Putting North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law to the Test

September 29, 2016 - Blood Orange 09/29/2016 Views: 279,859

Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper show what North Carolina's discriminatory HB2 law looks like when a business puts it into effect. (4:52)

By now, you've probably heardabout North Carolina's

controversial HB2 law,

also known asthe "bathroom bill."

All right? Not to be confusedwith "Bathroom Bill,"

the man who inventedthe glory hole.

But bathrooms arejust the tip of the iceberg.

The HB2 law also allowsbusinesses in North Carolina

to discriminate based simply onwho they believe might be gay.

Which is insane.And where there's insanity,

there's Roy Wood Jr.

I wanted to show North Carolinians

what HB2 would look like in action,

so I rented a food truck,

made up a fake barbecue company,

and set out to refuse service to people

by telling them they're gay.

Now, let's be clear-- I don't care if they're gay or not,

but HB2 says I can do this Jim Crow-level (bleep)

and nobody can stop me.

I just needed someone to help me

with the actual discriminating.

(chuckles): There we go. Time for North Carolina

to try a little bit of the Bone Bros.,

Flame and Barbecue.

Welcome to Bone Bros.

Uh, I would do, uh...

You can't just throw itin everybody's face, all right?

We're not...we're not gonna serve you.

It feels wrong doing it--it discriminates you

because you're gay.That feels...

I mean, whatever you wantto tell yourself at night, man.

-I'm not buying it.-You got proof?

I get a... I get a weird vibe.That's all we need. Sorry.

This dude didn't know what to do.

Were we really using sexual orientation

as the reason for not serving him barbecue?

You can step awayfrom the window,

'cause we got other customers,you're gonna scare 'em off.


What's going on, buddy?

What's good, friend?What's up with y'all?

-Huh?-I'm saying...

Y'all gay?That's what I thought.

Yeah, they're gay.

We do not serve gay folks, man.I'm sorry.

We don't serve gay people.

You just saidyou're all together.


No, no.You, Lenny Kravitz, CeeLo...

All y'all (bleep).

Yeah, huh? Put that up?

It's good, my dude.

It don't matter, man.

If I think you're gay,that's what it is.

Wow. That is so weird!

It's as if people don't like arbitrary discrimination.

Welcome to Bone Bros.What are you guys looking for?

Uh, I'll serve you guysbut I won't serve him.

I'm good with those guys;I can't serve you.

Lifestyle stuff.

We-we don't serve gay people.

Look, your gay taste budsaren't even calibrated

to enjoy straightmac and cheese.

They're more...

cultivated, to enjoy thingslike cilantro and penis.

WOOD: How about that?

It was clear that discrimination really sucks,

and a lot of these people

were experiencing it for the first time.


Sorry, guys, I-I'm not tryingto be a dick here.

How am I being a dick?

Look, if anybody knows somethingabout discrimination, it's me.

I got called (bleep) four timesthis morning.

Again, sorry about that.

It happens.

I was told this was coolin North Carolina.

I don't have to justify myself.

That's-that's an instinct I haveis that you are gay, and I don't

-feel comfortable serving...-He's got good instinct, bro.

The Bible, bro.

-You're a pastor?-You're a pastor?

Well, then you know.Tell him.

WOOD: There you go.

And all it took was a pastor to ask the real question,

which was, "What the (bleep) does being gay have to do

with a person getting some barbecue?"


WOOD: And it turns out he's not alone.

70% of North Carolinians think HB2 is bad for their state,

but until their government repeals HB2,

this ridiculous thing we did is completely, 100% legal.

I'm sorry,we don't serve gays.

That is exactly whatwe're saying.

His gaydar's amazing,and I trust it, bro.

-Ding, ding, ding, gaydar.-HB2, baby!

Put that on back in there.

-Yeah.-Put that back.

I might move to North Carolina.

It's fun here. You can saywhatever the (bleep) you want.

Is this what being whiteis like?

-You just tell people nofor no reason? -It's great.

WOOD: And just so you know, we let everybody off the hook,

and we gave them free barbecue.

'Cause what we did was kind of (bleep) up.

I mean, these people already have to live in North Carolina.

I'm Roy Woodwith The Daily Show.

That's stressful enough.