Aftermath of the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate

October 5, 2016 - Mark Duplass 10/05/2016 Views: 21,918

During the vice presidential debate, Mike Pence upstaged Donald Trump with an adept performance, and Tim Kaine couldn't stop interrupting his Republican opponent. (3:02)

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remember last night's debate?

You guys remember it?Yeah? Yeah?

The one that was so boringwe prayed that Donald Trump

would make a surprise appearancelike a WWE wrestler.

You remember that? Yeah?

Well, it turns outhe considered it.

There's one thing that we knowabout Donald Trump

is that this is a man thatdoes not like to be upstaged.

And at least one senior Trumpcampaign official telling CNN

that the factthat Mike Pence had

such a solid debate performancelast night

isn't sitting wellwith Donald Trump.


-(laughter) -Even when peopleare trying to perform for Trump,

he still feels likehe's competing with them.

Like, I think Trump would be madat a woman giving him an orgasm.

-(laughter) -He'd be like,"Damn it, Melania,

"you're making my hand look bad!

Come on!"

Trump was so mad

that Pence looked betterthan he did in a debate

that this morning he went rogue

and releaseda brand-new attack ad.

BAD TRUMP IMITATION: Mike Pence thinks he's some great debater.

Well, guess what, Mike?

You look like you've got an albino rat

on your stupid head.

I'm Donald Trump,

and Mike Pence sucks.

I hate you, Mike.

Seems like a waste of resources.I don't know why he'd do that.

I don't why he'd do that.All right, uh, but let's talk

a little bitabout the debate last night.

Because it's pretty clear thatPence did a great job, you know?

You can tell by the facethat he made afterwards.

And his measured calm wasa huge contrast to Tim Kaine,

who interrupted Pence 71 times.

Yeah, 71 times, people.

Tim Kaine was more disruptivethan a man on fire.

Like, "Help me!Help me! I'm on fire!"

"Dude, I'm talking over here.I'm talking. I'm..."

"I'm on fire!""Dude, stop interrupting."

"Okay. Sorry, sorry. Ah..."

-(laughter) -Kaineinterrupted Pence so much,

even Kanye was like,"Yo, bro. I'm happy for you,

"but you got to letthe other dude finish, man.

You got to let him finish."

I think deep down inside,Mike Pence was happy

that Kaineinterrupted him so much.

Because it meanthe could spend less time

defending Donald Trump.

Because yesterday,it became more and more apparent

that there's not a lotthat Mike Pence and Donald Trump

actually agree on.

MATTHEWS: Do you believein punishment for abortion?

-Yes or no. As a principle.-The answer is that...

there has to be some formof punishment.

I would neversupport legislation

that punished women who madethe heartbreaking choice

to end a pregnancy.

MODERATOR: ...should establisha no-fly zone in Syria.

-Would you do that?-I don't think so.

I want to sit backand I want to see what happens.

...protect peoplein those areas,

including with a no-fly zone.

We're not gonna have the, uh,the kind of-of posture

in the world that has Russiainvading... Crimea and Ukraine.

But, you know, the peopleof Crimea, from what I've heard,

would rather be with Russiathan where they were.

That's nonsense.

-(laughter)-Mmm, interesting.

Seems like one of these guysisn't a real Republican.