A Homophobic Church Falls on Hard Times

February 23, 2016 - Anthony Mackie 02/23/2016 Views: 20,546

A New York City church that rails against homosexuality may shutter, and Jessica Williams finds out that an LGBT youth shelter could take over the property. (5:46)

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There are many problemsin the world,

so it's nice when we geta chance to make a difference

here on The Daily Show, as Jessica Williams does

in this very special report.

WILLIAMS: I've done a lot of field pieces over the years

and met a lot of wonderful people.

So when I found out that a former interviewee

was in trouble, I rushed to Harlem

to find who was in need of...

Oh, no! Not this (bleep) guy!

Reverend James David Manning is known for being

the controversial pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church

in Harlem and for posting helpful warnings like this one,

about homo demons on his actual sign

outside of his actual church.

We met with the reverend once in 2009.

Obama is indeed the next Hitler.

And again in 2015, when he told us this little gem

that has stuck with me ever since.

I think that Starbuckshas recognized that, uh,

the flavor of their lattes,that they are using semen

to make that, uh, latteeven more flavorful.

You think they're using semento flavor their lattes?

Ugh. I sat down with Dr. Manning

to find out what in the hell was going on this time.

The city of New York,the de Blasio administration,

in particular, is tryingto foreclose on our property

over a damn water bill.

Have you been payingyour water bill?

We're tax exempt.We're... a church.

Churches do not pay water bills

or any other kind of taxfor that matter.

WILLIAMS: Actually, that's bull(bleep).

After a long legal battle, a 2007 court of appeals ruled

that the church was ineligible for the water exemption,

so, that little thing,

as well as over a million dollars in separate claims

against the church, prompted the foreclosure.

MANNING: Whatever else

you may have readabout creditors,

it's irrelevant.It's not a part of the process.

Uh, the sodomites--they've lost the campaign

over the last two and a halfyears to try to

silence my very vocaland truthful, uh,

and commanding voicein this community.

Who are these sodomites?

Many have them, uh, have moved

from other parts of the city,from other parts of the country,

and they've moved up hereto this particular community.

(singsongy):Going uptown to Harlem,

gonna let my hair downin Harlem.

(singsongy): I'm a sodomite,I'm gonna go up to Harlem.

-And have a good time.-And have a good old time.

And I have to say this, as well.

I don't knowif the audience can handle it.

What do you have to say?

A lot of them came up here

looking for black meat.

For what?

Black meat.

What is black meat?

Sex with black men.

Oh, my God. That's...

(clicks her tongue)

Why do you say stuff like this?

Well, I thinkit's a pretty common...

Um, I think "jungle fever"could be one of the terms

that you might accept that.Would you?

Anything's betterthan "black meat."

Okay, that's it.

-Jungle fever!-Oh, God.

WILLIAMS: I did have one more question.

I have to ask.

Does Starbucks have anythingto do with this?

You mean the fact Starbucksput semen in their lattes?

I have been thinking about this

since the last timewe sat down and talked

and you mentionedthat Starbucks,

somehow on a massive scale,puts semen in their lattes.


Well, how do they get...vanilla into their lattes?

How do they do that?

They pump vanilla in there.

-There you go.-Is that how it goes?

-I would think, yes.-Where is Starbucks

getting all this semen from?

Well, I... you know,it's-it's...

'Cause that isa massive operation.

-I mean, I'm not a biologist.-It's true.

I'm certainly not a chemist.

Yeah, that's true--you are not a biologist,

you are not a chemist.

Okay, I said I was gonna help, and I'm gonna help.

So, I met with the man who wants to buy the property,

Carlos Siciliano, but it turns out

he's not exactly planning to put up high-rise condos.

Instead, he's doing this.

I run a programfor homeless LGBT youth,

uh, kids that have beenthrown out of their homes.

What I'd like to do is fillthe building with young people

who are currentlysleeping in the streets.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let me just wrap my headaround this right now.

You want to kick out a church

that is very homophobic

and put in young LGBT youth?

It's three blocks awayfrom our drop-in center.

It would be a perfect placefor our young people to live.


-(applause and cheering)-Ha!

That's amazing.That is great.

But the reverend isn't concerned

that the largest LGBT youth center

in the country wants to move in

because he's carefully analyzed the legal proceedings,

and he's come to this logical conclusion.

Before this churchis foreclosed on,

sodomites will carry babiesin their testicles...

-Oh.-...for nine months

and then gestate themout of their assholes

before this church is closed.Now,

if it's possiblefor that to happen,

then it's possible for thischurch to be foreclosed.

Okay, so you're saying

people are gonna starthaving butt babies

before this churchis foreclosed on?

People are never havebutt babies,

so this churchis never gonna be foreclosed.

You just describeda butt baby birth.

-It's never gonna happen. -Soyou're gonna fight this thing?

-Oh, absolutely.-But Dr. Manning, they're saying

that you oweover a million dollars.

That is a lot of money.

Yeah, it is.

You don't the money, do you?

Oh, that's a shame.

Well, when the auction comes,

the forecast is for butt babies,

and won't that be the ultimate