Recollections and Reflections From Larry's Contributors

August 18, 2016 - Jon Stewart 08/18/2016 Views: 2,772

The Nightly Show's contributors recount some of the humorous experiences they've shared together. (5:03)

All right, welcome back.

I'm herewith all the contributors--

Franchesca Ramsey,Holly Walker, Rory Albanese,

Robin Thede, Jordan Carlosand Grace Parra.

-(Carlos sighs) -All right,so we're just having fun...

-Yeah, man.-...having some drinks.

-CARLOS: Kicking it.-Shooting the shiznit.

Does anybody wantto share any favorite moments,

or recollectionor fun stuff that...?

People like to knowwhat happened behind the scenes.

Does anybody havea good behind-the-scenes...?

-Oh, man. -I've got a reallygood writers' room moment.

-Oh! -Oh, writers...Oh, careful, right?

-Do it. -Mm.-We had a...

We had a storythat we didn't get onto the air.

Maybe it could have saved us.

-WILMORE: Oh, yeah.-(laughter)

-Yeah.-It was about a guy

who got caughtjerking off a dolphin.

-WILMORE: Right. Yeah.-CARLOS: Oh, yeah.

THEDE: I thoughtit did air, did it not?

We watched this clipso many times in the room,

-and it was really,really pain... -WILMORE: Right.

Some people were into it. Rory.

-ALBANESE: Yeah.-CARLOS: Well...

Hey, I'm not gonna lie.

It was a good-looking dolphin.You know what I mean?

THEDE: The worst part isyou have beer foam

-in your mustache.-I know. -You got a...

That sounds morelike the best part.

PARRA:Wait. I have a question.

-Rory, how many mustaches do youhave? -THEDE: Yes. How many

do you own? How manyhave you worn on this show?

-Rory has a lot of mustaches.-I don't own any.

-Comedy Central is paying forall my mustaches. -(laughter)

I don't know what I'm gonna do

now that I don't have a binderfull of mustaches.

-RAMSEY: There is...-But my whole attitude is

why would you notalways wear a mustache?

-Yeah.-It doesn't make any sense.

Like, every... why wouldn'tevery character have a mustache?

-It's just simple math.-It's so fun.

RAMSEY: Some of us don't getto choose to have mustaches.

Well, you know,hey, you're the one.

-Some of us had theirs laser...-I don't see gender.

-You know what I mean?I don't know. -(laughter)

But I love... I love that, uh,

Rory somehow always goes forthose '70s bushy porn mustaches.

-Yeah. -Yeah. Again.It's called the right choice.


THEDE: We're like, "Rory,you're playing a six-year-old

in this... in this piece,and you're like,

-I don't care.-"Gonna need a 'stache!"

But you havea porn-stache book, right?

Well, it's not a book, you know.It's more of a collection.

Yeah. It's a graphic novel.

-It's a graphic...-By the way, we did get

the, uh, the dolphin-jerkingthing we did get on the show.

We just had to blur it a lot,because apparently,

-you can't show bestialityon TV. -Oh, that reminds me!

-There was another good...-WILMORE: Well, a-apparently.

-I don't know. -You probably shouldn't show bestiality...

-(laughter)-on TV.

Hey, I don't... I don't runthe network, you know?

You know what the good part?So, a lot of times

our audience gets to see thingshere uncensored

-that we have to censor for TV.-Yeah. Right.

So, when Lenny Kravitz's dickfell out-- remember that?

-Oh, yeah. Right.-Yes.

-Who can forget?-We showed it on a loop.

-It was on a loop. It wason a loop. -It was fantastic.

One of my favorite moments,this was behind the scenes,

that, Jordan Carlos,you probably don't know about.

-(bleep) -Oh!-We actually taped

a Food Desert, and it wasabsolutely fantastic.

I loved it and...But, uh, we gave Jordan

this huge tomato to eat,

and, uh, so he bit into it--

it's, like,the climactic moment--

and he bit into it,

and the second bitewe had what we needed,

-Right. -and then we startedtalking about the next shot,

-Yes. -and we were like,so should we do this,

should we do that, and Jordan'sstill eating this tomato,

and he's just like...(loud chomping)

And we would, like, talk, talk,talk, ta-talk, talk, talk,

and then we turned,we were like, "Oh (bleep)!

-Cut! Cut! Cut!"-(laughter)

Can I say something now?Can I say something now?

-Yes. -Because I'm a (bleep)professional, okay?


-(audience whooping)-I just keep going

until the giant heirloom tomatois eaten!

-Method Man, that's me.-And the weird thing is

-he's definitely allergicto tomatoes. -I am.

-It was weird. It was weird.-I am.

My body broke out into hives.

I think oneof my favorite things,

and you saw it in that clip,was when, uh--

Grace, by the way, can writea song in, like, 45 seconds.

You've never... I'm not lying.

-You've never seen anythinglike it. -(clapping)

-Thank you.-No, and it doesn't matter.

You'd be like, yeah,we need a song about this,

and she's like,"Give me ten seconds."

And, uh, she came downto Larry's office with Jordan,

just with a guitar, and we werelike, "What are you guys doing?"

She's like, "Think I got alittle something for you guys."

I actually have video of youjust sitting on Larry's couch

like, la, la, la, singing,I was like,

this is the greatest dayof my life.

Remember it was all songparodies that we couldn't use

'cause we couldn't licenseany of the songs?

-Yeah.-It was all, like, Sam Smith,

and I don't knowwhat else we were doing.

Uh, there was that,there was, uh...

-It was, like, Bruno Mars.-Bruno Mars.

-Oh, the Weekend.-The Weekend, yes.

So, and-and we had guys had gone all day,

-Mm-hmm. -rehearsing itwith the popular songs,

-Right. -and then 15 minutesbefore taping, they were like,

"Hey, can you changeall the melodies?"

-Right! What you saw...-And you did.

We did. And what you sawin that sketch,

we'd written literally15 minutes before we taped that.

We never rehearsed it,never rehearsed it.

Grace actually did a songin our office today.

'Cause I just picked upmy phone,

and I was like, "Give me a songabout your guitar,"

'cause she hadto say good-bye to it,

-Right.-and she hit a song immediately.

It's super cute. It's, like,

ALBANESE: Wait, you guys have an office?


-Actually... -You havean office? You have an office?

-(several talking at once)-What the hell, man?

They're justgiving offices away?

All right, we'll be right back.

But first, a little messagefrom Ricky Velez.

(applause, whooping)

I'm sorry I'm not therefor the last day.

I have to head and do shows,um, in Wisconsin.

So, uh, if you're in Wisconsin,make it out there.

Uh, shameless plug.

Uh, but at the same time,I love you guys.

Thank you so muchfor everything.

And, uh... (bleep)don't think I packed underwear.

I didn't pack underwear.