Former London Mayor Boris Johnson's Unexpected Appearance on an Adult Website

June 29, 2016 - Laverne Cox 06/29/2016 Views: 58,893

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson's pro-Brexit speech appears on the adult website PornHub, accompanied by a fitting (and NSFW) title. (0:59)

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the Brexit fallout continuesin Europe this week,

uh, particularlyfor Boris Johnson,

the former London mayorwho looks like Donald Trump

having an allergic reactionto a bee sting.

Now, uh,Johnson supported Brexit,

and now he's a leading candidate

to becomethe next prime minister.

And on Monday,someone apparently posted

a video of Johnsontalking about Brexit.

What was interestingwas where they posted it.

You see,they put it up on PornHub

-(laughter) -with the title:Dumb British Blonde (bleep)

15 Million People at Once.

Now, PornHub is apparentlyleaving the video up,

which I think is kind of mean.

Because you knowthere are some people

who are gonna be watching thevideo and not getting the joke,

and they're just gonna besitting there like, "Come on,

"come on... come on...

"come on, where's the pizza guy?

Come on....