coming for you.

REPORTER: The Zika virus is spreading even faster

than first thought.

REPORTER 2: There are more than 2,700 Zika cases

in the continental United States.

REPORTER 3: Florida now has documented

56 locally transmitted cases.

REPORTER 4: 82 cases in Pennsylvania.

REPORTER 5: 160 cases in Texas.

REPORTER 6: New York City has about 500 cases of Zika.

You're getting Zika!You're getting Zika!

Look under your seat!Everybody's getting Zika!

Everybody! That's right.

Zika is spreadingthroughout the United States.

You know how insane this isfor me? I traveled all the way

from Africa,and now I'm gonna die

in New Yorkfrom a mosquito disease.

Do you understandhow embarrassing this would be

if I died of a mosquito diseasein America?

My familywould be shamed forever.

It would be the worst funeral.

Everyone's standing there...They'd have to lie.

"What happened to Trevor?""No, he, uh, died

of, uh, uh, erotic asphyxiation.Uh..."

"Did he diefrom a mosquito bite?"

"No, that did not happen!That did not happen!

He was jacking off!Don't defame us like that!"

Now, now, maybe you're thinking,"Well, Zika only affects

"unborn babies, and I'm notgetting pregnant anytime soon,

so why should I care?"Well, first of all,

you're a bad person. You needto reflect on what went wrong

in your life that made youbecome so cold and heartless.

And, secondly, Zika isactually worse than you thought.

There is a new warning thismorning about the Zika virus.

Research now suggests it can cause brain damage in adults,

as well as fetuses.

MAN: Zika could have an Alzheimer's-like effect

on adults.

Guillain-Barré,which is a paralysis syndrome.

Another disease that's verysimilar to multiple sclerosis.

New research suggests the viruscould be found in our tears.

-I'm sorry. What?-(laughter)

You can get Zikafrom someone else's tears?

I'm sorry.If you're contracting Zika

from someone else's tears,that's on you.


How are their tearsgetting your system?

What are you doing?

"Stop crying. Stop cry...Mmm. Stop crying."

-(laughter)-"Stop crying."

What are you doing?

So the Zika epidemic is a crisisthat's only getting worse.

And now the bad news isthat the CDC says

that they're three weeks awayfrom running out of money

to fight Zikain the United States.

Yes, but, but, the badder newsis that Congress is on the case.

WOMAN: For the third time, the U.S. Senate failed

to pass a bill to fight the Zika virus.

WOMAN 2: Democrats blocked the billion-dollar measure.

They object to restrictions in the bill.

Republicans want to ban Planned Parenthood clinics

from receiving federal money to fight Zika.

Oh. Okay, I get it.

It makes sense. It makes sense.

So Congress can't do anythingabout the the Zika crisis

until we all agree on abortion?


How long could that take?Not long, right?

-Yeah? Yeah?-(laughter)

A few weeks, maybe, yeah?

And you know (bleep) getting real

when Congress resorts to show and tell.

I rise today to talk about Zika,

and I risewith about 100 mosquitoes

straight from Florida.

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

capable of carryingthe Zika virus.

This is the reasonfor the urgency.


I feel like everyonein Congress was like,

"I need to goto the bathroom right now.

I need to go."

I also feel like

Congressman Jolly inadvertentlycame up with a solution here

because all he has to dois lock the doors of Congress,

smash his Zika jar.

Then we'll see how quicklyCongress can work, people.

-Yeah, yeah.-(cheers and applause)

You'll see how quickly.

Just smash the jar,and you'll see.

They'll write a bill like that.

People will be like, "Wow.

You guys passed a billin 30 minutes?"

They'll be like, "Yeah,well, we're just concerned

"about the well-beingof the American...

American people, and we..."

And I know America has, like,

a super-fancyfirst world democracy,

but when it comes to dealingwith epidemics, maybe,

just maybe, you should learn

about urgencyfrom the Third World.

For instance, take South Africa,my home, right?

We had a bit of an AIDS problemin South Africa,

you know, in that peoplewere getting AIDS. Uh...


So then, so then,the government started

distributing free condomsto help combat this.

And this was hugein the country,

because not only was itpoliticians coming together

to fight an epidemic.

It also meant we didn't haveto hide our condom purchases

between two issuesof Zebra Weekl anymore.

-(laughter)-It was really important for us.

And anyway, the free condomthing came with its own issues.

And, again, the South Africangovernment said,

"Okay, there's new issuesso we need to take action

to fix this problem,"which brings us to last week.

This is Cyril Ramaphosa, SouthAfrica's vice president, right?

Think of him as like a PG-ratedJoe Biden, all right?

Now, last Thursday, Ramaphosawent in front of parliament

in South Africa to say, "When itcomes to protecting our people,

there's nothingwe're not willing to do."

The minister of healthwas able a few months ago

to launch a new condom.

The Max condom...

is in responseto what a number of people

-(excited chatter)-were saying...

They were sayingthat the other condom

that had been introducedby government

did not smell so well...

and it made a noise...

whenever it was used.


Okay, okay, now, now, wait.

Now, you may be thinking,hey, South Africans,

if you can hear condom noisesduring sex,

then you're doing it wrong.

Well, let me tell you something.

You don't know what SouthAfrican condoms sound like.

You see, like...

'Cause it seems likea normal condom, right?

There it is.This is basically it.

But then,as soon as you add motion,

it sounds like a vuvuzela.

(vuvuzela blowing)


-(vuvuzela blows)-You can't...

you can't have sex like thatall the time.

Oh, and by the way,

they didn't just fixthe sound problem, right?

They also went out of their wayto address the bad smell

that peoplewere complaining about.

And it comesin different flavors.

If you want a grape flavor,you can get a grape flavor.

If you want an apple flavor,you can get an apple flavor.

That's my vice president,people.

-(laughter)-That's the country I come from.

-(applause, whooping)-"You can have an apple flavor,

you can have a grape flavor."

That's a government

that has its people'sbest interests at heart!

Yeah. America's congresscan't agree on funding,

and South Africa's addressingflavor complaints!

Oh, and by the way, you knowwho I feel really bad for?

The person who has the jobof condom taster.

(laughter, groans)

No, I mean, like,you're just like, uh, "Mmm,

"uh, gr... grape flavor.Grape flavor.

"Yeah, that is grape flavor.Mm-hmm. Okay.

"What... mmm,what is this, mmm-- skin.

"Is that skin? What...

"Is this a used one?! Guys!

"How many times have I told you,used ones on the left,

"new ones on the right!Come on, guys!

"We are competent at our jobs!This is not congress.

Come on! Pick it up."